Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bali, Ketut

Ketut are Balinese language and is a term for a fourth child. Ketut said beginning comes from "kitut". Kitut means tail. This naming system has been done long ago.

Before Ketut, there are three names on it, which is above ketut brother. Putu, Gede, Komang, Ketut. So Ketut is the birth of the fourth child. If there is more coming after Ketut, it will be re-naming it to Putu.

Currently, the user name of Ketut, who is famous Ketut Liyer. That means Ketut Liyer was 4th child of his parents. It's a boy, and became infamous as the character in the movie Eat Pray Love.

The use of the name Ketut is not always given the people of Bali. Depending on the situation and the wishes of his parents.

For certain regions, especially East Bali, the fifth child and so on always using the name "Ketut", so there is no repetition to "Putu" as in other areas.