Monday, June 24, 2013

Cristiano Ronaldo will be to Bali

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese man nationality, and is a superstar football player at the club Real Madrid, is rumored to be coming to Bali. Cristiano Ronaldo came to Bali to attend the mangrove planting event, Wednesday, June 26, 2013. He was named as an ambassador for mangrove conservation in Bali through Mangrove Care Forum, March 11, 2013.

Cristiano Ronaldo will be attending "Bali Mangrove Save, Save Earth (BSMSE)", in Forest Park Ngurah Rai Bali, Wednesday, June 26, 2013. This event aims to increase public awareness of the importance of mangrove forests. Due to current conditions in the mangrove forest is very worrying.

There are outstanding issues in Bali, that the activities which will be attended by Cristiano Ronaldo, this event is an attempt to divert the attention of the people of Bali, the destruction of mangrove forests due Bali toll road construction, parts of which damage the mangrove forests.

Launching ceremony "Bali Mangrove Save, Save Earth (BSMSE)" will be preceded by a symbolic handover of mangrove seedlings, mangrove fruit processing equipment, and tool bins enumerator. But it is not certain as to what the program is going to run next. It is feared that this event is only for cleaning the image of the damage inflicted on Bali toll road construction.

In a way it will also be held delivery of certificates, as ambassador Care Forum Mangrove (FPM) Bali, the world's Portuguese football star, Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo designation as an ambassador at Mangrove Care Forum, intended to fight for mangrove conservation in Indonesia.

Lee Min Ho wants to Bali

Lee Min Ho, a male artist from South Korea
Lee Min Ho, a male artist from South Korea, which acts as Gu Jun Pyo in the television series Boys Over Flowers. He also played in several other films like But I Do not Know Either It and I Am Sam. Because of his role in the TV series Boys Over Flowers, Lee Min Ho has now become a very well known artist up to foreign countries, not least in Indonesia, and also many Balinese people idolize.

It turns out Lee Min Ho has fallen in love with Indonesia. The proof, during a fan meeting in Jakarta, some time ago, Lee Min Ho wished to stay longer in Indonesia. In addition, Lee Min Ho also admitted love fried rice (nasi goreng), typical of Indonesian food.

Lee Min Ho also expressed wish to visit the island of Bali. "I want to strip the holiday hot weather and fun like Bali," said Lee Min Ho.

Lee Min Ho even want to invite the whole family to enjoy the exotic island of Bali, which according to him. Lee Min Ho's hope his wish come true in the near future. The desire of course is a very reasonable thing for people who know about Bali. Because the island is very famous throughout the entire world.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday, June 22, 2013, earthquake in Bali

Today, Saturday, June 22, 2013, at 12:42 noon, the island of Bali shaking caused by an earthquake, a magnitude 5.4 Richter scale. Earthquake in Bali is currently centered on the coordinates of 8:43 degrees southern latitude, and 116.04 degrees eastern longitude, located at a depth of 10 kilometers.

An earthquake in Bali is currently no potential tsunami. The announcement was made by Head of Operational Control Center Bali Provincial Disaster Management.

Although Bali earthquake this time no tsunami potential, but the vibration is able to make people panic Bali. Tremor can be felt in almost all the island of Bali. The most violent tremor was felt in the area of Denpasar. Many people panicked, ran out of the house, with no hope of falling buildings collapsed.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bali Governor: Turtles should be eaten only in religious rituals

Bali Governor, Made Mangku Pastika
On this Thursday, June 20, 2013, the Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika, delivered a discourse associated with the consumption patterns of animals to the Balinese. Bali governor stated that the Balinese people are allowed to eat turtle meat. But eating turtle meat was limited to the activities of religious ceremonies.

In religious rituals in Bali, mainly Hindu Bali, the use of turtles in a religious ritual has been going on since time immemorial. However, since the government and certain organizations stated that the turtle populations are increasingly threatened, then the poem as it is forbidden to kill and consume turtle. So that the Balinese began using animals other than turtle for completeness religious ritual in Bali.

Bali's governor said Thursday that the turtle was consumed for religious ceremonies, no problem. Because if his intention for the ceremony, just once a year. So do not kill the turtles every day. It was only a little.

But Bali governor does not explain more clearly, what the turtle should be consumed for religious ceremonies. Is it okay to use and kill turtles obtained from the wild or from captivity. Previously raised concerns consume turtle permission for religious ceremonies misused for turtle trade.

Turtles are marine animals whose existence is increasingly rare in the wild. The number of arrests and trade of turtles, endangered sea turtles make. In some countries, capturing and killing turtles is illegal. And severe punishment can deter turtle traders.

When the evening at Kuta Beach, Bali

When the evening at Kuta Beach, Bali

Kuta Beach is a famous tourist area in the world with an abundance of charm and beauty. Enchantment of the afternoon when the sun is beautiful, is when most tourists come in later to Kuta Beach, Bali. Many entertainment and shopping area, will spoil people who come there. Because it is so well-known a lot of people want to come to Kuta. There is an assumption that came to Bali would not favor it if it is not to Kuta Beach. Enjoy a world-class atmosphere with various echnical and tribes come together in this beach.

Kuta beach is white sand. Although not as white as cotton, but its beauty is not invincible to the famous beach in Boracay. Although sometimes in the wet season that covers a lot of garbage on the beach of white sand, which is carried by the flood in the river from upstream. But local government swiftly perform cleanup on the beach, so the beauty will not fade.

Afternoon at Kuta Beach is the most awaited by tourists. Atmosphere by a fresh sea breeze blows, making a very pleasant seaside atmosphere. Many travelers who take advantage of this environment to play and joke in the white sand, while playing water and sand play.

Sunset at Kuta Beach is very beautiful. Yellowish red, giving the feel of a very pleasant cool. Its beauty is highly anticipated by tourists who were sitting on the beach relaxing. Enjoy the waves, he saw plays surfer board surfing. People who walk around on Kuta beach. The twilight atmosphere was festive at night when caf├ęs and restaurants around Kuta beach music sounds accompanied by the DJ.

When night around Kuta Beach, the bustling and sparkling shades. Music in the cafes, bars, restaurants and discotheques sounded very loud. The singers vying with each other in the cafe as deliver performance that is able to attract the tourists that pass. More and more enjoyable evening and getting crowded.

Kuta Beach, Bali

Kuta Beach, Bali

Kuta Beach, Bali

Kuta Beach, Bali

Kuta Beachwalk, Bali

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Makepung is Balinese buffalo Rases in Jembrana

Makepung is Balinese buffalo races are often held in Jembrana. Buffalo used were male, has a young age, and burly. Usually conducted on Sunday with a different race. This activity is often followed by buffalo farmers and ranchers. They pit bull speed in order to get the value of selling buffalo became more expensive. There is no element of gambling in this game.

In one race, using a pair of buffaloes are tied to a small train, and the train was ridden by a jockey who controls the pace of the buffalo. When the race begins, the jockey will hit the back of a buffalo bull in order to obtain maximum speed. To be a champion in this buffalo race pace.

Makepung is Balinese buffalo Rases in Jembrana on Sunday Jun 16, 2013

Balinese buffalo race / Makepung held on the morning of the race starting at seven in the morning to finish. Since seven o'clock arena already crowded with spectators. Food vendors also took part in this racing. Buffalo racetrack usually be around rice fields. The beginning of the race because there was this buffalo race of rice.

Circuits of Makepung Bali

Balinese buffalo race / Makepung beginning is plowing activities undertaken by farmers in Jembrana. In the rice fields in the till, at least using six pairs of buffaloes to work the land to be ready to be used to grow rice. Along with the changing times, these farmers have an idea to pass up the race on their buffalo, buffalo to find out who is the most powerful. So now comes the regular buffalo race race held on Sunday in Jembrana regency.

Buffalo racing venue in any district in Jembrana. Because there are five district in Jembrana Regency, then there are five buffalo racetrack. Buffalo race held every Sunday in rotation. As is done in the Moto GP race.

Buffalo for Makepung in Jembrana

Racing buffalo / Makepung in Jembrana is an interesting folk entertainment arena. Currently, this buffalo race has become a great annual events. Local authorities make this racing become more profound and eagerly anticipated by the farmers and ranchers buffalo. Jembrana Government every year to make the event a fighting buffalo race trophy and cash prize big enough to fig competitor.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bali Arts Festival 2013 is now opened by the President of the Republic of Indonesia

Bali Arts Festival 2013 takes place from today, and was officially opened with a parade and the parade begins culture, and art, today, held at the Bajra Sandhi monument, Renon, Denpasar Bali. Bajra Sandhi Renon Monument area, which is used for the opening parade Bali Arts Festival (PKB) 35th, Saturday morning has been sterilized.

Culture and arts parade that took place in Renon, as a prelude activity Bali Arts Festival, to be attended by the President of the Republic of Indonesia. Planned that, after watching the parade, the president will head to Denpasar Art Center, to attend the opening ceremony of the Bali Arts Festival 35th. And the president will officially open the event.

The cultural parade will feature a variety of arts and cultural attractions of Bali, as well as a number of provinces in Indonesia, one of which is Papua. While foreign countries that will participate in this parade is East Timor.

The parade will begin at 14:00 pm, taking the intersection of Jalan Mohammad Yamin, Renon, heading west past the Bajra Sandhi Monument, and finish in front of the Office of Regional Development Bank (BPD) Bali. As with previous years, the parade PKB is predicted to be witnessed by thousands of Balinese and domestic and foreign tourists.

Bali Arts Festival this year themed Taksu. Lasted for one month with a variety of arts and cultural performances.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Ironic, Balinese spa (Boreh) becoming obsolete

Ingredients to make balinese spa
Balinese spa is a traditional herbal treatment that is often used by the Balinese. Balinese spa called Boreh. Boreh word meaning a mixture of different types of spices and leaves are efficacious drugs. Medicinal plants are very commonly found on the island of Bali. Bali is often used by people to treat various diseases. Her special for healing diseases from outside the body, which in scrub it throughout the body, to gain a sense of warmth and fresh so you can help the immune system, for the healing process.

The basic ingredients Balinese spa, cultivated by man since ancient Bali. Cultivation of medicinal herb plants are planted by the Balinese in the yard. As a complementary component to keep the unwanted situation. Medicinal plants so that whenever it is needed, it can be used immediately.

Balinese spa or often called the Boreh, by the Balinese, is now very rarely used. Lots of people prefer Bali modern drugs for therapeutic treatment. Many Balinese regard, the ability to cure disease Boreh just suggestions. Though it has been done by the early ancestors evolved culture in Bali.

If the use of Balinese spa (Boreh) for healing therapy are just mere suggestions, so stupid ancestors who created the cream and use it as a drug. Or Balinese people now who have become stupid, because it has been affected by the deceptive advertising from manufacturers of modern medicine. If it is not efficacious Boreh anything to the human body, then, why the Bali since the first use of cream, and is still used by the grandparents of the Balinese.

Currently, Balinese spa (Boreh) are sought after by tourists who come to Bali. Due to the large demand for spa usage of natural herbs in Bali, so the more outlets popping spa services in Bali, which uses Balinese spa. Even today Balinese spa has been developed and used in the Russian state.

Ironically, while the foreign tourists who come to Bali to search for Balinese spa, many people began to leave Boreh Balinese traditional medicine as a proven therapeutic efficacy.

Now to get a Balinese spa, people have to pay a heavy price. Though the Balinese spa can make an easy manner. However, the majority of Balinese people have forgotten to make cream concoction and composition is good and right. So that they become reluctant to make.

Balinese spa blends in making a very simple and easy. Most of the ancient Balinese use as a large manufacturing base composition Balinese spa. Rice mixed with some kind of spices and leaves, then mashed. Balinese people since ancient Boreh smoothing using a stone.

Some plants and herbs are often used for Balinese spa (Boreh) is, ginger, galangal, betel leaf, clove, taro root, grass roots, and others.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bali Arts Festival 2013 Event Schedule

Schedule activities Bali Arts Festival 2013. In the table below, sided schedule arts performances, competitions, and a variety of activity which was held at the Bali Arts Festival 2013.

In the schedule of activities in the table below, presented in Indonesian, because I am quite hard to translate into English. Since many terms that are difficult to understand.

Art staging schedule to guide the tourists who want to see art that will be staged at Denpasar Cultural Park. Program of Bali Arts Festival 2013, featuring a variety of local arts, nationally, and internationally.

1 Sabtu, 15 Juni 2013 Pelepasan PAWAI Depan Monumen Perjuangan Rakyat Bali 14.00 wita
Pembukaan PKB 2013 (Oratorium garapan ISI Denpasar ) ARDHA CANDRA 20.00 wita
2 Minggu, 16 Juni 2013 Partisipasi Lampung Barat ARDHA CANDRA 11.00 wita
Partisipasi Disbudpar Pemuda dan Olga Kab. Sumenep AYODYA 11.00 wita
Parade Ngelawang ( Karangasem, Tabanan, Klungkung) AREAL TAMAN BUDAYA 17.00 wita
Partisipasi oleh Consulado Geral De Timor-Leste WANTILAN (20.00 wita)
Part. Luar Daerah Papua ARDHA CANDRA (20.00 wita
3 Senin, 17 Juni 2013 Dinas Kebudayaan & Pariwisata Kabupaten Bima ANGSOKA 11.00 wita
Dinas Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata Provinsi Kalimantan Barat RATNA KANDA 14.00 wita
Semara Pagulingan Rekontruksi Kabupaten Klungkung AYODYA 17.00 wita
Parade Drama gong Sekaa Drama Bandana Budaya Sari Br. Lambing WANTILAN 20.00 wita
Sibangkaja Badung
Parade Gong kebyar Wanita Kabupaten Bangli dengan Kabupaten Badung ARDHA CANDRA 20.00 wita
4 Selasa, 18 Juni 2013 Rekontruksi Sekaa Wayang Wong Batuagung Desa Batuagung Jembrana ANGSOKA 11.00 wita
Parade pesantian Sekaa Pesantian Widya Sabha Kab. Buleleng RATNA KANDA 14.00 wita
Parade Joged Bumbung Sekaa Joged Seraya Kanti Desa getakan Kec. AYODYA 11.00 wita
Klungkung Kab. Klungkung
Partisipasi luar daerah Dinas Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata Kabupaten AYODYA 17.00 wita
Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta
Partisipasi oleh Indian Cultural Centre (ICC) KSIRARNAWA 20.00 wita
Parade Gong kebyar Anak-anak Kabupaten Buleleng dengan Kabupaten ARDHA CANDRA 20.00 wita
5 Rabu, 19 Juni 2013 Kes ciri khas Selonding Sidakarya Br. Pande Tunggak Bebandem kec. Bebandem ANGSOKA 11.00 wita
Paguyuban Sadulur Blitar (Gustar) AYODYA 14.00 wita
Kesenian Reog oleh Kabupaten Ponorogo KSIRARNAWA TERBUKA 17.00 wita
Dinas Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata Provinsi Sumatera Barat WANTILAN 11.00 wita
Semara Pagulingan Rekontruksi Sanggar Sangita Merdangga kabupaten AYODYA 17.00 wita
Pemutaran Film Dokumenter KSIRARNAWA 20.00 wita
Parade Arja Sekaa Tapel Mas Penebel Tabanan WANTILAN 20.00 wita
Parade Gong kebyar Dewasa Kabupaten Karangasem dengan Kota ARDHA CANDRA 20.00 wita
6 Kamis, 20 Juni 2013 Kes ciri khas Sekaa Jegog Apti Suara kanti Desa Penyaringan Jembrana ANGSOKA 11.00 wita
Dinas Kebudayaan Pariwisata, Pemuda dan Olahraga Kabupaten Paser WANTILAN 11.00 wita
Kalimantan Timur
Bondres dengan iringan geguntangan Sanggar Seni Penyandang Cacat Rwa AYODYA 17.00 wita
Binedha Kota Denpasar
Pemutaran Film Dokumenter KSIRARNAWA 20.00 wita
Parade Drama gong Sekaa Derama Gong Br. Bet ngandang desa Sanur WANTILAN 20.00 wita
Kec. Denpasar selatan Denpasar
Parade Gong kebyar Wanita Kabupaten Gianyar dengan Kabupaten ARDHA CANDRA 20.00 wita
7 Jumat, 21 Juni 2013 Parade pesantian Badung RATNA KANDA 14.00 wita
Sekaa Joged Bisama Banjar Boongan Jawa Desa Bongan Kecamatan AYODYA 11.00 wita
Tabanan Kabupaten Tabanan
Partispasi oleh Dewan kesenian Balik Papan RATNA KANDA 20.00 wita
Wayang Arja dalang wanita Sangar Seni Tugek Carangsari Br. Pemijian DEPAN GEDUNG KRIYA 20.00 wita
Carangsari Petang Badung
Parade Drama gong Sekaa Drama Gong Soka Wangi Kecamatan Sukawati WANTILAN 20.00 wita
8 Sabtu, 22 Juni 2013 Lomba Gender Wayang Anak-anak RATNA KANDA 11.00 wita
Parade Joged Bumbung Adhi Merdu Suara Br. Mujul Desa Sangkan Gunung Kec. AYODYA 11.00 wita
sidemen Karangasem
Partisipasi oleh Dinas Pariwisata Dan Kebudayaan Kabupaten Magelang WANTILAN 14.00 wita
Semara Pagulingan Rekontruksi Sekaa Semara Pagulingan Penebel AYODYA 17.00 wita
Parade Drama gong oleh Sanggar Tresna Asih Kabupaten Bangli WANTILAN 20.00 wita
9 Minggu, 23 Juni 2013 Lomba Gender Wayang Anak-anak RATNA KANDA 11.00 wita
Parade Ngelawang ( Denpasar, Jembrana, Gianyar AREAL TAMAN BUDAYA 17.00 wita
Tari dan Tabuh Palegongan klasik oleh Gamelan Cendana Batubulan WANTILAN 14.00 wita
Pementasan Tari Kreasi oleh Sanggar Yuhura Jl. Jerogadung No.84 Br KSIRARNAWA 20.00 wita
Kutuh Kelod Ubud Gianyar.
Sekaa Arja Remaja Damar Sentir Br. Pondok Peguyangan Kaja WANTILAN 20.00 wita
Parade Gong kebyar Anak-anak Kabupaten Klungkung dengan Kabupaten ARDHA CANDRA 20.00 wita
10 Senin, 24 Juni 2013 Parade pesantian Sekaa Nadak Sara Marga Tabanan RATNA KANDA 14.00 wita
Partisipasi Sanggar Tari Apau Punyaat (STAP) Samarinda Kalimantan Timur AYODYA 11.00 wita
Semara Pagulingan Rekontruksi Kabupaten Bangli AYODYA 17.00 wita
Lomba Wayang Kulit Kabupaten GIanyar 20.00 wita
Parade Gong kebyar Dewasa Kabupaten Gianyar dengan Kabupaten ARDHA CANDRA 20.00 wita
11 Selasa, 25, Juni 2013 Rekontruksi Sekaa Nadir Swacitta Desa Taro Tegalalang Gianyar ANGSOKA 11.00 wita
Topeng Prembon oleh Sekaa Topeng Manik Sabda Gurnita Br. Anggabaya RATNA KANDA 14.00 wita
penatih Denpasar Timur
Tabuh Gamelan Smara Dhana Sanggar Kryasta Guna AYODYA 17.00 wita
Br. Padang Tegal Mekar Sari Ubud Gianyar
Lomba Wayang Kulit Kabupaten Badung 20.00 wita
Drama tari Topeng Inovasi “Tuan Tepis Penghuni Campuhan” oleh GEOKS WANTILAN 20.00 wita
Singapadu Gianyar.
Parade Gong kebyar Wanita Kabupaten Buleleng dengan Kota Denpasar ARDHA CANDRA 20.00 wita
12 Rabu, 26 Juni 2013 Kes ciri khas Sanggar Seni Ciwa natya Bangli ANGSOKA 11.00 wita
Kesenian Genjek oleh Sekaa Genjek Astiti Bakti RATNA KANDA 14.00 wita
Desa Pinggan Kintamani Bangli
Parade Joged Bumbung Sekaa Joged Gita semara Br. Saba Kelurahan AYODYA 11.00 wita
Penatih Kec. Denpasar Timur Denpasar
Jegog Kolaborasi diatonis oleh Ceraken Musik Tradisional Radikal AYODYA 17.00 wita
Lomba Wayang Kulit Kabupaten Buleleng 20.00 wita
Parade Arja oleh Sanggar Paku Sara Kabupaten Bangli WANTILAN 20.00 wita
Gong kebyar Anak-anak Kabupaten Badung vs Kabupaten Jembrana ARDHA CANDRA 20.00 wita
13 Kamis, 27 Juni 2013 Dramatari Patopengan “Prabu Jaya Pangus ANGSOKA 11.00 wita
Oleh Yayasan Tri Pusaka Sakti Br. Pekandelan Desa Batuan Kecamatan
Sukawati Gianyar
Parade pesantian Sanggar Giri Lango Br. Bukit Batu Gianyar Gianyar RATNA KANDA 14.00 wita
Semara Pagulingan Rekontruksi Sanggar Ardha Nareswari Br. Anyar Kaja AYODYA 17.00 wita
Kerobokan kabupaten Badung
Lomba Wayang Kulit Kota Denpasar 20.00 wita
Arja Inovatif dengan judul “Uwug Kengetan” oleh IKIP PGRI Bali WANTILAN 20.00 wita
Parade Gong kebyar Dewasa Kabupaten Jembrana dengan Kabupaten ARDHA CANDRA 20.00 wita
14 Jumat, 28 Juni 2013 Kes cirri khas oleh Sanggar Guntur Madu Petang Badung RATNA KANDA 11.00 wita
Parade Joged Bumbung oleh Sekaa Joged Arsa Winangun Kabupaten AYODYA 11.00 wita
Drama Gong oleh Sekaa Drama Gong Puspa Kencana Bon Bali AYODYA 20.00 wita
Banjar Bukit Batu Samplangan Gianyar
Kolaborasi Drama Tari multi media oleh The College of the Holy Cross, Woscester, KSIRARNAWA 20.00 wita
M.A Amerika , Prof, DR. I Made Bandem, DR. Suasthi Bandem dan Grup
Makaradhwaja Singapadu
Lomba Baleganjur (Tabanan, Jembrana, Badung) DEPAN GEDUNG KRIYA 17.00 wita
15 Sabtu, 29 Juni 2013 Lomba Kerajinan RATNA KANDA 10.00 wita
Kantor Pariwisata Kabupaten Jember AYODYA 11.00 wita
Prembon oleh Sangar Seni Tugek Carangsari Br. Pemijian Carangsari WANTILAN 14.00 wita
Petang Badung
Partisipasi Ary Suta Center Gamelan Orchestra KSIRARNAWA 20.00 WITA
Lomba Baleganjur ( Bangli, .Denpasar ,.Klungkung DEPAN GEDUNG KRIYA 17.00 wita
Parade Drama gong Sekaa Dharma Sangraha Budaya Desa Yehkuning WANTILAN 20.00 wita
Pementasan Pramusti Bali ARDHA CANDRA 20.00 wita
16 Minggu, 30 Juni 2013 Kes cirri khas Gong Kebyar TK mebarung dengan Lansia RATNA KANDA 11.00 wita
Lomba  Melukis AYODYA 08.00 wita
Work Shop Kewanitaan materi merangkai Janur dan bunga KSIRARNAWA 10.00 -13.00
Tari-tarian oleh Sanggar Oka’s Jalan gandaria No. 18 Denpasar WANTILAN 11.00 wita
Parade pesantian Widyasabha Kab. Jembrana RATNA KANDA 14.00 wita
Rekontruksi Parwa Kolaborasi Wayang HSKB Kabupaten Badung AYODYA 20.00 Wita
Lomba Baleganjur (Gianyar, Buleleng, Karangasem ) DEPAN GEDUNG KRIYA 17.00 wita
Parade Drama gong IHDN Denpasar Kampus Singaraja Buleleng WANTILAN 20.00 wita
17 Senin, 1 Juli 2013 Rekontruksi Gambuh Padangaji Desa Pakraman Padangaji Kec. Selat Karangasem ANGSOKA 11.00 wita
Paguyuban Seni Kuda Lumping Krido Budoyo Gayamsari AYODYA 14.00 wita
Lingkungan Kaliputih Kelurahan Panjang Kec. Ambarawa Kabupaten
Kes ciri khas Sekaa Kecak Bona Blahbatuh Gianyar KSIRARNAWA TERBUKA 20..00 wita
Tektekan Calonarang Sekaa Tektekan Calonarang Merta Sari Desa Kelating KSIRARNAWA 20.00 wita
Kec. Kerambitan Tabanan
Lomba Wayang Kulit Kabupaten Karangasem DEPAN GEDUNG KRIYA 20.00 wita
Parade Drama gong Sekaa Buda Yowana Kerti Desa Bebandem Kec. bebandem WANTILAN 20.00 wita
18 Selasa, 2 Juli 2013 Partisipasi oleh Ikatan Keluarga Batak Bali RATNA KANDA 11.00 wita
Pemutaran Film Dokumenter KSIRARNAWA 20.00 wita
Paritisipasi oleh Dinas Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Kabupaten Natuna WANTILAN 20.00 wita
Provinsi Kepulauan Riau
Parade Gong kebyar Wanita Kabupaten Tabanan dengan Kabupaten ARDHA CANDRA 20.00 wita
19 Rabu, 3 Juli 2013 Parade pesantian Sekaa Pesantian Dirga Wahyu Swari Br. Simo Kec. RATNA KANDA 14.00 wita
Denpasar Timur Denpasar
Dinas Kebudayan Jakarta Utara WANTILAN 11.00 wita
Teater Bali Modern dengan Judul” Desa oh Desa Sanggar Teater Bali AYODYA 20.00 wita
Ambengan Singaraja
Lomba Wayang Kulit Kabupaten Jembrana 20.00 wita
Parade Gong kebyar Anak-anak Kota Denpasar dengan Kabupaten ARDHA CANDRA 20.00 wita
20 Kamis, 4 Juli 2013 Partisipasi oleh Dinas Kebudayaan Dan pariwisata Provinsi Riau RATNA KANDA 11.00 wita
Parade Joged Bumbung oleh Sekaa Jaya Kumara Dhana Angseri Baturiti AYODYA 11.00 wita
Sarasehan KSIRARNAWA 09.00 wita
Tari Leko Banjar Paraekan Desa Sibang Gede Kec/. Abiansemal Kab. WANTILAN 14.00 wita
Prembon Basur Inovasi judul “Mepadik”Sangar Prembon Sekar Sandat Desa AYODYA 20.00 wita
Pakraman Padpadan Petak Kaja Gianyar
Lomba Wayang Kulit Kabupaten Bangli 20.00 wita
Parade Gong kebyar Dewasa Kabupaten Tabanan dengan Kabupaten ARDHA CANDRA 20.00 wita
21 Jumat, 5 Juli 2013 Lomba Nyastra AYODYA, RATNA KANDA, ANGSOKA, 10.00 wita
Drama Tari Arja RRI Cabang Denpasar AYODYA 20.00 wita
Jl. Hayam Wuruk No 70
Pemberian Penghargaan Kepada Pengabdi seni KSIRARNAWA 20.00 wita
Parade Drama gong Sekaa Drama Gong Adio Budaya Kec. Klungkung WANTILAN 20.00 wita
22 Sabtu, 6 Juli 2013 Topeng Panca Yayasan Waturenggong Puri Den Bencingah Jl. Raya ANGSOKA 11.00 wita
Besakih no 16 Semarapura
Semara Pagulingan Rekontruksi Sekaa Gurnita Semara Santhi Br. Kjreteg AYODYA 17.00 wita
sibetan Kec. Bebandem kabupaten Karangasem
Lomba Wayang Kulit Kabupaten Tabanan 20.00 wita
Parade Arja Sanggar Citta Usadhi Desa Mengwitani Badung WANTILAN 20.00 wita
Parade Lagu Daerah Bali ( Gianyar, Badung, Klungkung ) ARDHA CANDRA 20.00 wita
23 Minggu, 7 Juli 2013 Parade Joged Bumbung Sekaa Joged Gurnata Semara Kanthi Desa AYODYA 11.00 wita
Anggungan Lukluk Badung
Work Shop Kewanitaan materi Busana KSIRARNAWA 10.00 – 13.00 wita
Parade Ngelawang ( Bangli, Buleleng, Badung ) DEPAN GEDUNG KRIYA 17.00 wita
Lomba Wayang Kulit kabupaten Klungkung 20.00 wita
Parade Drama gong Sanggar Renteng Reges selemadeg Tabanan WANTILAN 20.00 wita
Parade Lagu Daerah Bali ( Karangasem, Jembrana, Tabanan ) ARDHA CANDRA 20.00 wita
24 Senin, 8 Juli 2013 Janger klasik oleh Yayasan Intan Budaya Negeri Jl. Pekandelan 1 Br. ANGSOKA 14.00 wita
Tengan Kangin Peliatan
Parade Joged Sekaa Joged Bumbung Mekarsari Kelurahan Sangkaragung AYODYA 11.00 wita
Drama Tari Calonarang Klasik oleh Dinas Kebudayaan Kabupaten Gianyar AYODYA 20.00 wita
Parade Arja Sanggar Cakuntala Br. Besang Desa Ababi Kec. WANTILAN 20.00 wita
Parade Lagu Daerah Bali ( Buleleng, Bangli, Denpasar ) ARDHA CANDRA 20.00 wita
25 Selasa, 9 Juli 2013 Tari-tarian oleh Group Seni Suara Hati ANGSOKA 11.00 wita
Br. Karangsari Desa Banyupoh Kec. Grogak Kab. Buleleng
Lomba Kerajinan RATNA KANDA 11.00 wita
Tabuh Klasik oleh Sanggar Mekar Bhuana AYODYA 14.00 wita
Br. Kerta Langu Denpasar
Bondres Bali Jani 2013 oleh Sanggar Salju Grup Denpasar AYODYA 20.00 wita
Pemutaran Film Dokumenter KSIRARNAWA 20.00 wita
Parade Arja Sangar Arja Genta Apsari Desa Medahan Blahbatuh Gianyar WANTILAN 20.00 wita
Parade Gong kebyar Wanita Kabupaten Karangasem dengan pendamping ARDHA CANDRA 20.00 wita
26 Rabu, 10 Juli 2013 Parade pesantian Sekaa Santi Babakan Pule Br. Sangkan Buana Kec. RATNA KANDA 14.00 wita
Klungkung Kab. Klungkung
Parade Joged Bumbung Sangar Mekar Lestari Br. Kawan Desa Bakbakan AYODYA 11.00 wita
Kec. Gianyar Gianyar
Semara Pagulingan Rekontruksi Sekaa Gamelan Semar Pagulingan Gunung AYODYA 17.00 wita
Jati Br. Teges Peliatan Ubud kabupaten Gianyar
Pemutaran Film Dokumenter KSIRARNAWA 20.00 wita
Parade Gong kebyar Anak-anak Kabupaten Gianyar ARDHA CANDRA 20.00 wita
Pendamping sk gong paket agung buleleng
27 Kamis, 11 Juli 2013 Rekontruksi Arja Godogan Abian Tuwung Tabanan ANGSOKA 11.00 wita
Parade Arja Sanggar Sari Mekar Desa Sari Mekar Kec. Buleleng WANTILAN 20.00 wita
Parade Gong kebyar Dewasa Kabupaten Buleleng dengan ARDHA CANDRA 20.00 wita
Pendampin Sanggar Gita Lestari Desa Petak Kaja Kabupaten Gianyar
28 Jumat 12 Juli 2013 Rekontruksi Kesenian Bumbang Br. Sesetan Tengah Kec. Denpasar Selatan ANGSOKA 11.00 wita
Parade Joged Bumbung Sanggar Darma Santi Buleleng AYODYA 11.00 wita
Kolabosasi music dan tari yang dipadukan dengan vokal oleh Narwastu KSIRARNAWA TERBUKA 20.00 wita
Music and Dance Foundation
Parade Arja Kesenian Arja Pasraman Prabha Budaya WANTILAN 20.00 wita
Br. Lumintang Kec. Denpasar Timur Denpasar
29 Sabtu, 13 Juli 2013 Rekontruksi Sekaa Kesenian Renganis Desa Penglatan Kab Buleleng ANGSOKA 11.00 wita
Parade pesantian Sekaa Santi Gita Smerti Desa Tianyar Kec. Kubu Karangasem RATNA KANDA 14.00 wita
Semara Pagulingan Rekontruksi Sekaa Semara Pagulingan Swasti Swara AYODYA 17.00 wita
Br. Kepisah Pedungan Kec. Denpasar selatan Kota Denpasar
Sendratari Penutupan PKB XXXV Tahun 2013 ARDHA CANDRA 18.00 wita

June 15 to July 13, the Bali Arts Festival 2013 takes place

Bali Arts Festival 2013 logo
Bali Arts Festival is the only event in the world culture, which can be run continuously and sustainably, so it looks together with artists from abroad who took the stage in Bali, which will last for one month, from June 15 until July 13, 2013. Will be open on Saturday, June 15, 2013. Opening of the Bali Arts Festival (PKB), will begin with a parade of activities attended by representatives of various delegations artists. The parade will be held at the monument to the struggle of the people of Bali, Renon. All parade from start to finish, is done in Renon.

Bali Arts Festival scheduled to be opened by the President of the Republic of Indonesia. Not yet known what kind of attraction that will be done by the president at the opening. Usually there are unique attractions that have been prepared by the committee. Places such as archery opener lotus flower, fly with tombang, or simply hit the gong.

Since a month before the Bali Arts Festival takes place, a lot of preparation has been done by representatives of art, from the nine districts in Bali. Preparations were made as art practice, art repair equipment that has been worn, making the stage for the parade, and so on.

A total of 15 thousand artists will enliven the big event of Bali Arts Festival (PKB), which has entered the 35th year. Local artists and international, will join the art feast this year. This year the art festival in Bali, the theme Taksu, generate creative power and identity. Taksu which has a very strong meaning and important role in the preservation of art and culture in Bali. Balinese people simply believing every human being has Taksu

Bali Arts Festival this year will be more festive, with the participation of artists from seven neighboring countries. Four countries will display their unique art is the United States, East Timor, India, and Japan. While artists from Britain, France, and South Korea will be collaborating with local artists to bring art and culture of Bali and contemporary art.

Collaboration nearly 200 artists, an arts group composed of twenty people, the Balinese only seven, the rest overseas artists. Arts event, which was held at Denpasar Cultural Park on June 15 until July 13 involved at least 15,000 artists. Aside from Bali and seven neighboring countries, artists from various provinces in Indonesia also show ability to bring their local arts respectively.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nusa Dua-Benoa-Airport road toll has now appear in Google Eart

Nusa Dua-Benoa-Airport road toll has now appear in Google Eart

Nusa Dua-Benoa-Airport toll road whose construction will be completed in August this year, has now seen its trajectory on Google Map.

Tracks Bali toll road is planned to be used in the month of August 2013. Nowadays we can see this highway through Google Map. Whether what Google looked like Bali, so the toll road built over the sea in Bali, it has been shown by Google Map.

Bali toll road images that appear on the Google Map, does not display the current state of the project. For example, part of the road construction on the interchanges Ngurah Rai Airport, has not been installed asphalt. Though the actual current conditions, part of the floor was paved roads like the road that was ready to pass the vehicle.

In addition, on the north side of the existing highway underpass at the intersection sightings Dewa Ruci is speed up the process. Even on the west side of the toll road, it appears the roof of the building construction expansion of Ngurah Rai Airport.

Can be used immediately, Bali toll road is almost complete

Can be used immediately, Bali toll road is almost complete

Bali toll road recently built on the sea, which connects the tourist area Nusa Dua, Benoa and Ngurah Rai Airport, is nearing completion, and can be used immediately before the APEC 2013 Summit in progress. The toll road is the first and one-on-one built on the sea. APEC 2013 Summit will take place on October 1 to October 8 2013.

Bali toll road were originally planned to be built on land on the island of Bali. But getting a lot of resistance from residents of Bali. Because it is contrary to the customs and culture of Bali. And can interrupt the silence of religious activities in Bali. For all religious activities in Bali are not allowed through under any objects that are not sacred to the Balinese. Because appreciate and respect the local wisdom in Bali, baka government had the bright idea to build a toll road over the sea.

Toll roads in Bali is actually made to unravel congestion during the activity of the APEC 2013 Summit, and other international events. In order for all international events in Bali can run smoothly and successfully without a hitch and significant disruption.

Now the highway is made ​​above the sea in Bali has become a pride for the people of Bali in particular and Indonesia in general. Because it is a work of a very large and proud, which shows that the Indonesian people are able to make a stunning building, such as the Bali toll road.

Bali toll road, connecting Nusa Dua-Benoa-Airport, can be completed in just over 14 months, faster than the original plan. This all proves that the people of Indonesia have adequate capabilities and technologies for the construction of roads and bridges over the sea.

Actual construction of the toll road above the sea also have to sacrifice our environment around it. Such as the destruction of mangrove forests through which the highway lane. Therefore, the construction had to sacrifice some mangrove land and to bring equipment into the sea, to go through the mangrove forests at this point.

However, it should be ignored, because if you want to get a good transportation system, we have to sacrifice a few things. As in the Development of the toll road, we had to sacrifice mangrove forests to obtain new transportation lines in the middle of dense population in Bali.

Bali Arts Festival 2013 themed Taksu

Barong Bali dance
Bali Arts Festival (PKB) which is routinely held every year in Bali, and is based in Denpasar, has now lasted as much as 34 times. And in 2013, the Bali Arts Festival is the art of the 35th parade. Program is an annual event that is held by the Provincial Government of Bali. With an aim to arouse the arts in Bali to stay awake and not extinct.

Bali Arts Festival (PKB) this year, the same as in previous years, followed by artists from all over Bali. In addition to artists from Bali, PKB activity was also attended by artists from various countries. Implementation is based in Denpasar, Denpasar Art Center. Held on 15 June to 13 July 2013.

This year, the Bali Arts Festival 2013 (PKB 2013) Taksu theme, the inspiration and charisma that were presented in the form of traditional art performances. Inspiration is always owned by Bali so as to realize everything has a value and usefulness for the benefit of human beings and the natural surroundings.

Taksu for the Balinese is the talent of a person to a work set forth in such form, art, sound, and so on, so as to produce a work that is very beneficial to many people. Taksu existence became a symbol of intellectual must dilimiki, maintained and developed. Therefore, the majesty Taksu proven upheld by the Balinese, with a place of worship at any shrine family, which is a tribute to God for giving out the knowledge and talent to man.

Bali Arts Festival event also serves a variety of traditional crafts and culinary Balinese people, who appear in many exhibition booths. Parean cloth, batik, jewelry, clothes, art, and other artistic performances.

In Bali Arts Festival performances (PKB 2013), a variety of exciting activities will enliven the event, among them the traditional Balinese dance performances, Balinese culinary exhibitions, such as chicken and duck and suckling pig and betutu lawar. The cuisine is traditional Balinese dishes are often presented in the daily life of the Balinese.

There are also a variety of competitions, fashion parades, flower exhibition, and exhibition of traditional handicrafts.

Monday, June 3, 2013

About Miss World 2013 in Indonesia

Miss World logo
Miss World is the oldest international beauty event in the world, which was founded in 1951 by Eric Morley, and the beginning was a bikini contest in the UK. Until now, the last in 2012, organizing the Miss World has been held 61 times, which was held in China's Inner Mongolia, in August 2012, with contestants who attended the event as many as 116 countries. And now, in 2013, Miss World will be held in Indonesia. So that their operations 62 times. Certainly there will be an increase in the number of contestants who participated. As a place to quarantine held in Bali. As for the final round was held in Jakarta.

Indonesia is a republic consisting of many islands, its capital city is Jakarta. Indonesia is located right in the middle of the equator, flanked by two continents, Asia and Australia. So it is a very strategic country. Has many tribes, languages, the diversity of traditions, arts and culture, with the fourth largest population in the world, and the country's largest Moslem population in the world. But Indonesia is not an Islamic state. Because it has art, culture, traditions and ethnically diverse, so the Indonesian state is very appropriate as a venue for international beauty contest, Miss World. Indonesia has the slogan "Bhineka Tunggal Ika" which means different ethnicity, religion, race, class, but all are one. Although many weaknesses, such as widespread corruption, law enforcement is very chaotic, many sects are often hard to do mischief, and terrorist threats that often occurs, as well as the rejection of a particular group. But the Indonesian government tried to anticipate any shortages to maintain the security of the Miss World 2013 event held in Indonesia.

Map of Indonesia, Venue for the Miss World 2013

Bali is a small province that is part of Indonesia. Bali is a small island with a myriad of beauty, culture, and art, as well as an ancient tradition that is still preserved by the Balinese. The majority of Balinese are Hindu, reaching 90%. Bali's main source of income for people in the tourism sector. The participants of Miss World 2013 will be quarantined in Bali, exactly in the tourist area of ​​Nusa Dua. Bali had been a terrorist target, with the huge bomb blast in 2002, in the Kuta area, and in 2005, in the area of ​​Jimbaran and Kuta. There are many people who died at that time, to reach hundreds of people. Bali's economy and result in a big hit to several years. So that the current Indonesian Police tightened security around the area in Bali, to ensure security Bali remains conducive to the Miss World 2013 event run smoothly.

Bali's tourism industry is supported by a very beautiful nature, tradition and culture is maintained, diverse art, the Balinese are very friendly and love peace. So that the committee chose Bali as a place of quarantine for beauty event Miss Wold 2013. A lot of infrastructure to be addressed by the government. Such improvements Ngurah Rai Airport, making highways on the sea, and making underpass to unravel congestion in the center of tourism in Kuta. It was all done to ensure the comfort and safety of the candidates from various countries who come to Bali to attend the Miss World 2013.

Location quarantine Miss World 2013 in Bali located in the tourist area of Nusa Dua. Precisely at the Westin Resort Nusa Dua Bali. Nusa Dua often held in an international event, because it's a comfortable, safe, and beautiful, and is a very suitable place for MICE. Nusa Dua location is also very close to the Ngurah Rai Airport. Nusa Dua also been linked with a highway built over the sea, linking international boat harbor, Benoa, and connect to Ngurah Rai Airport. So that the participants of Miss World 2013 will feel comfortable when they arrive at Ngurah Rai Airport heading Nusa Dua, where quarantine Miss World 2013. In Westin Resort Nusa Dua Bali the participants will be quarantined for a week.

Opening Ceremony location of Miss World 2013 is rumored to be done in Garuda Wisnu Kencara Bali (GWK). Quite location hugging the quarantine in place Nusa Dua. Garuda Wisnu Kencana is a large sculpture unfinished, which is located in an open park with limestone hills that have been laid out so neatly, so it looks very beautiful.

In addition, the participants of Miss World 2013 will also visit some very beautiful places in Bali. Places with great uniqueness and a touch of native culture in Bali. Places to be visited by the participants of Miss World 2013 is Besakih Temple, Tanah Lot Beach, and Kintami.

Besakih Temple Tanah Lot Beach
Kintamani Borobudur

The finalists of Miss World 2013 scheduled to visit several historic places in Indonesia. One of the places to be visited are Candi Borobudur, which is located in Jogjakarta. An area on the island of Java, which still maintain their native traditions and culture since time immemorial. Candi Borobudur is a Buddhist temple of the largest in the world. Never to be one of the seven wonders of the world for many years. But now Candi Borobudur no longer be one of the seven wonders of the modern world.

Sentul International Convention Center, venue for the grand final of Miss Wold 2013

The plan is the grand final of Miss Wold 2013 event will be held in Jakarta, on September 28, 2013, at the Sentul International Convention Center. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. Jakarta is a huge city. Located on the island of Java, which is the most populated island in the world. In Jakarta there is also a park and museum, in which there are various examples and miniature island, art, custom homes, historic sites, from various provinces in Indonesia. Jakarta as the center of Indonesia's economy, it deserves to be a venue for the grand final of the Miss World 2013. Although there are also many deficiencies that exist in Jakarta, such as traffic jams that are difficult to overcome, frequent flooding, air pollution, and crime.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ketut Liyer overwhelmed by tourists

Mr Ketut Liyer
Thanks to the novel and movie of Eat Pray Love, Mr. Ketut Liyer who long ago worked as a traditional medicine practitioner and painter, has now become very famous. Every day Mr Ketut Liyer serve tourists who visited him for divination, or just to meet and talk, or to take pictures with him. Activities and hobbies as a painter did not get it done. Because of the rush and the many guests who came to him. Also inseparable from the existing residence in Ubud, Gianyar, Bali.

Now, Ubud became very popular in the visit by foreign tourists. Popularity of Ubud today can not be separated from the background on the movie Eat Pray Love. What makes Ubud village and the people who are there to be famous, like Mr. Ketut Liyer. Every day the roads in Ubud has been overrun by foreign tourists. Because of hectic Ubud today, so it looks like a big city in the middle of the countryside is still green and lush.

Although each day the main road is always crowded with vehicles and pedestrians tourists, we can still enjoy the other side in Ubud is still beautiful, as befits a rural area. On the Suweta Street, central Ubud, and some other areas are still met with the residential stretch of rice fields that still have not been touched by any shops.

Ketut Liyer's houseMr. Ketut Liyer figure now very well known to various countries. Many tourists who come to Bali, deliberately taking the time to come to Ubud, Gianyar, and visited Mr. Ketut Liyer. For tourists who are in Bali, met with Mr. Ketut Liyer is a pride. Moreover, to meet and take pictures with him. Maybe it will be a memory that will be treasured for tourists who have visited Mr. Ketut Liyer, a character who never fill the story in a novel and the movie Eat Pray Love.

Style of Mr. Ketut Liyer each met with tourists, just like the one in the movie Eat Pray Love. Mr. Ketut Liyer every meet travelers who want predictable, definitely take the left hand that would be predicted. Then Mr. Liyer will read palms, and the most frequently mentioned to the lady tourists are marital problems or their soul mate. That is what most travelers make a happy and smiling with Mr. Ketut Liyer.

After popular through the book and movie Eat Pray Love promotion, involving his name, 98-year-old man was, visited by people. They hope to get the same thing, even more than what is found Elizabeth Gilbert. As in the novel and the movie Eat Pray Love.

Ketut Liyer nameplate
Previously, Elizabeth Gilbert writes that Mr Liyer is a large contribution in psychological recovery, until finally found the back the feeling of love. In fact, he was pretty desperate after becoming a widow, so it does not matter anymore to her appearance. Who later wrote the story of his life in into a novel, entitled Eat Pray Love, which include Mr. Ketut Liyer figures into it, as part of his trip in Bali.

Story in the novel was later made into a movie later, and the figure of Elizabeth Gilbert played by Julia Roberts. In order to find the feel and of course the figure of Mr. Liyer, location filming took place in Bali, of course, also at the home of Mr. Liyer. Unfortunately, Mr. Liyer when it failed to play a role in the movie. He was ill, and hospitalized, suffered due to bladder stones.

Every day, Mr. Ketut Liyer serve the tourists who visit him only a maximum of twenty-five people. That's because after he was hospitalized, his condition is not so strong. So guests who come to him should be limited to maintain their health. Every guest who visited and served him, he set an average tariff of Rp. 250.000 all services. So that day Mr Liyer can earn as much money as Rp. 6.250.000.

Mr. Ketut Liyer enjoys her profession as an astrologer and physician. But every guest who comes to him, he more frequently gives lectures and advice. He's happy if there are many people who come to him. Before becoming an astrologer, who makes known to the present, Mr. Liyer formerly worked as a physician. Treat people with herbs. Herb Balinese tradition, which is often used by the Balinese people since time immemorial.