Sunday, June 16, 2013

Makepung is Balinese buffalo Rases in Jembrana

Makepung is Balinese buffalo races are often held in Jembrana. Buffalo used were male, has a young age, and burly. Usually conducted on Sunday with a different race. This activity is often followed by buffalo farmers and ranchers. They pit bull speed in order to get the value of selling buffalo became more expensive. There is no element of gambling in this game.

In one race, using a pair of buffaloes are tied to a small train, and the train was ridden by a jockey who controls the pace of the buffalo. When the race begins, the jockey will hit the back of a buffalo bull in order to obtain maximum speed. To be a champion in this buffalo race pace.

Makepung is Balinese buffalo Rases in Jembrana on Sunday Jun 16, 2013

Balinese buffalo race / Makepung held on the morning of the race starting at seven in the morning to finish. Since seven o'clock arena already crowded with spectators. Food vendors also took part in this racing. Buffalo racetrack usually be around rice fields. The beginning of the race because there was this buffalo race of rice.

Circuits of Makepung Bali

Balinese buffalo race / Makepung beginning is plowing activities undertaken by farmers in Jembrana. In the rice fields in the till, at least using six pairs of buffaloes to work the land to be ready to be used to grow rice. Along with the changing times, these farmers have an idea to pass up the race on their buffalo, buffalo to find out who is the most powerful. So now comes the regular buffalo race race held on Sunday in Jembrana regency.

Buffalo racing venue in any district in Jembrana. Because there are five district in Jembrana Regency, then there are five buffalo racetrack. Buffalo race held every Sunday in rotation. As is done in the Moto GP race.

Buffalo for Makepung in Jembrana

Racing buffalo / Makepung in Jembrana is an interesting folk entertainment arena. Currently, this buffalo race has become a great annual events. Local authorities make this racing become more profound and eagerly anticipated by the farmers and ranchers buffalo. Jembrana Government every year to make the event a fighting buffalo race trophy and cash prize big enough to fig competitor.