Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bali Nine (Bali 9)

Bali Nine is the name given to the mass media of nine Australians arrested on 17 April 2005 in Bali, Indonesia, in an attempt to smuggle 8.2 kg of heroin from Indonesia to Australia.

The names of the Bali Nine group are:
Andrew Chan
Myuran Sukumaran
Si Yi Chen
Michael Czugaj
Renae Lawrence
Tach Duc Thanh Nguyen
Matthew Norman
Scott Rush
Martin Stephens

Four of nine people in the Bali Nine group, Czugaj, Rush, Stephens, and Lawrence, was arrested at Ngurah Rai airport while boarding a plane to Australia. The four were found to be carrying heroin were mounted in the body. Andrew Chan was arrested in a separate plane when they want to leave, but the drug itself is not found. Four others, Nguyen, Sukumaran, Chen and Norman were arrested at the Melasti Hotel in Kuta for storing heroin weighing 350 grams, and other items that indicated their involvement in the smuggling attempt.

Bali Nine case became a political issue in Australia during the tumultuous months. Many people are blaming the Australian police, why they provide information and cooperate with the Indonesian police that resulted to 9 people were arrested and eventually sentenced to death. While the Australian constitution does protect their citizens on the threat of the death penalty for countries that still implement it.

One death row inmate drug case known as the Bali Nine, Scott Anthony Rush get relief. Scot is in the Supreme Court sentenced to death, commuted to life imprisonment at the reconsideration level.

At the Denpasar District Court, Scott was sentenced to death. The ruling upheld by the Supreme Court on appeal. Until then, Scott sentence commuted. Scott in 2007, had filed a judicial review to the Constitutional Court. He shared some of the accused died in drug cases ask the Constitutional Court revoked the death penalty in the Narcotics Act. However, Scott's petition was not accepted because Scott is not a citizen of Indonesia.

Bali Nine death case defendant, Scott Rush, when reportedly been circumcised in a Bali prison. Rush also reportedly studying Islam. Previously Rush is a Catholic and her parents are religious people.