Friday, August 16, 2013

68th Indonesian independence day, August 17, 2013

68th Indonesian independence day, August 17, 2013
Indonesian independence which occurred on August 17, 1945, giving a new life for the citizens of Indonesia. Until now that independence has reached the 68th. Many of the activities undertaken by the Indonesian people, to celebrate its independence day. However, most of the activities carried out almost the same as previous years. It's just a different generation who celebrate it. Along with the increasing age of the independence of Indonesia. Even so, many meanings that can be obtained by this nation's youth. To evoke a spirit of unity and patriotism among citizens.

In celebration of Indonesia's Independence Day, the whole house in the country are required to fly the flag of the Republic of Indonesia. Not only in every home, but every vehicle is recommended to install the Indonesian national flag. With the aim to sensitize all citizens of Indonesia that independence is very difficult to obtain, since in its domination by the Dutch state during the three hundred and fifty years. As well as the country was colonized by Japan for three years.

Impact is felt by many Indonesian people, since colonial rule in this country. Until now, the feelings and mental citizen of Indonesia, is still mentally colonized leaves. Even up to today's younger generation, still mentally colonized inherited by their parents. But along with the times and increasing competition, many Indonesian people are starting to think in the direction of progress of this nation. Although many are not concerned with the condition of this country.

Although Indonesia has been independent, but in fact this country is still occupied. Countries with abundant natural resources, resulting in many other countries who want to take Indonesian natural resources as much as possible to their advantage. Petroleum and other minerals, most of the results enjoyed by other countries. Indonesia get little benefit. Indonesia can be said to be the country with natural resources were abundant, but the people are very poor.

Bali has a myriad of culture and art. Culture and art in Bali became a very unique attraction for foreigners. Bali became a tourist destination so very pupuler world. Also supported by the natural beauty that is very charming.

Colonized juice is also strongly felt by the people of Bali. From the wealth of art and culture of the Balinese, many foreign tourists who came to Bali to know know. So many tourism accommodation facilities in Bali grow exponentially. However, most of the existing tourism accommodation facilities in Bali are owned by foreigners. So that the Balinese only able to be servants in their own land.

Regardless of it all, the celebration of Indonesia's Independence Day, all feel the excitement. Among students in educational institutions, and government agencies, various competitions held traddisional, to enliven this Independence Day.