Saturday, February 16, 2013

Google now supports the Balinese language

Google now supports the Balinese language

The world's largest search engine, Google, is now present in the Balinese language. After launching Google page in Javanese language, Google is providing search results in Balinese.

On the home page Google Indonesia, the Balinese language, the search button yan has seen the Balinese language. It's strange to people who do not understand the language of Bali, but for the Balinese it is a great tribute by Google to Bali.

Since Friday, Google added a Balinese language as one of the language options on the page Google Indonesia. Internet users who visit can read texts in Balinese and Indonesian, Javanese, and English. Balinese language is the second regional languages ​​supported in Indonesia after the Java language to be used on the Google search page.

The process of translation into the language of the Balinese, is a collaboration between Google and Dwijendra Foundation, along The process that lasted from March to April 2012, involving 45 students and their linguist from the University of Udayana, Dwijenda Foundation and Language Center in Bali.

Although Balinese languages ​​available on Google's home page and search results page, but the Balinese language would not be one of the languages ​​in Google Translate.