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Wooden doll artisans in Bali

Wooden doll artisans in Bali

Wooden dolls are very famous Balinese uniqueness in various countries. Many foreign tourists who come to Bali to buy Balinese wooden doll, used to by-by. The specificity of this doll has a very high artistic value.

Sculpting culture in Bali, has been around since the first, long before the arrival of Indian priests, who brought into the Balinese Hindu religion, in the first century AD. Previously, a native Balinese beliefs of polytheism, the veneration of ancestors and the gods. Balinese people used to make statues for worship. When Hinduism came to Bali, then carving and sculpture culture is growing rapidly. Especially when the tourism industry forward.

Wooden doll-making center of Bali, in Bali, located in Gianyar regency. Gianyar is the center of arts and crafts in Bali. That's why hand-crafted wooden dolls are well known up to foreign countries. Gianyar regency long ago known as the art center.

Wooden puppet craftsmen in Gianyar, mostly located in the Sukawati. And the greatest craftsmen in the Kemenuh village. In the Kemenuh village almost every family made wooden dolls, but the type is stuffed duck.

Wooden doll Bali
Wooden puppet craftsmen in the Kemenuh village made to order. They are in order by the owner of the art store to make a doll in accordance with the order. They become craftsmen is not a major job. The main occupation of people in the Kemenuh village is a farmer.

Many processes that must be performed by artisans to make a wooden doll. Ranging from timber booking, as the manufacture of dolls, to painting. It can take up to one week to make a one hundred wooden dolls with small size. By using the power up to four people.

Energy used to make large-scale wooden dolls in one family. Usually the father role in the process of breaking wood and shaping wood into forms the basis of a puppet. Then his mother tasked doll sculpt into shapes as desired. Then his sons in charge of smoothing and painting the wooden doll.

Balinese Wooden doll
Previously, before the Bali bombings, the wooden puppet craftsmen, wood doll making is a very lucrative job. In fact, many small art shops emerged in Gianyar.

One of the villages in Bali, which is also famous wooden puppet craft is Mas village. Mas village is a village of art with a focus on the art of wood carving sculpture. Mas village located in the district of Ubud, Gianyar regency. Located approximately 15 km to the east of Denpasar

Mas village has a distinctive style in the art of carving wood sculptures that promote synergy characteristic humanism and naturalism. Fame this village, as the village of art, can not be separated from the greatness of the name of several Maistro who was born in this village, grew up, found the identity and have a talent for working wood carving sculpture.

Wooden doll artisans in Bali