Friday, August 23, 2013

Ubud Bali, one of the best cities in the world

Rice fields in Bali

TripAdvisor conduct a site survey of the best cities in the world. Ubud Bali became one of the best cities in the world, based on the results of a survey conducted by TripAdvisor site through the Travelers' Choice 2013. The survey was conducted to readers with multiple categories. And Ubud was ranked as the eleventh best city.

Ubud is considered to be an ideal location to relax. Ubud is known as the best because it also presents a complete tour. When travelers are in Ubud, they may feel the residents are friendly, the air is fresh and clean, arts and culture are very strong, beautiful rice fields and hills and mountains in the distance are charming.

Here is a twenty-five best destinations based on TripAdvisor:

1. Bangkok, Thailand
2. Tokyo, Japan
3. Beijing, China
4. Shanghai, China
5. Siem Reap, Cambodia
6. Chiang Mai, Thailand
7. Hong Kong
8. Singapore, Singapore
9. Kyoto, Japan
10. Male, Maldives
11. Ubud, Bali 
12. Seoul, South Korea
13. Taipei, Taiwan
14. Hanoi, Vietnam
15. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
16. New Delhi, India
17. Hoi An, Vietnam
18. Kathmandu, Nepal
19. Luang Prabang, Laos
20. Jaipur, India
21. Xi'an, China
22. Goa, India
23. Phnom Penh, Cambodia
24. Mumbai, India
25. Halong Bay, Vietnam

In addition to TripAdvisor, Ubud is also a best city based on the results of a survey conducted by Conde Nast Traveler magazine. Most friendly city according to this survey is Florianopolis in southern Brazil, who earned the nickname 'The Island of Magic'.

 The following are the nine best city based on a survey of Conde Nast Traveler magazine:
1. Florianopolis, Brazil
2. Hobart, Tasmania
3. Thimpu, Bhutan
4. Queenstown, New Zealand
5. Charlestown, South Carolina
6. Paro, Bhutan
7. Margaret River, Australia
8. Mandalay, Burma
9. Ubud, Bali