Monday, February 4, 2013

March is the season of the Balinese wedding

Pre wedding photo shoot in Bali

Balinese wedding, determine good days, must be based on the calculation of the Balinese calendar. For the Balinese live and grow in the customs and culture that has been handed down by their ancestors. In the case of the determination of the Balinese weddings, it is advisable to use a reference to the Balinese calendar. And most weddings conducted in October and March.

Determination Balinese weddings is determined by the Balinese calendar because calculations using the Balinese calendar refers to the situation that occurred. Balinese wedding is often done by most of the people of Bali in October and March, because, in October is the rainy season, and in March is the season of flowering.

Balinese pre wedding
The month of October is the beginning of the rainy season, it is used as a good day for a wedding, with reasons, if the bride had been married, they will be ready to carry out activities to fulfill their lives. The month of October is the beginning of the rainy season. Any crop that is planted, it will definitely thrive. It was the capital to meet the needs of Balinese life. Because living in a marriage need food for survival.

While the best day to get married there in March. Because March is the end of the rainy season in Bali. And a berbungan season for plants, especially for fruit plants and any plant that can meet the needs of human life. If the bride has been married, their lives will be filled with segaka kinds of food that can be taken in nature. Bees produce more honey. Plant fruit will be a lot of fruit, so it will be able to sustain life.

This March, in the year 2013, many couples will be married. Seen so many couples who do a photo shoot before the wedding, which is often called a pre-wedding photo shoot. Pre wedding photo shoot is an activity before weddings. In Bali this activity is something very new, especially for Balinese Hindus. But today many couples who do pre-wedding photo shoot activity.

Balinese wedding ceremony
Yesterday, day of week, it's clear, so many couples do pre-wedding photo shoot. As in one of the most popular places in Bali for a pre-wedding photo shoot in Bali Museum. Yesterday was clear, so many couples there. There were about 20 couples getting married do pre-wedding photo shoot in Bali Museum.

However, not all couples getting married in March, perform weddings ceremonies on the same day. They are distinguished by a good day, yan calculated from the calculation of the birthday of both spouses. It was done by people who are experts. There is a formula to calculate the day either. Usually the calculation is done by religious or traditional leaders.

It was all done by the trust and confidence of each partner. With the ultimate goal of obtaining a better life in the future.