Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kuta Beach Bali 2013

Kuta beach sunset, week of April 21, 2013

Kuta Bali is the area's tourism industry is very well known up to foreign countries. Even today Kuta has been referred to as an international city by the tourists. The name was given by the tourists who come to Bali. It is very inappropriate designation given to Kuta. Because in Kuta there are many tourists from various countries. Travelers from ASIA, Europe, Africa, America, all of them come to visit Bali and Kuta, which is very famous.

Kuta area is the most crowded in the coastal region, namely Kuta Beach, with white sand beaches, and waves that are well suited for surfing. Enjoy the sunset during the afternoon, while enjoying a drink very easily purchased in the area of Kuta beach.

On the day last week, I passed Kuta beach during the afternoon. It has been very long time I did not visit Kuta, although I live in Bali. For four years I have never visited Kuta beach. Day last week I had the opportunity to stop by. While taking a break after tired of driving a car on the road is very congested.

Kuta beach, week of April 21, 2013

Many changes occurred in Kuta, especially in the area of Legian, and Kuta Beach. Development and rejuvenation of the hotel, restaurant, sidewalk decorated and embellished. Many shops that repair the building, so it looks very interesting. Many also built a new hotel. Kuta so now more organized, but it is more crowded. As a result of ever-tang construction stalled by the investors and inflate.

The Government is also very concerned about the condition of roads and pavements in the area of Kuta beach. On the sidewalk that was very hot by the hot sun, the government made a shade planted with very beautiful. So it is very convenient to use sidewalks for pedestrians who cross it.

Walking in Kuta Beach Bali

Kuta beach area also looks well. Advanced about four years ago. Kuta beach area populated by small traders. So it looks very shabby and dirty. But this time the traders been laid out in such a way that lehis coastal areas clean and tidy.

In Kuta, especially in the area of Kuta beach, the parking area is very frustrating for the visitors. Visitors are having trouble finding the parking area of Kuta area, especially the area of Kuta beach. Not infrequently, many tourists have to park their vehicles far away from the beach. So that tourists have to walk very far to be heading to the beach. Unfortunately the government building parking area is too far from the beach, about two kilometers from the beach. So that the tourists who want to go to the beach to walk very far.

Street on Kuta Beach Bali

Across the Kuta beach, the north, many new hotel built by the developers. Inna Kuta Beach Hotel also has undergone changes in decor, more modern and elegant. The hotel formerly Bali architecture. But now more elegant and minimalist look.

A mole in front of Kuta beach became a place tourists been very interesting. Many reputable products offered in the mole. But the price is very expensive for local tourists.

Street on Kuta Beach Bali

While at Kuta beach, we could hire a bench to lie in the hot sun, while enjoying beverages are sold at the Kuta beach. For men who like to drink cold beer, the beer is very easy to find sellers Kuta beach area. Almost all merchants offering drink cold beer.

Beachwalk in Kuta Bali