Saturday, June 1, 2013

Want to stay settled in Bali?


Want to stay in Bali is the desire of many people. Especially for the tourists who came to Bali, they are many who want to stay longer. Bali has a beautiful and amazing scenery. Culture, arts, traditions, and friendly locals. Even want to stay in until death. And cremated in Bali. How many tourists / foreigners who love Bali, so want to be a citizen of Indonesia and can stay in Bali until death.

Tourists or foreign nationals who want to stay in Bali, must go through a long process. Depending on how long a foreigner and want to stay in Indonesia generally. Even today the Indonesian government provide convenience to be able to stay longer and even become Indonesian citizens, to be able to become Indonesian citizens. With the aim to stay and live in Bali to death.

Living in Bali, and a longer stay in Bali, is a serious challenge. Because social life in Bali is very high. Unless foreign nationals who want to stay in Bali, do not care about the surrounding social environment. In other words, foreign nationals living in Bali with close themselves off from social life in Bali.

Current for foreign nationals who are married to people of Bali, or Indonesian people in general, permit and can stay longer in Bali more easily. One residence was named VITAS, Visa Limited Stay Permit. The new rules are effective on May 6, 2012, about convenience for filing Visa Limited Stay Permit (VITAS), for the husband / wife and children by foreign nationals. By using VITAS, the family members of foreign nationals in mixed marriages, can stay in Bali, or the whole of Indonesia, for six to twelve months.

For filing Visa Limited Stay Permit (VITAS), the applicant does not need to come to the immigration office, such as Social Cultural Visa arrangement, the extension in Indonesia should be done every month.
VITAS filing can be done at the Embassy and the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (Embassy / Consulate) in the country of origin.

For tourists, or foreign nationals who wish to become fully Balinese or Indonesian citizenship entirely, or moved out of state citizenship outside Indonesia became a citizen of Indonesia, there are two ways to do. Accordance with the regulations in Indonesia, in general, changes in citizenship status, of a foreign citizen, became a citizen of Indonesia, can be done in two ways. The first way is done on their own. The foreign citizen expressed his desire to change his foreign citizenship to be Indonesian citizens who are legally recognized. The second way is with the help of the citizenship status of a citizen of Indonesia, or in other words doing a formal wedding with someone who is stateless Indonesian nationality.

But this time, when the tourism industry in Bali develops very rapidly, many foreign nationals who wish to establish a business in Bali, Bali mating with people, under the guise of love, they seek to become entrepreneurs in Bali.