Friday, August 23, 2013

MICE in Bali

MICE business in Bali is part of the tourism industry today, and has been providing a variety of color to the Bali tourism activities, so that the development of tourism in Bali become synonymous with the provision of the waiter. MICE and business tourism is a business with high-quality and high-yield. High so as to contribute economically to Bali, especially those in the tourism industry. High Quality means quality of service provided is able to give satisfaction to any participant especially in MICE activities. High yield means conventions sightseeing activities can provide a huge advantage in the tour operator convention.

MICE in Bali
Development of MICE or convention tourism industry in Bali, as a new industry that could be beneficial to many parties. Because of the MICE industry is a complex industry, and involve many parties. The reason is what makes the growth rate of emerging entrepreneurs MICE organizers in various countries, so no doubt the MICE industry as an industry of today are much in demand by the tourism businesses.

MICE is an abbreviation of the word "Meeting, Incentive, Convention, and Exhibition". MICE development in Bali has reached encouraging results. Since the bombing incident in Kuta, Bali began to clean up, and show themselves as an island that has a good level of security. Many things done by the government to convince the world, that Bali is very decent and good place to visit, as well as serve as a very decent various international events, like organizing MICE.

Any tourism-related elements make Bali as MICE destination in the next world. This is evidenced by the many world event held in Bali such as the UNFCCC and the Bali Asian Beach Games held in Nusa Dua, Bali. MICE development in Bali has touched hotel sector in Bali. Almost all five-star hotels in Bali, have standard meeting facilities such as meeting venues, and departments that regulate the course of MICE activities in the hotel. MICE activities are business activities of the major tourist destination of the delegates or participants of MICE activities is to travel and attend an activity or event associated with business travel while enjoying activities together.

MICE business activities have to create new jobs, not only creating a seasonal labor, but also has created a work that remains for many people who have the ability not unlike the many tourism businesses are created in developing countries. Conference events and MICE business is a business that has a smaller negative impact on the environment than that in doing mass tourism, because the business focus on the number of participants is not too much, so the usefulness of transport will be reduced which will reduce congestion and pollution caused.

Because it has a good impact on Bali, it is well worth the MICE developed in Bali. Because Bali is a very small island, but it has become a world tourist destination, so it becomes very crowded Bali. So many emerging tourism accommodation and various facilities, which could adversely affect the environment and spatial planning in Bali. With worsening conditions in Bali today, so it will need goals and focused on the development of tourism industry in Bali. MICE business is right for the tourism industry in Bali.

In developing countries other than Indonesia, MICE business has become a development priority by the government. In Indonesia, this is a new thing in your field, since the tourism industry in Bali is getting better, even leading to a highly profitable industry for Indonesia. For many who will benefit. Bali as a priority the development of MICE business in Indonesia, already the government should give more attention. Construction of facilities and infrastructures, to support the MICE business continuity in Bali.

Since MICE activities in Bali took place since the last few years, the number of participants is increasing, with an average daily expenditure of U.S. $ 210 for each participant convention. Compared with tourists who came to Bali to travel, their spending was only U.S. $ 400 for 7-12 days. Thus the exclusion convention tourism also brings with spouse (wife), children or even friends that have an impact on spending of participants during the activity becomes larger conventions. It is obviously very profitable, even more beneficial to the tourism industry in Bali, rather than just focusing on general tourism services which benefit a little, but gained a great bad barracks for conservation of nature and culture in Bali.

This year will take place at the Bali Summit APEC, and organizing Miss World 2013. Bali promotional benefit from international activities held in Bali. Imagine there were 5,000 participants who will come to follow the APEC summit. Not to mention the activities of 'Miss World' which will be covered about 3,000 journalists from around the world. It was very obvious benefit of Bali in terms of business and tourism promotion, making Bali the trusted and well-known. With a record of the activities that take place safely and successfully.