Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ketut Liyer overwhelmed by tourists

Mr Ketut Liyer
Thanks to the novel and movie of Eat Pray Love, Mr. Ketut Liyer who long ago worked as a traditional medicine practitioner and painter, has now become very famous. Every day Mr Ketut Liyer serve tourists who visited him for divination, or just to meet and talk, or to take pictures with him. Activities and hobbies as a painter did not get it done. Because of the rush and the many guests who came to him. Also inseparable from the existing residence in Ubud, Gianyar, Bali.

Now, Ubud became very popular in the visit by foreign tourists. Popularity of Ubud today can not be separated from the background on the movie Eat Pray Love. What makes Ubud village and the people who are there to be famous, like Mr. Ketut Liyer. Every day the roads in Ubud has been overrun by foreign tourists. Because of hectic Ubud today, so it looks like a big city in the middle of the countryside is still green and lush.

Although each day the main road is always crowded with vehicles and pedestrians tourists, we can still enjoy the other side in Ubud is still beautiful, as befits a rural area. On the Suweta Street, central Ubud, and some other areas are still met with the residential stretch of rice fields that still have not been touched by any shops.

Ketut Liyer's houseMr. Ketut Liyer figure now very well known to various countries. Many tourists who come to Bali, deliberately taking the time to come to Ubud, Gianyar, and visited Mr. Ketut Liyer. For tourists who are in Bali, met with Mr. Ketut Liyer is a pride. Moreover, to meet and take pictures with him. Maybe it will be a memory that will be treasured for tourists who have visited Mr. Ketut Liyer, a character who never fill the story in a novel and the movie Eat Pray Love.

Style of Mr. Ketut Liyer each met with tourists, just like the one in the movie Eat Pray Love. Mr. Ketut Liyer every meet travelers who want predictable, definitely take the left hand that would be predicted. Then Mr. Liyer will read palms, and the most frequently mentioned to the lady tourists are marital problems or their soul mate. That is what most travelers make a happy and smiling with Mr. Ketut Liyer.

After popular through the book and movie Eat Pray Love promotion, involving his name, 98-year-old man was, visited by people. They hope to get the same thing, even more than what is found Elizabeth Gilbert. As in the novel and the movie Eat Pray Love.

Ketut Liyer nameplate
Previously, Elizabeth Gilbert writes that Mr Liyer is a large contribution in psychological recovery, until finally found the back the feeling of love. In fact, he was pretty desperate after becoming a widow, so it does not matter anymore to her appearance. Who later wrote the story of his life in into a novel, entitled Eat Pray Love, which include Mr. Ketut Liyer figures into it, as part of his trip in Bali.

Story in the novel was later made into a movie later, and the figure of Elizabeth Gilbert played by Julia Roberts. In order to find the feel and of course the figure of Mr. Liyer, location filming took place in Bali, of course, also at the home of Mr. Liyer. Unfortunately, Mr. Liyer when it failed to play a role in the movie. He was ill, and hospitalized, suffered due to bladder stones.

Every day, Mr. Ketut Liyer serve the tourists who visit him only a maximum of twenty-five people. That's because after he was hospitalized, his condition is not so strong. So guests who come to him should be limited to maintain their health. Every guest who visited and served him, he set an average tariff of Rp. 250.000 all services. So that day Mr Liyer can earn as much money as Rp. 6.250.000.

Mr. Ketut Liyer enjoys her profession as an astrologer and physician. But every guest who comes to him, he more frequently gives lectures and advice. He's happy if there are many people who come to him. Before becoming an astrologer, who makes known to the present, Mr. Liyer formerly worked as a physician. Treat people with herbs. Herb Balinese tradition, which is often used by the Balinese people since time immemorial.