Saturday, August 17, 2013

Indonesian Independence Day ceremonies on the 68th

Today, on August 17, 2013, Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia to the 68th. Flag-raising ceremony held premises, throughout the territory of Indonesia. Organized from district to provincial level, by local government, which was attended by all the agencies of government, education, police, and army. In the central government, in the palace of Indonesia, also Indonesia's independence day ceremony was held. Which was attended by invited guests from various countries and the diplomacy, and the embassy in Jakarta.

In Bali, Indonesia's independence day ceremony, also performed throughout the region bali, from district to provincial level. All government agencies and schools were closed. However, they are required to attend the Independence Day ceremony at a designated place.

Bali hero in the struggle against the invaders of the most famous is the Bellows War, which occurred in Denpasar. Bellows war is a battle to maintain Bali region of the Dutch colonial occupation. Led by I Gusti Ngurah Rai, which killed his entire army, along with himself. Bellows war means struggle to the death.

There are things that most special moment of independence day ceremony in Bali and throughout Indonesia, especially for students, is the selection of the flag raisers troops. The selection of the flag raisers troops goes to high school students. Which have ideal height, as well as look attractive. There are about forty-five students were selected. They are assigned as troop flag raisers in every independence day ceremony.