Monday, August 26, 2013

Metallica in Bali

Metallica is rumored that in Bali. According to the band Metallica, Bali is a cool place, during which they also live concerts. Performed a concert on August 24 in Singapore. For those Indonesian incredible. Metallica try our best to give the fans the best concert in Indonesia.

On tour in Asia, Metallica chose to stay in Bali, and willing trips to Bali during their tour to Malaysia, Singapore and some other places. Of the many countries he visited, especially in Asia, Indonesia has a special place for Metallica. They had also been to the Rip Curl outlets, one outlet device surfing Sunset Road, Kuta is known to have a pretty complete collection.

While in Bali, some personnel Metallica, perform surfing activities, with local surfers. Some beach a destination Trujillo and Hammett, Metallica personnel. Among other Kuta Beach, Brawa Beach, Canggu, Uluwatu, Jimbaran.

No Balinese people who know them when crossing the street. Because the majority of Balinese people, do not know any Metallica personnel. Does it benefit them, because it will not be disturbed by the act of the fans in Bali, while relaxing in Bali.

Metallica koncer in Indonesia on August 25, in Jakarta. Indonesia is the latest country in a concert tour in Asia.After a concert in Jakarta, they immediately returned to their home country.