Monday, August 12, 2013

Atmosphere of Kuta Beach on Sunday morning

Atmosphere of Kuta Beach on Sunday morning

Atmosphere of Kuta Beach on the morning of last week was not so crowded. After the national holiday season in Bali, look no crowds along the shores of Kuta Beach. Typically since a week ago, Kuta Beach is packed with local tourists bathing along the beach. But at the end of the season a national holiday in Bali this month, very few local tourists visiting Kuta Beach. Usually along the beach is always crowded with tourists, even down to the sea.

Yet another thing with other beaches in Bali. In addition to Kuta Beach, a famous beach in Bali is visited by Balinese who perform rituals in the last week. Ritual bath with sea water, in order to purify themselves from all the negative aura in the body. This ritual is called "Mebanyupinaruh", and is done every six months.

Kuta Beach

Kuta beach was not crowded, but the condition of Sanur Beach, Amed Beach, Nusa Dua Beach, and some other famous beaches of Bali's very crowded. Because it is so crowded, many foreign tourists get confused. Those who do not know the rituals on the day of the week to be confused and wondering, "what the hell was going on all the beaches in Bali?". Because almost all beaches in Bali, on that day, surely people visited Bali to perform ritual "Mebanyupinaruh".

Somehow Kuta beach is not as crowded as the other beaches in Bali. Maybe a lot of people who think that the Bali Kuta beach will be crowded with other beaches. Then that they are not to Kuta Beach to do the ritual "Mebanyupinaruh". Though the situation is very much different.