Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Pre Wedding Photos

Balinese Pre wedding in Bali Museum

Pre wedding especially when shooting is very fun before the lovers married. Since the pre wedding photos will be a moment that will not be forgotten when the lovers are married.

In the near future I'll be holding a wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony was held by faith and religion and culture in Bali. I am Hindu and Balinese culture exist in my life. The Balinese have a culture that is very complicated, yet structured. I really feel it. I'm proud to be Balinese. Because of the culture that I live my life in Bali is very unique and full of philosophy.

Pre wedding in Bali MuseumMany things that I prepare before the wedding. Because the Balinese wedding procession began two months before the wedding ceremony. And one wedding procession in the Balinese are considered new is the pre-wedding photo shoot.

Pre wedding photo shoot I've done a week ago. I shot in Bali Museum. My girlfriend really liked the atmosphere at the Bali Museum. Because the atmosphere is very nuanced Bali. I love Bali, and lover too. The place is suitable for pre-wedding shooting for the nuances of Bali.

Into the pre-wedding photo shoot in Bali Museum, I took a makeup artist. Since morning I have been there, waiting photographers, I prepare clothing and wear. When I was there, a lot of people also do pre-wedding photo shoot. So I'm not alone. The atmosphere is even more enjoyable.

When I started taking pictures when shooting pre-wedding pictures, a lot of poses that I have to do. Guided by the photographer and his assistant. Tiring but fun. I had to repeat various poses to get a very good picture.

I'm taking pre-wedding photo shoot from morning 9.00 am, until noon precisely at 12.00 am. After that I moved the location. Pre wedding shooting then performed at Sanur beach.

Pre wedding photo shoot in Bali

Pre wedding photo shoot in Bali - Sanur Beach