Saturday, June 1, 2013

Miss World 2013 in Bali and Jakarta should be smooth and successful

Miss WorldInternational event, Miss World 2013, which will be held in Bali and Jakarta, Indonesia, must be smoothly and successfully, without any interference and obstacles. Because the show was going to raise the dignity of the nation in the eyes of the international world. If the Miss World 2013 and failed to get the mess made in Indonesia, especially in Bali, the good name of Indonesia and Bali will get worse in the eyes of the international world. Because this event is betting good name of Indonesia in the midst of the threat of terrorism that threaten the security in Indonesia.

Bali as a barometer of the condition of Indonesia in the eyes of the world, have a great responsibility to maintain the security of the world during the beauty pageant in 2013, Miss World 2013. Despite a lot of resistance from various parties, especially from the group in the name of a particular religion, but the Miss World 2013 event should go ahead.

Many preparations have been made by the committee to support the smooth running of this great event. Preparation hotels, tourist places to be visited by the contestants of Miss World 2013, as well as transportation, and coordination with the police to provide security during the event.

In terms of security, the police have been doing a lot of efforts to eradicate terrorism. Indeed, the current Indonesian police have been doing a lot of efforts to combat terrorism. Because in the year 2013, many international event will take place in Indonesia, especially in Bali. In addition to the Miss World 2013 will take place APEC 2013 Summit in Bali.

In addition to maintaining security in Indonesia to remain conducive. Many improvements and infrastructure improvements undertaken by the government. Construction of toll roads and underpasses in Bali to break the bottleneck. So that when an international event held in Bali, congestion is not a threat to the delegates and participants. Ngurah Rai Airport was improved to provide comfort to the participants of Miss World will come to Bali in September 2013.

Balinese people are expected to maintain the security and tranquility. So that the conditions are not always conducive and avoid things that are not cool during the Miss World 2013, which will take place in Nusa Dua Bali, and Jakarta.