Monday, September 30, 2013

List the name of the head of state who will attend the APEC 2013

APEC 2013 Summit will be attended by 15 heads of state. Here are the names of the 15 heads of state from 21 countries and region that are members of APEC economies to be present.

U.S. President Barack Obama

Russian President, Vladimir Putin

President of China, Xi Jinping

Australia's Prime Minister, Tony Abbott

New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key

Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe

Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong

President of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto

Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak

President of South Korea, Park Geun Hye

President of Chile, Sebastian Pinera

Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah

Prime Minister of Thailand, Yingluck Shinawatra

Philippine President Benigno Aquino

President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

*Photos obtained from various sources on the internet via google

Do not go to Bali at the APEC Summit in progress

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in 2013, will be held in Bali in October. APEC will take place on October 1 to October 7, 2013, in Nusa Dua Bali. In the same region as the event Miss World 2013. And will be attended by 21 countries and regional economies that are members of APEC.

To facilitate the implementation of the APEC in Bali, Ngurah Rai Airport will be partially closed. Temporary closure of Ngurah Rai airport will be done as many as four times. Of which dated October 5 from 10:00 am to 16:00 airports closed fully. Then to on 6-8 October 2013 from 10:00 am to 20:00, the airport was closed temporarily. Meanwhile, on October 9, only the closure on the domestic and international terminals from 10:00 am to 20:00.

Ngurah Rai airport closures during the APEC, of debilitating the tourists, who are going to Bali, and that will leave Bali. Scheduled departure that had been prepared long before the announcement of the closing cost as the group progresses, it would be very disappointing for the tourists. Might even result in huge losses.

In addition to the perceived inconvenience due to closure of Ngurah Rai airport at APEC 2013, also perceived discomfort due to tight inspection conducted at Ngurah Rai airport. The extra inspection is definitely very annoying tourists. Today almost all the leading hotels in Bali doing extra security and strict supervision of the hotel guests. Especially at the hotel will be a place to stay for the delegates from various countries.

In addition to Ngurah Rai airport closure at APEC 2013, the security issues are also a thing to look out for if you want to Bali as the group took place. Currently there are some who reject the ongoing demonstrations in Bali APEC. Obviously the demo was done not by the people of Bali. Demonstrations carried out by the group strongly rejects.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bali Nine (Bali 9)

Bali Nine is the name given to the mass media of nine Australians arrested on 17 April 2005 in Bali, Indonesia, in an attempt to smuggle 8.2 kg of heroin from Indonesia to Australia.

The names of the Bali Nine group are:
Andrew Chan
Myuran Sukumaran
Si Yi Chen
Michael Czugaj
Renae Lawrence
Tach Duc Thanh Nguyen
Matthew Norman
Scott Rush
Martin Stephens

Four of nine people in the Bali Nine group, Czugaj, Rush, Stephens, and Lawrence, was arrested at Ngurah Rai airport while boarding a plane to Australia. The four were found to be carrying heroin were mounted in the body. Andrew Chan was arrested in a separate plane when they want to leave, but the drug itself is not found. Four others, Nguyen, Sukumaran, Chen and Norman were arrested at the Melasti Hotel in Kuta for storing heroin weighing 350 grams, and other items that indicated their involvement in the smuggling attempt.

Bali Nine case became a political issue in Australia during the tumultuous months. Many people are blaming the Australian police, why they provide information and cooperate with the Indonesian police that resulted to 9 people were arrested and eventually sentenced to death. While the Australian constitution does protect their citizens on the threat of the death penalty for countries that still implement it.

One death row inmate drug case known as the Bali Nine, Scott Anthony Rush get relief. Scot is in the Supreme Court sentenced to death, commuted to life imprisonment at the reconsideration level.

At the Denpasar District Court, Scott was sentenced to death. The ruling upheld by the Supreme Court on appeal. Until then, Scott sentence commuted. Scott in 2007, had filed a judicial review to the Constitutional Court. He shared some of the accused died in drug cases ask the Constitutional Court revoked the death penalty in the Narcotics Act. However, Scott's petition was not accepted because Scott is not a citizen of Indonesia.

Bali Nine death case defendant, Scott Rush, when reportedly been circumcised in a Bali prison. Rush also reportedly studying Islam. Previously Rush is a Catholic and her parents are religious people.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tips travel packages to Bali

Tips travel packages to Bali

Travel packages to Bali to get an easy option for travelers with low cost but satisfying. Ease and services provided from tourist Paet, give a clear accounting for tourists to plan a journey to Bali. Especially for tourists who have never even come to Bali, of an option package on its journey planning.

There are so many tour packages services in Bali. Starting from a very low price, so the price is expensive with extra service life and given satisfaction guarantee. Even now there are many tourism businesses are starting to offer travel packages in Bali. Even someone who does not have a specific travel agency is able to make an offer tour packages in Bali, just by having a private car.

Due to the growing tourism industry in Bali, and the increasing number of foreign tourists who come to Bali, it also develops the body and travel agencies and resorts that offer a variety of packages at low prices. Due to increased competition, they offer low prices to gain customers as often as possible. Although the service they provide is sometimes unsatisfactory for the tourists.

If you want to vacation in Bali with reasonable price, consider some tips on choosing these Bali Tour Package:

  • Contact your travel agent or a travel agent who can serve all your travel needs, ranging from the plane ticket, hotel accommodation, transportation, and offers an attractive object for you in Bali. It is important to know clearly and in detail what you would live in Bali. Although the agents that provide cheap package trip in Bali offers and promises comfort and satisfaction, but we still need to know the and understand what they provide, from their cheap journey package.
  • Ask for tour packages and travel packages in Bali to suit your liking or family. This is very important, because the information obtained will provide an overview of the Lesan on your trip in Bali. Choose cheap journey package which gives a clear certainty. You need to know how long you will be in Bali, five days and four nights, six days and five nights, all should be clear. To ensure your planning.
  • Once you get a Bali tour package deals, check back carefully what is included and not included in the tour package. If there are not clear please ask back to the tour operator, via telephone, fax or email, to get the information quickly. This is very important, because our ignorance of the packages offered, lest we feel cheated, even though we were less careful and scrupulous about the travel packages to Bali has to offer.
  • After obtaining a travel package and tour to Bali, find out the conditions in Bali over the internet. You can find information about the places you will visit in Bali over the internet, so that you know and can predict what you experience when visiting tourist attractions in Bali. Before you get disappointed with a trip to Bali package you have chosen.
  • Be careful with the cheap price because it will reduce the service you get. Although the price is not very cheap at all, I'm sure you get the service that has become the standard travel agent. The more cheap tour packages to Bali has to offer, definitely the worse the service provided later. Surely the waiter a priority if you go traveling to Bali, a place that you might not know before.
  • Once you get selected Bali tour package and price to suit your liking, make sure the number of participants who are leaving, because the more the number of participants obtained the price will be reduced again. Because the package tour with a predetermined price, can provide opportunities for us to be able to invite friends li ih much, so the costs will be borne responsibility together with our friends.
  • Deposit payment is required to secure booking tour packages that you will use.
Before heading to Bali with a travel package that you have, do not forget to bring, camera, swimsuit, umbrella, summer clothes, hat. All that is needed when you are in Bali.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bali, Ketut

Ketut are Balinese language and is a term for a fourth child. Ketut said beginning comes from "kitut". Kitut means tail. This naming system has been done long ago.

Before Ketut, there are three names on it, which is above ketut brother. Putu, Gede, Komang, Ketut. So Ketut is the birth of the fourth child. If there is more coming after Ketut, it will be re-naming it to Putu.

Currently, the user name of Ketut, who is famous Ketut Liyer. That means Ketut Liyer was 4th child of his parents. It's a boy, and became infamous as the character in the movie Eat Pray Love.

The use of the name Ketut is not always given the people of Bali. Depending on the situation and the wishes of his parents.

For certain regions, especially East Bali, the fifth child and so on always using the name "Ketut", so there is no repetition to "Putu" as in other areas.

Miss World 2013 closing ceremony canceled in Sentul Bogor

Miss World 2013 closing ceremony scheduled to be held in Sentul Bogor, West Java, canceled. Indonesian government changed the final operating license on the grounds of security issues. The whole event was decided by the government only held in Bali alone. This is very disappointing the organizers and participants. Because of all the preparation that has been done since three years ago, should be canceled and changed in just a few days.

Miss World 2013 in Indonesia, an international event that involves many countries. This year there are 130 countries participating. So that Indonesia in the international spotlight. Surely it would be very embarrassing for the organizers and the country, due to cancellation of the implementation of the plan will be held in West Java, had to be canceled by the government, which is supposed to support the full implementation of this.

The number of rejection by a group of organizations in the name of religion, in the conduct of Miss World 2013, the government made changes to ne of operating licenses. Community organization with vigorous rejection demonstrations was FPI. FPI even threatened to forcibly disperse the beauty if this event still held, though in Bali

Bali residents strongly support the full implementation of the Miss World 2013 in Bali. Due to the international arena that have a positive impact on the economy of Bali, especially in the field of tourism. Because of Bali's economy grow and thrive because of the tourism sector. With the closing of the transfer of Miss World 2013 to Bali, it is very beneficial for Bali. Therefore, when the closing ceremony, the media from 180 countries will broadcast live the closing ceremony of Miss World 2013. Indirectly will be free promotion for the tourism industry in Bali.

Bali provincial government and district and expressed readiness to fully support the Miss World 2013 event held in Bali. Balinese people are also ready to secure the implementation of the threats organizations that want to make a scene in Bali. Security and tranquility of Bali is the world's spotlight. If chaos and commotion in Bali when the event occurs Miss World 2013, the bad image of Bali as a safe and convenient island will be destroyed by kegelintir anarchist groups.

Monday, September 16, 2013

List of cheap hotels in Bali

Temple in Bedugul, Bali

Cheap hotels in Bali remains an option for tourists who come to Bali. More and more built various kinds of star hotels, cheap hotels remain unbeaten. Because Bali is a world tourist destination with a variety of very inexpensive beauty. Efficient and inexpensive but diverse tourist attractions is the main capital of Bali as the best tourist destination in the world. Without that Bali will not be the favorite.

In Bali there are many cheap hotels. However, most tourists only know the famous hotel belonging to luxury hotels. So that tourists who want a cheap holiday, will be very difficult if you want to find information about cheap hotels in Bali.

Visits to the island of Bali will definitely need lodging or hotel for a layover while, many interesting sights located in Denpasar Bali, Sanur, Kuta, Ubud. And for travelers who may not have a high enough budget to stop at luxury hotels that cost would have been expensive, will definitely look for and prefer a hotel at a bargain price.

Below are some cheap hotels in Bali

Pondok Wisata Keke, Sanur, Bali
Address : Jalan Danau Tamblingan 96, Sanur, Bali
Room price : Rp. 150.000 per night
Telephone number :  +62361-287282
Number of rooms : 5 rooms

Taman Wisata Hotel, Sanur, Bali
Address : Jalan Nangka 98A, Denpasar, Bali
Room price :  Rp. 80.000 - Rp. 150.000 per night
Telephone number :  +62361-236015/+6281916336181
Number of rooms : 39 rooms

Ronta Bungalow, Kuta, Bali
Address : Jalan Poppies II, Bali
Room price :  Rp. 125.000 per night
Telephone number :  +62361-754246
Number of rooms : 16 rooms

Arjana Accommodation, Ubud, Bali
Address : Jalan  Kajeng 6, Ubud, Bali
Room price :  Rp. 100.000 - 150.000 per night
Telephone number :  +62361-975583
Number of rooms : 4 rooms

Beneyasa II Beach Inn, Kuta, Bali
Address : Jalan Lebak Bene, Kuta, Bali
Room price :  Rp. 100.000 per night
Telephone number :  +62361-755469
Number of rooms : 40 rooms

Mawar Homestay, Ubud, Bali
Address : Jalan Raya Ubud, Ubud, Bali
Room price :  Rp. 200.000 - Rp. 250.000 per night
Telephone number :  +62361-975 086
Number of rooms : 11 rooms

Segara Beach Inn, Kuta, Bali
Address : Jalan Ciung Wanara, Kuta, Bali
Room price :  Rp. 125.000 per night
Telephone number :  +62361-756372
Number of rooms : 12 rooms

Artja Inn, Ubud, Bali
Address : Jalan Kajeng 9, Ubud, Bali
Room price :  Rp. 125.000 - 150.000 per night
Telephone number :  +62361-974425
Number of rooms : 4 rooms

Rojas Homestay, Ubud, Bali
Address : Jalan Kajeng 1, Ubud, Bali
Room price :  Rp. 150.000 per night
Telephone number :  +62361-972331
Number of rooms : 6 rooms

Puji Bungalow, Ubud, Bali
Address : Jalan Bisma, Ubud, Bali
Room price :  Rp. 150.000 per night
Telephone number :  +62818564722
Number of rooms : 6 rooms

Prices are subject to change at any time.

That is some cheap hotels in Bali which can be used as a place to stay for tourists. Still there are many cheap hotels in Bali are huge numbers. However, the majority of the hotel is a standard for local travelers. Certainly will not guarantee a low price will get a satisfactory service. Because in general, which is costly from a hotel is a ministry. Surely owned facilities would not like hotels. That's cheap for a hotel stay of the tourists.

Pictures: Uluwatu Bali, Indonesia

Sunset in Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia
Uluwatu is a place on the seafront that is fabulous in Bali. Is a line on the seafront teping very beautiful, and a very famous tourist destination in Bali. Large waves, ocean wide and blue, steep cliffs, and the surrounding forest is amazing. As well as in the Uluwatu temple is very beautiful when seen at sunset. Almost everyone who comes to Bali, wants to Uluwatu.

Amazing temple on the cliff
 Amazing temple on the cliff

Beautiful scenery in Uluwatu viewed from the east
Beautiful scenery in Uluwatu viewed from the east 

Beautiful scenery in Uluwatu viewed from the west
 Beautiful scenery in Uluwatu viewed from the west

Beautiful scenery in Uluwatu viewed from the west
 Beautiful scenery in Uluwatu viewed from the west

Vast blue sea
 Vast blue sea

A temple in Uluwatu
A temple in Uluwatu

Cheap hotels in Bali increase

Cheap hotels in Bali, not in spite of there are many new hotels and resorts in Bali, the growth is not well-controlled by the government, making hotels that already exists and has been since the first operation, the lower the rate to stay, in order to be more competitive towards tourists. site noted a 11 percent decline in prices on hotels in Bali, so there are plenty of cheap hotels in Bali. This is certainly a record that must be considered by the government, to ensure a good and healthy competition among businesses in the hospitality field. For foreign tourists, this is certainly good news.

Currently in Bali, tourists can get a five star hotel with four star price. Obviously it is very cheap. Price of a five star hotel in Bali fell to an average of $138 per night. It is certainly something that is very good for the tourists who want to visit Bali, and needed a cheap hotel.

More recently, the Bali provincial government, issued regulations that prohibit the construction of a new hotel in Bali's southern region. But if the rules had been adhered to by the developers and the government. In fact to this day there are a lot of new hotel development. Many investors argue that they have been granted permission before the moratorium on hotel development was made.

Cheap Hotels in Bali is very much. Not only five-star hotel that offers cheap. But also a kind of inn began offering a very low price. Villa is also growing and diverse.

Pictures: Temple ceremony at Mount Batur

At Mount Batur, Bali, there is a temple complex is very charming and majestic. Balinese people often call with Batur Temple, which is composed of many different temples, but in the implementation of the ceremony, at Batur Temple performed together, on the same day. So that, whenever there is a ceremony at Batur Temple, it is always crowded.

The road to the temple complex, at Mount Batur.
The road to the temple complex, at Mount Batur. 

There are many merchants along the road to the complex Pura Batur, Mount Batur, Bali.
There are many merchants along the road to the complex Batur Temple, Mount Batur, Bali. 

Roads in front of Batur Temple is filled with motorcycles
 There are so many Penjor in pairs in front of Pura Batur, Bali.

Roads in front of Batur Temple is filled with motorcycles.
 Roads in front of Batur Temple is filled with motorcycles.

The entrance to Pura Batur area.
The entrance to Pura Batur area. 

One of the main door with the magnificent architecture of the Balinese in the Pura Batur area.
One of the main door with the magnificent architecture of the Balinese in the Pura Batur area. 

he number of people who visit the Pura Batur Bali
he number of people who visit the Pura Batur Bali.

Preparing for prayer.
Preparing for prayer. 

Various offerings on the altar mounted with very high artistic value at Pura Batur
Various offerings on the altar mounted with very high artistic value at Batur Temple.

Prayers had finished, people rushed to leave Batur Temple.
 Prayers had finished, people rushed to leave Batur Temple.

The rest of the offerings to be garbage collected by the janitor at Batur Temple
 The rest of the offerings to be garbage collected by the janitor at Batur Temple.

The offerings of the people who began to be cleaned.
The offerings of the people who began to be cleaned.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Miss World 2013 is fully held in Bali

Miss World 2013 opening cemony

Miss World 2013 scheduled to be held in two different places. The opening was held in Bali, and the closing was held in Sentul Bogor, West Java. Agenda as well as the participants of Miss World 2013 visit to Borobudur temple seems only a plan that will not be realized.

The refusal Miss Wolrd 2013 in Indonesia from various community organizations in the name of Islam. Threat to the security of the participants, resulting in the implementation of the government to change the permission of Miss World 2013, the plan was initially held in two places, namely in Java and Bali, but in the end it should be decided only held on the island of Bali alone. This is very detrimental to the committee and the accommodations that have been provided previously.

Government decision to only give permission to the Miss World organization in Bali alone, irrational, and seemed very weak. Government seemed very weak for the refusal of a small part of the group, and ignoring national pride as a great nation.

Rejection of some Islamic organizations in the conduct of Miss World 2013, does not provide the proper reason and seem absurd. In fact, since the beginning of the committee has said that in this beauty contest, no bikini clad sessions. As previously done in other countries. Even penolkan could be disrupted by security threats that will be given to the contestants.

Of this, the organizers of Miss World 2013 at a very disappointed to have to accept the decision of the government, which allows the whole event only in Miss World 2013 held in Bali alone. So the organizers had to change all the scenarios and the arrangement of events starting from scratch.

So the government's decision, the final and closing ceremony of Miss World 2013. will be held in Bali.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Aston Bali Beach Resort & Spa

Aston Bali Beach Resort & Spa

Aston Bali Beach Resort & Spa is a hotel in Bali that is in 68x Jalan Pratama, Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua, Bali Indonesia. People call this hotel with a lot of names. This hotel is also called Aston Bali Beach Hotel, Aston Tanjung Benoa Bali Beach Hotel, Aston Bali Beach Resort & Spa, Aston Bali, Aston Nusa Dua, Bali Hotel Aston, Aston Bali Resort Spa, Nusa Dua Aston, Aston Bali Resort, Bali and Aston Resort. To contact the hotel in Bali, can be by phone +6236-773577.

Aston Bali Beach Resort & Spa is a four star hotel built in 1998 with one building / tower. The hotel has four floors with 187 rooms with room service 24 hours, and two restaurants. The hotel provides facilities for people with disabilities who use wheelchairs. There are also lifts for the convenience of visitors.

Around the hotel Aston Bali Beach Resort & Spa, you can visit Turtle Island, a distance that can be traveled by 1.4 km. You can also often visit the Bali International Convention Center is the distance from the hotel about two kilo meters. Nusa Dua beach is also not so far from this hotel, less than three kilometers from the hotel. You can also visit the Museum Pasifika, Port, Bali Collection Shopping Center, Bali Nusa Dua Theater, Monument, and Geger Beach, a distance of about three kilometers. In addition, you can also visit Mengiat Beach, and Benoa Square. Consulate of Italy is located about five kilometers from the hotel.

Excellent facilities available at Aston Bali Beach Resort & Spa include a business center, currency exchange, and express check-in. For those wanting activities in Nusa Dua, the resort provides a space of 250 square meters, consisting of banquet facilities and meeting rooms. The shuttle to the airport is provided at an additional cost ( available upon request ), and complimentary parking for guests.

Aston Bali Beach Resort & Spa facilities include internet access, in - room accessibility, free shuttle in the area, ballroom, medical assistance, tour assistance, pool bar, beach bar, barbecue, pool, and so forth.

Aston Bali Beach Resort & Spa located in the area of Tanjung Benoa are simply amazing, with a nice beach. This region there are many water sports that can be found along the coast. Also available are a wide selection of resteraunts along the edge of the beach. Also there are some souvenir sellers. Morning tourists can sunbathe on the beach. Can also walk a little way out to sea at low tide, but should be back before the close at 11 noon, because sea water has begun to install. Around the hotel there are lots of mini market, so it is not difficult if you need anything.

The lobby, rooms, and gardens at Aston Bali Beach Resort & Spa are all amazing, and it looks very organized. The only thing that is the most fun free WiFi when you are around the hotel gardens. Sometimes there is great entertainment in the hotel every night. Direct access to the private beach behind the hotel. Perfect for relaxing on the beach and water sports in Tanjung Benoa, with a tranquil atmosphere.

Aston Bali Beach Resort & Spa is perfect for an overnight stay for families with children. Hotel guests arrive before check -in, and the room is available, sometimes even got upgraded room without having to increase the cost of the room. Children can use the TV. It would be better if it took a room with a sea view. Rooms with sea views are very spacious, with amazing views, and a large bathroom, so it can take a walk in shower. The rooms are cleaned everyday.

Guests staying at the Aston Bali Beach Resort & Spa invites families and children, can be happy playing in the waterfall pool. The swimming pool is very large then you will be free to play with your family.

Fitness room is also available. Pretty good and complete with crockery, and the landscape directly to the pool, fitness to hotel guests can while watching the kids in the pool while playing.

In addition to the rooms and a large swimming pool, Aston Bali Beach Resort & Spa is also a nice spa place. But if it does not like the spa provided by the hotel, we can get cheap and good spa around the hotel. Spa offered are facials, full body treatments, and a floral bath. There stre massage and manicure amazing.

Welcome drink and cold towell on arrival. Breakfast menu was delicious with lots of choice and very friendly staff.

With a relatively cheap price compared to the hotel next door and the surrounding areas, adding value to this hotel.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bali blinds

Bali blinds is the term given by the foreigners to someone who suffered blindness from consuming alcohol made ​​the Balinese. Alcoholic beverages are often made ​​in the Balinese called Arak. This beverage is a favorite of Balinese people. And has been taken by many Balinese. But now it has become an alcoholic beverage with a very bad image for tourists. Because of the threat of blindness haunt them. There used to be a very popular term for the Balinese food which often makes travelers feel uncomfortable. And now there is a new term, namely Bali Blinds.

Bali Blinds term became popular since two years ago. Since there are several tourists who drink Arak Bali. After they drank then paralysis and blindness. Then Bali Blinds increasingly popular term since there was a woman from United States (U.S.) who drank Arak Bali, then she blind. Perhaps there are many bad things that travelers experienced when drinking alcohol made ​​the Balinese people.

A girl from the United States (U.S.), suffered permanent visual impairment, blindness, after drinking several glasses of Arak Bali, the two bars in Bali. Cause, because the Arak contain harmful chemicals, methanol, which can be blinding.

Starting a few months ago, when 19-year-old girl, drink 8 to 10 glasses of wine Bali is presented, in two bars in the area of ​​Bali. From Bali, the girl then went to New Zealand, and colleagues. However, when he got there, she began experiencing shortness of breath, and felt his eyesight diminished.

Actually drinking Arak Bali does not cause blindness. Arak Bali is safe to drink. However, many employers who commit fraud against the drink. Especially the wine distributors, even the bar manager, who accidentally mix Arak Bali with certain compounds to obtain more exstrim effect. Compounds most commonly mixed into Arak Bali is methanol. So people who menimum This mixture can cause organ damage, and even death, and the saddest is blind.

Blind is extremely poor condition of the human eye. Because if someone is blind, the world will be dark. And very sad if blindness occurs due to consuming something we do not want. Like Arak Bali which has been mixed with methanol, which can cause permanent blindness. Surely it is not desirable to any person in this world. But if the blind during the brief, and will recover after the effects of alcohol and methanol in the body disappears, the possibility of recovery will occur.

If you want to drink Arak Bali without having to be blind, you should look at the craftsman Arak, in the Karangasem region. Because artisans Arak Bali, Karangasem make this drink is traditionally, and very rarely mixed with certain ingredients that can damage the body. They just made​​, do not mix. Mixing is usually done by the sellers and even distributors who want to gain a huge advantage.

In Bali, Bali Arak many served in bars in the area of ​​Kuta. The goal, the managing bars, serving alcoholic beverages to the Balinese. Yet, ironically, the suppliers Arak, Arak is often mixed with hazardous liquids, such as methanol. With the goal, can provide a more comfortable feeling. But, it can be bad for health.

Many adverse events experienced by foreign tourists, after drinking Arak Bali that has been mixed with hazardous liquids. As a few days ago, a young American girl, suffered blindness after taking Arak which has been mixed with methanol.

Pictures: Besakih Temple, Bali

Besakih Temple is a Hindu temple complex which is the largest temple in Bali. Located in Besakih Village, Rendang district, Karangasem regency, Bali, Indonesia.

Besakih Temple, Bali

Besakih Temple, Bali

Besakih Temple, Bali

Besakih Temple, Bali

Besakih Temple, Bali

Besakih Temple, Bali

Pura Besakih

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bali time zone, time in Bali now

Time in Bali now

The earth is divided into 24 different time zones, corresponding layout of the area. A coherence time is universal time GMT, the time in Greenwich, England. Calculated based on the time zone longitude: 360 ° = 24 hours, 15 ° = 1 hour, 1 ° = 4 minutes.

In Bali using the time zone GMT +08. There are some countries that are in this time zone. Surely a country that is in the same time zone with Bali, would be very easy for travelers to customize their time if they want to Bali, if they are in the same time zone with Bali. But requires careful attention to the tourists who are going to Bali, if the country is much different time zones.

Actually Bali is part of Indonesia. While in Indonesia is divided into time zones tida. Western Indonesia Time, Central Indonesia Time, and Eastern Indonesia Time. Bali was included in Central Indonesia Time zone.

This difference resulted in confusion for tourists who use indirect plane to Bali. Because they usually have to transit in airports outside Bali. But for tourists who go directly to Bali, this time difference would not be a problem, because it has been addressed before.

Regions in Indonesia using the Central Indonesian Time zone is Sulawesi, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, South Kalimantan and East Kalimantan and North Borneo. Indonesian government plans to impose only one time zone in Indonesia. Using only the GMT+08 time zone. And Bali belong to it. So this change will not be adjusted by the Balinese people. However, the adjustment will be carried out by the Indonesian citizens living in Western Indonesia Time zone and East Indonesia Time.

When people travel a lot by plane jet, they often experience a sense of dizziness called jet lag. Because modern aircraft sped by very quickly, so that the one-time cost can pass through several time zones at once in a short time. On the other hand, the brain needs a few days to adjust the time.

In 1884 zone to time zone around the world are set, measured from Greenwich in London. Each time zone in the east or in the west of Greenwich has a different time. Each one-hour time zone at odds of the time zone is right next to him, more than an hour to the east and to the west an hour faster. One example of the time difference, for example, when the time is still showing at 12 noon in the UK, it was already 10 pm in Sydney, Australia.

Time is money, money is time. Timeliness is needed. Especially if we want to travel to a country using the plane ticket that we bought. Then the time should be a priority in this perjanan. So that we do not suffer losses.

Polemics on Miss World 2013 in Indonesia

Miss World 2013 opening show in Bali
Miss World is an international beauty contest . Beginning was a bikini contest , which was held in England . But over time and development , is now Miss World contest not only show the beauty of the female body through bikini , but also the heart of a woman's beauty , social awareness , knowledge of the social conditions of a country , as well as actively participate in other social activities . So the Miss World contest has grown and led to a more positive activities beneficial to the social conditions of a country .

In 2013 , the Miss World has held as many as sixty- three times , since it was first held in England in 1950 . And this time , in 2013 , Indonesia hosted the pageant organization . Indonesia became the first Southeast Asian country that hold this contest in history . Miss World 2013 is the fourth international beauty contest held in Indonesia after Miss ASEAN in 2005 , the International Man in 2007 , Mister International 2010 , and Miss Coffee International in 2012 .

Indonesia is believed to hold a contest Miss World 2013 at a variety of considerations which should be linked to culture and Indonesian culture . Indonesia is the country with the largest Moslem population in the world . Such conditions greatly affect the smooth implementation. So that the opening ceremony of Miss World 2013, the quarantine was in Bali . But the closing ceremony made Bogor Sentul , West Java .

Many opposition to holding the Miss World 2013 in Indonesia. Particularly among civil society organizations with a particular religion rear . Rejection is done for various reasons . But the reason most enjoy is the notion and impression dressed bikini porn on the session by the contestants . Those who reject the Miss World contest was held in Indonesia this judge is not in accordance with the teachings of Islam , and traditional oriental . Even the religious ministry of the government flatly rejected the Miss World 2013 contest held in Indonesia.

On the other hand , many also support the implementation of the Miss World 2013 contest held in Indonesia. Because for those who support , this contest provides a great advantage for the premises , especially on the development of tourism industry . Bali is the most advantaged . Therefore , the Miss World 2013 contest held in Bali . It is a tourism promotion event free of charge to Bali , so Bali is getting increasingly well known and visited by tourists .

Miss World 2013 in full just held in Bali , far deviated from the plan that has been prepared since three years ago . A few days ago , the government firmly ruled that granting operating licenses Miss World 2013 just in Bali . Government grounded for safety . Because there is a lot of resistance by various community organizations on behalf of a particular religion .

There are many security threats to the organization of Miss World 2013 , if still held in Indonesia . One of the threats made by the FPI . They threatened to perform various actions that threaten the safety of the contestants . In recent times , their incentive to do a demo of rejection . Exert their future very much in doing the demo . Demands to the government and the committee to cancel Miss World 2013 event in Indonesia .

It might sound silly, community organizations that refuse Miss World 2013 held in Indonesia, threatening to spread a cockroach in the hotel where the Miss World participants stay. They will also forcibly dispersed organization of this contest.

As with the Balinese people are very supportive of the Miss World 2013 which was held in Indonesia, especially in Bali . Balinese people over to see the good that is obtained , rather than listening to the cries of the demonstrators were performed in Java . Many of the benefits derived by residents of Bali . Activities of Miss World 2013 in Bali , is a free promotion for Bali tourism . Because event was witnessed by the international community.

This year there were 130 participants of Miss World 2013, which is present in Bali . They were quarantined in Nusa Dua Bali . And followed this event until September 28. It is not yet determined exactly where its closure , Indonesian government formally rejected the Miss World title in the outside of the island of Bali .

Bikini session usually displayed in the Miss World in the years before , this time will be removed . Bikini modeling session turned into a Balinese sarong . This is done to prevent rejection actions that express this event . Because of Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world . We all know , Islam does not allow a woman to be naked in public .

As already underway, Miss World 2013 winner will spend a year traveling around the world , as a representative of the Miss World Organization , and a variety show . Traditionally , Miss World lives in London during his tenure . Current title holder is Miss World Yu Wenxia of China .

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Participants of Miss World 2013 will be to Tanah Lot Tabanan

Participants of Miss World 2013, which was held in Bali, and was opened on 8 September 2013, plans to visit several attractions in Bali spiritual. Pura Besakih and Tanah would be the place to visit the participants of Miss World 2013.

Pura Tanah Lot is located in Tabanan regency would be a tourist attraction visited by participants of Miss World 2013. Tanah Lot is a temple which is very famous. Many tourists who come to Bali to visit Tanah Lot. The place is located on the south coast of Bali. Is a Hindu temple for the people of Bali. Distance from the place of quarantine in Nusadua heading to Tanah Lot about 40 kilo meters. And a journey that is not too far away, if not stuck in traffic.

A very fixed time to visit Tanah Lot is in the late afternoon. Because Miss World 2013 participants can enjoy a beautiful sunset. If viewed from the east, the sunset as if hiding behind the temple.

Pura Tanah Lot which will be visited by participants of Miss World 2013, is a temple located on top of a large rock. The large rock in the sea. If the tides, then we can not go to the temple.

Around the Pura Tanah Lot is a very beautiful stone cliffs. This cliff formed by sea water beating very hard. Waves on the beach is very big in August.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Balinese demonstration supporting the Miss World 2013

On Monday dated 2 September 2013, approximately one hundred people of Bali held rallies in front of the Office of Mayor of Denpasar, Bali. Demonstrators carry posters and banners, with criticism of one of Indonesia's Islamic organizations, who want to compromise the security of Bali, and want to thwart the Miss World 2013 event in Bali.

Islamic organizations who want to dissolve the Miss World 2013 event that was FPI. FPI is known as the most active organizations in all demonstrations relating to their ideology. They did not approve of the Miss World 2013 held in Bali. Because they think this event is a porn action.

The protesters handed out leaflets containing about five attitude, to the person who passes in front of the Office of Mayor of Denpasar.

They convey, that they are ready to do anything, if there is rrmas who want to disrupt Bali. To him, with the contest, Bali will be promoted for free good tourism product, as well as the traditional Balinese culture will become known to the world. Very large positive impact for Bali, economic benefits are also extraordinary.

Balinese people involved in securing the Miss World 2013

Miss World 2013 participants will be in quarantine in Bali. Totaling 141 participants will be quarantined in the Nusadua. Which is a complex of five star luxury hospitality. Region's hospitality complex, day-to-day very well guarded by security officers.

Miss World 2013, which will take place in Bali, which opened on 8 September 2013, Bali police are always watching and keeping security in Bali to remain conducive, without there is something undesirable. Even Bali police asked residents to participate in maintaining security during the ifent the international standard. Local security officials in Bali, the traditional security officers in Bali, Pecalang, mobilized to participate in the security process.

Much of the concern felt by the people of Bali. Given the ever occurred in Bali bomb blast that killed hundreds of people and foreign tourists. It was certainly a lesson for the police in Indonesia. To smooth this event, the police personnel deployed in 1000. They also work together with Indonesian army officers, and security officers customary, to keep Bali remains conducive.

Even that is a concern among the committee is a demonstration performed by groups and organizations that do not agree Miss World 2013 held in Indonesia. The organization threatened to hold massive demonstration, so that the international arena is not going well.