Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Arak In Traditional Bali Ceremonies

Arak In Traditional Bali Ceremonies

Arak is an alcoholic beverage that has a very high alcohol content. Arak is very common in Bali. People all know Arak Bali. Children and adults know this beverage. Even women in Bali is very familiar with Arak.

Arak Bali is an alcoholic beverage when taken by humans in excess, can cause a hangover. And if taken too often, can damage human health. The young man loved Arak Bali. Because it is so easy to get a very cheap price.

In traditional religious rituals, Arak Bali is part of the ritual completeness. Arak Bali is needed in religious rituals in Bali. Because Arak Bali is symbolic of devils vices. Every religious ritual, which one has a purpose this part of the ritual to appease devils human environment, Arak Bali should be presented as a symbol of respect for human beings to the devil, for the devils does not interfere with human life. For the Balinese, devils really like Arak Bali, and other types of alcoholic menuman.

Arak In Traditional Bali Ceremonies
Rituals are most visible in the life of the Balinese ritual to welcome the day when Nyepi. The day before the celebration of Nyepi, the Balinese ritual of cleaning the environment from all forms of negative energy, including the devils. Use of Arak Bali very important role. The Balinese believe strongly devils like Arak. Typically, the use of Arak in ritual in Bali, equipped with various kinds of completeness supporters.

In addition to the celebration of Nyepi, Balinese Arak is also used in religious rituals of the Balinese, when the moon is not shining, or what is commonly referred to as "Tilem" by the Balinese. When tilem, earth at night would be very dark. That's when the devils come out. So that the devils do not bother humans, before the night, the Balinese ritual that uses Arak as one means.

In the use of Arak as a religious ritual in Bali, Arak on scatter around the offerings placed on the ground. Arak is not in use in the building of the temple, just stocking up on the ground. Because devil alive and living on earth, not side by side with the gods.

Women who are very involved in this ritual, women know when Arak dubutuhkan the ritual.