Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bali time zone, time in Bali now

Time in Bali now

The earth is divided into 24 different time zones, corresponding layout of the area. A coherence time is universal time GMT, the time in Greenwich, England. Calculated based on the time zone longitude: 360 ° = 24 hours, 15 ° = 1 hour, 1 ° = 4 minutes.

In Bali using the time zone GMT +08. There are some countries that are in this time zone. Surely a country that is in the same time zone with Bali, would be very easy for travelers to customize their time if they want to Bali, if they are in the same time zone with Bali. But requires careful attention to the tourists who are going to Bali, if the country is much different time zones.

Actually Bali is part of Indonesia. While in Indonesia is divided into time zones tida. Western Indonesia Time, Central Indonesia Time, and Eastern Indonesia Time. Bali was included in Central Indonesia Time zone.

This difference resulted in confusion for tourists who use indirect plane to Bali. Because they usually have to transit in airports outside Bali. But for tourists who go directly to Bali, this time difference would not be a problem, because it has been addressed before.

Regions in Indonesia using the Central Indonesian Time zone is Sulawesi, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, South Kalimantan and East Kalimantan and North Borneo. Indonesian government plans to impose only one time zone in Indonesia. Using only the GMT+08 time zone. And Bali belong to it. So this change will not be adjusted by the Balinese people. However, the adjustment will be carried out by the Indonesian citizens living in Western Indonesia Time zone and East Indonesia Time.

When people travel a lot by plane jet, they often experience a sense of dizziness called jet lag. Because modern aircraft sped by very quickly, so that the one-time cost can pass through several time zones at once in a short time. On the other hand, the brain needs a few days to adjust the time.

In 1884 zone to time zone around the world are set, measured from Greenwich in London. Each time zone in the east or in the west of Greenwich has a different time. Each one-hour time zone at odds of the time zone is right next to him, more than an hour to the east and to the west an hour faster. One example of the time difference, for example, when the time is still showing at 12 noon in the UK, it was already 10 pm in Sydney, Australia.

Time is money, money is time. Timeliness is needed. Especially if we want to travel to a country using the plane ticket that we bought. Then the time should be a priority in this perjanan. So that we do not suffer losses.