Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bali Governor election 2013

Bali Governor election 2013
Today the people of Bali have elections to elect the governor of Bali. Bali governor that will lead up to the next five years. Approximately 2.9 million people of Bali today held five annual democracy activities, to the governor.

In the gubernatorial election of Bali today, there are two gubernatorial candidates chosen by the Balinese. Both gubernatorial candidates have very high electability. They are favored by the Balinese. At number one, is a candidate for governor who named Puspayoga, while the number two candidate for governor is the name Mangku Pastika. Puspayoga is a very well known Balinese. And Bali governor Mangku Pastika is a running back.

When today's gubernatorial election, the government set as a holiday. Government called on all departments, hotels, sertauran, bar, cafe, which employs many employees, to dismiss employees. It aims to provide to its employees to choose their governors want.

Both gubernatorial candidates have the same strong popularity. Those images that are equally good at the Balinese. Evident from the rapid calculation on television, fast calculation results show a very tight score. Does not vary much. Votes that both gubernatorial candidates Bali, close to 50% versus 50%. That means they are well-liked by the people of Bali

Anyone Bali next governor, hopefully he has a love for Bali is very high. No to corruption. Do not do things that can damage and destroy the culture of Bali.