Monday, February 18, 2013

Meteorites are favored by the Balinese

Meteorites are favored by the Balinese

The fall of the meteor in Russia on Friday, February 15, 2013, resulting in a lot of people injured. Around 1200 the Russians injured by a falling rubble damaged by vibrations caused by meteor. Meteor showers caused a fireball in a large region, and the pounding waves smashing windows and damaging a number of buildings. Racing with a speed of 30 kilometers per second, it looks lit up the sky, leaving a trail of long white that can be seen up to a distance of 200 kilometers. Weight meteor was about 10 tons, probably formed from iron, entered Earth's atmosphere and broke about 30-50 kilometers above the ground.

Meteor is the appearance of lines meteoroids fall into Earth's atmosphere, commonly called a shooting star. The appearance is caused by the heat generated by the air pressure when meteoroids enter the atmosphere. If a meteoroid does not burn out in the atmosphere on its way, and falling to the earth's surface, the rock is called a meteorite. Meteors hit the Earth will form a huge crater in the dam exceeds the size of the meteorite.

Upon entering the air, meteor burning can release fragments of the meteor that fell around the meteor's trajectory. Meteor shards of rock that fell to earth, and is also called a meteorite. The rocks can be found by the people know. Sometimes meteorite used as a private collection by some people who find it.

The Balinese love meteorites, especially for craftsmen knife and keris. Keris is a weapon shaped curve. Usually used by the Balinese. Keris is made with great care by the manufacturer, and made ​​no vain. Made from various types of metals. Since meteorites are composed of iron, the meteorite so hounded by the Balinese to be used into a Keris. Since meteorites are celestial bodies that fell to Earth, according to Balinese belief, meteorites have enormous energy, if used as a dagger.

Keris is made of meteorites, highly favored by the Balinese, especially by kings. King uses the keris as a symbol of power, glory, and dignity of a king. Keris made ​​from meteorites have very strong energy and has great religious value, based on the beliefs of the Balinese. That is why meteorites so hounded by the Balinese, especially the keris makers.

Keris made ​​from meteorites have a very high sale value, expensive, and highly sought after. Because it is made of rock and metal that fell from the sky. Meteorites if forged by keris makers, requires effort and time is very large. For stones that have been burned with a very high temperature in the atmosphere, has a structure that is very hard.

Chances are, the Balinese are very fond of keris and keris makers, will hunt meteorites that fell in Russia, used to be a dagger that has enormous energy.