Sunday, February 24, 2013

Parade of ogoh-ogoh 2013, on March 11, 2013

Ogoh-ogoh 2013, the parade this year, in celebration of Nyepi, 2013, took place on March 11, 2013. Ogoh-ogoh 2013 parade this year heavy rain is likely to occur, because up to now in Bali frequent heavy rains. Thus, in the manufacture of ogoh-ogoh, should be done in a firm, protected from the rain, so ogoh-ogoh is not broken, before the stage in a parade of ogoh-ogoh in March next. Parade of ogoh-ogoh in Bali this year will take place on March 11, 2013. Simultaneously throughout Bali.

As has been ongoing since hundreds of years ago, ogoh-ogoh parade took place before the celebration of Nyepi. The Balinese often call the "Tilem Kesanga". "Tilem Kesanga" is a day, from the day before Nyepi. It is a calendar, based on the Balinese calendar. Today it is the end of the year according to the Balinese calendar calculations. Almost the same as other types of calendars. As held by the Chinese. And Nyepi is the last day of the year.

Ogoh-ogoh is a symbol of evil. The Balinese make ogoh-ogoh, then endured together by many people and paraded around the village. Ogoh-ogoh are made with a very large size by a group of youths. Usually made ​​with a form and manner that is very creepy. Which is a symbol of evil to be eliminated from the human self.

Ogoh-ogoh parade this year seems to be very festive. But also happens to be a tense and hot atmospheric between youth groups. Because in Bali gubernatorial election will take place. Bali governor that will lead up to five years. Normally, the parade ogoh-ogoh will serve as a platform for the campaign of gubernatorial candidate who will compete to lure people. Not uncommon in funding the manufacture of ogoh-ogoh, donated by supporters of a candidate for governor.

There are other concerns felt by ogoh-ogoh makers, rain. Rain is likely to occur in the month of March. Because the rainy season in Bali has not been completed to date. Fears and concerns about the rain is going to happen in March next perceived by ogoh-ogoh makers. Because rain which flushed the parade ogoh-ogoh, will damage the sculptures of ogoh-ogoh being paraded around the village. The damage will occur in the very face of ogoh-ogoh made of paper. Ogoh-ogoh are made ​​of sponge, it will absorb water, which can cause ogoh-ogoh become increasingly heavy for carry.

So whatever happens next, the parade took place, I suggest you come to watch the parade of ogoh-ogoh. For parade ogoh-ogoh is unique activities undertaken by the Balinese, who has been going every year, since hundreds of years ago in Bali. Come take part in ogoh-ogoh parade. You can contribute to the making of ogoh-ogoh, in return you will be given the opportunity to become members of the ogoh-ogoh parade.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Natural disasters landslides in Gitgit, Buleleng, Bali

Natural disasters landslides in Gitgit, Buleleng, Bali
Natural disasters landslides occurred on the 16th kilometer, the path connecting Denpasar and Buleleng regency. Landslides caused by continuous rains in Bali from yesterday until today, February 20, 2013. It rained almost flushed all over Bali. Heavy rains occurred in a mountainous area in the village of Gitgit.

Gitgit mostly clove plantation area. Pathways connecting Denpasar with Buleleng is a mountainous hills and cliffs that is very prone to landslides.

In natural disasters Gitgit landslide in the village, two people were found dead, and the main route connecting the north and south Bali Bali paralyzed. Long traffic jams ensued at this point. Related to the two killed were identified named Gede Merta (35), and Gede Muliawan (27) local residents. The accident occurred when the victims with local residents was cleaning barrow covering the main line was. However, he said, a sudden landslides aftershock struck the two young men Gitgit it.

Both residents were hit by an avalanche Buleleng resistant from a height of 10 meters. Both bodies were found buried in a ravine along the highway. Currently, the corpse is still in the stage of advanced evacuation at a local hospital.

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Korean man was robbed

A Korean citizen named Kim Seong Cheol, 42, robbed off near his home, at No. 82 Jalan Darmawangsa Kampial, South Kuta, Badung, Bali, Monday, February 18, 2013.

Robbers injure the victim with the sword, and then stole the car belonging to the victim. Victims were screaming for help heard by people around him. The robber then ambushed by the citizens, and beat the robber up badly injured. The robber was dying, and was taken to hospital for treatment.

The incident occurred around 3:00 am, when the victim parked his car in front of the point Susi Naruto, not far from where she lived. However, at that time the robbers were riding a motorcycle went straight to degan sword and threatened the victim to hand over the car. Kim Seong Cheol could fight, but because robbers hurt, victims overwhelmed. Eventually the car was taken away by the robbers.

Meteorites are favored by the Balinese

Meteorites are favored by the Balinese

The fall of the meteor in Russia on Friday, February 15, 2013, resulting in a lot of people injured. Around 1200 the Russians injured by a falling rubble damaged by vibrations caused by meteor. Meteor showers caused a fireball in a large region, and the pounding waves smashing windows and damaging a number of buildings. Racing with a speed of 30 kilometers per second, it looks lit up the sky, leaving a trail of long white that can be seen up to a distance of 200 kilometers. Weight meteor was about 10 tons, probably formed from iron, entered Earth's atmosphere and broke about 30-50 kilometers above the ground.

Meteor is the appearance of lines meteoroids fall into Earth's atmosphere, commonly called a shooting star. The appearance is caused by the heat generated by the air pressure when meteoroids enter the atmosphere. If a meteoroid does not burn out in the atmosphere on its way, and falling to the earth's surface, the rock is called a meteorite. Meteors hit the Earth will form a huge crater in the dam exceeds the size of the meteorite.

Upon entering the air, meteor burning can release fragments of the meteor that fell around the meteor's trajectory. Meteor shards of rock that fell to earth, and is also called a meteorite. The rocks can be found by the people know. Sometimes meteorite used as a private collection by some people who find it.

The Balinese love meteorites, especially for craftsmen knife and keris. Keris is a weapon shaped curve. Usually used by the Balinese. Keris is made with great care by the manufacturer, and made ​​no vain. Made from various types of metals. Since meteorites are composed of iron, the meteorite so hounded by the Balinese to be used into a Keris. Since meteorites are celestial bodies that fell to Earth, according to Balinese belief, meteorites have enormous energy, if used as a dagger.

Keris is made of meteorites, highly favored by the Balinese, especially by kings. King uses the keris as a symbol of power, glory, and dignity of a king. Keris made ​​from meteorites have very strong energy and has great religious value, based on the beliefs of the Balinese. That is why meteorites so hounded by the Balinese, especially the keris makers.

Keris made ​​from meteorites have a very high sale value, expensive, and highly sought after. Because it is made of rock and metal that fell from the sky. Meteorites if forged by keris makers, requires effort and time is very large. For stones that have been burned with a very high temperature in the atmosphere, has a structure that is very hard.

Chances are, the Balinese are very fond of keris and keris makers, will hunt meteorites that fell in Russia, used to be a dagger that has enormous energy.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Google now supports the Balinese language

Google now supports the Balinese language

The world's largest search engine, Google, is now present in the Balinese language. After launching Google page in Javanese language, Google is providing search results in Balinese.

On the home page Google Indonesia, the Balinese language, the search button yan has seen the Balinese language. It's strange to people who do not understand the language of Bali, but for the Balinese it is a great tribute by Google to Bali.

Since Friday, Google added a Balinese language as one of the language options on the page Google Indonesia. Internet users who visit can read texts in Balinese and Indonesian, Javanese, and English. Balinese language is the second regional languages ​​supported in Indonesia after the Java language to be used on the Google search page.

The process of translation into the language of the Balinese, is a collaboration between Google and Dwijendra Foundation, along The process that lasted from March to April 2012, involving 45 students and their linguist from the University of Udayana, Dwijenda Foundation and Language Center in Bali.

Although Balinese languages ​​available on Google's home page and search results page, but the Balinese language would not be one of the languages ​​in Google Translate.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Agricultural land conversion to residential in Bali

Agricultural land conversion to residential in Bali

Bali is an island of green with an abundance of natural charm that decorating. Many who adorn the mountain in the middle of the island, which is surrounded by a vast ocean beaches. Green rice field with terraced architecture. Very unique and beautiful to the eye, with regular farmers grow rice.

Balinese beginning life as a farmer. Balinese daily life as a farmer, growing rice and other agricultural commodities. Every region in the country, has an organization that regulates irrigation fields. Organizations in irrigation rice fields of Bali, called Subak.

Subak Bali has been around since people began to recognize the identity and acquire culture. Subak has been part of Balinese life long ago. All the villages in Bali have this organization. Because Subak organization is part of the life of the Balinese who make Bali remains safe and secure. Without Subak, Balinese people will live in a dispute, especially among farmers, who all have an interest in getting water separately.

But this time the existence of the Subak organization increasingly eroded. Subak organization's existence is closely associated with the presence of fields. The existence of fields is the beginning of the Subak. Without rice, Subak organization would be meaningless. Currently, many fields are converted into residential space. As currently reluctant farmers working their fields. Hard work is not comparable to the income earned. The farmers prefer to sell their rice fields, rather than pay the land tax is very high.

The housing developers vying for profits from the sale of land by farmers. Developers utilizing the conditions for farmers to seize their farms just for their personal interests. They never care about the continuity of Balinese food. Because people desperately need food to live.

The government seemed blind eye to this incident. Corruption and bribes blind the eyes of the government to sustain the farm. The government only look great reward as a bribe given by the developer.

Parliament whose main task is to control the running of the government as it could not withstand the turmoil. No doubt anymore, Parliament engaged in bribery by the developer. The grounds for economic growth, the parliament and the government was willing to bet the farm land to be used as residential areas. When in fact there are many areas that are very layat and better used for new residential areas.

21 hotels prepared for participants of the APEC 2013 Summit in Bali

21 hotels prepared for participants of the APEC 2013 Summit in Bali
Badung regency government, as the district which hosts the APEC Summit, have prepared accommodation for the deledasi from various countries, as many as 21 hotels. The hotel will be occupied by the 21 participants of the APEC heads of state and their delegations. The plan with the head of each state delegation would be placed in the same hotel. One hotel for one country.

The hotel was spread across three locations, in Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa and Jimbaran, which is located near the APEC venue. APEC 2013 Summit scheduled to be held in Nusa Dua area.

Not yet known name that will be used to stay the APEC participants. It was suppressed by the organizing committee. Possible to maintain the security of the guests who will stay.

Bali police have been preparing personnel to secure the APEC 2013 Summit. Police used security standards Bali remains appropriate security procedures are heads of state who have often come to Bali.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Pre Wedding Photos

Balinese Pre wedding in Bali Museum

Pre wedding especially when shooting is very fun before the lovers married. Since the pre wedding photos will be a moment that will not be forgotten when the lovers are married.

In the near future I'll be holding a wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony was held by faith and religion and culture in Bali. I am Hindu and Balinese culture exist in my life. The Balinese have a culture that is very complicated, yet structured. I really feel it. I'm proud to be Balinese. Because of the culture that I live my life in Bali is very unique and full of philosophy.

Pre wedding in Bali MuseumMany things that I prepare before the wedding. Because the Balinese wedding procession began two months before the wedding ceremony. And one wedding procession in the Balinese are considered new is the pre-wedding photo shoot.

Pre wedding photo shoot I've done a week ago. I shot in Bali Museum. My girlfriend really liked the atmosphere at the Bali Museum. Because the atmosphere is very nuanced Bali. I love Bali, and lover too. The place is suitable for pre-wedding shooting for the nuances of Bali.

Into the pre-wedding photo shoot in Bali Museum, I took a makeup artist. Since morning I have been there, waiting photographers, I prepare clothing and wear. When I was there, a lot of people also do pre-wedding photo shoot. So I'm not alone. The atmosphere is even more enjoyable.

When I started taking pictures when shooting pre-wedding pictures, a lot of poses that I have to do. Guided by the photographer and his assistant. Tiring but fun. I had to repeat various poses to get a very good picture.

I'm taking pre-wedding photo shoot from morning 9.00 am, until noon precisely at 12.00 am. After that I moved the location. Pre wedding shooting then performed at Sanur beach.

Pre wedding photo shoot in Bali

Pre wedding photo shoot in Bali - Sanur Beach

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Arak In Traditional Bali Ceremonies

Arak In Traditional Bali Ceremonies

Arak is an alcoholic beverage that has a very high alcohol content. Arak is very common in Bali. People all know Arak Bali. Children and adults know this beverage. Even women in Bali is very familiar with Arak.

Arak Bali is an alcoholic beverage when taken by humans in excess, can cause a hangover. And if taken too often, can damage human health. The young man loved Arak Bali. Because it is so easy to get a very cheap price.

In traditional religious rituals, Arak Bali is part of the ritual completeness. Arak Bali is needed in religious rituals in Bali. Because Arak Bali is symbolic of devils vices. Every religious ritual, which one has a purpose this part of the ritual to appease devils human environment, Arak Bali should be presented as a symbol of respect for human beings to the devil, for the devils does not interfere with human life. For the Balinese, devils really like Arak Bali, and other types of alcoholic menuman.

Arak In Traditional Bali Ceremonies
Rituals are most visible in the life of the Balinese ritual to welcome the day when Nyepi. The day before the celebration of Nyepi, the Balinese ritual of cleaning the environment from all forms of negative energy, including the devils. Use of Arak Bali very important role. The Balinese believe strongly devils like Arak. Typically, the use of Arak in ritual in Bali, equipped with various kinds of completeness supporters.

In addition to the celebration of Nyepi, Balinese Arak is also used in religious rituals of the Balinese, when the moon is not shining, or what is commonly referred to as "Tilem" by the Balinese. When tilem, earth at night would be very dark. That's when the devils come out. So that the devils do not bother humans, before the night, the Balinese ritual that uses Arak as one means.

In the use of Arak as a religious ritual in Bali, Arak on scatter around the offerings placed on the ground. Arak is not in use in the building of the temple, just stocking up on the ground. Because devil alive and living on earth, not side by side with the gods.

Women who are very involved in this ritual, women know when Arak dubutuhkan the ritual.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Bali ranked the top ten romantic island in the world

Bali island
Bali received a designation in the 10 most romantic island in the world. As reported by CNN, on Friday, January 25, 2013. The readers of Travel+Leisure, placing the island of Bali in the 10th, as the most romantic island in the world. The attraction of the island of Bali has managed to invite foreign and domestic tourists to travel to Bali. Because many of the island there is a very beautiful and enjoyable.

From the title, it can already be seen and imagined, that Balu island has been known by everyone in the world, as the island is a beautiful and interesting place to visit. Those who participated in the poll was likely knew the island of Bali.

Ten most romantic island in the world:
1. Bora-Bora Island, in Polynesia, Pranis
2. Island of Capri, Italy
3. Santorini Island in Greece
4. Kauai Island, Hawaii
5. Boracay Island, the Philippines
6. Maldives Island, Indian Ocean
7. Maui Island in Hawaii
8. Moora Island, in Tahiti
9. Vieques Island, Puerto Rico
10. Bali Island, Indonesia

Bali received the title as the island of romance, possibly also due to be out of the movie Eat Pray Love, which takes setting in Bali. More and highlight the romance was over the top Hollywood star, Julia Roberts, playing in the movie 'Eat, Pray, Love' featuring romance Padang-Padang beach in Bali.

Bora-Bora Island in French Polynesia, French, took first place in the world's most romantic island. Bora-Bora Island selected as the most romantic island in the world because of the charm that is difficult to surpass the other islands.

The island is located near Mount Mount Otemanu, Polynesia, French is considered the most suitable place for making love with your spouse. The island boasts a romantic landscape with small motus, yanng beautiful coral reefs and marine life swirl colorful.

One of the most romantic owned Bora-Bora island that nobody else is a palm tree that says 'Marry me' on the seaside. Rows of beautiful bungalow with mountain views complement the romance of the island.

But If still ranks bottom of the island of Boracay. That means the island of Bali is no better than the island of Boracay in the Philippines. The beauty and serenity of Bali, Boracay beat. Admittedly island now very visible and crowded slums.

March is the season of the Balinese wedding

Pre wedding photo shoot in Bali

Balinese wedding, determine good days, must be based on the calculation of the Balinese calendar. For the Balinese live and grow in the customs and culture that has been handed down by their ancestors. In the case of the determination of the Balinese weddings, it is advisable to use a reference to the Balinese calendar. And most weddings conducted in October and March.

Determination Balinese weddings is determined by the Balinese calendar because calculations using the Balinese calendar refers to the situation that occurred. Balinese wedding is often done by most of the people of Bali in October and March, because, in October is the rainy season, and in March is the season of flowering.

Balinese pre wedding
The month of October is the beginning of the rainy season, it is used as a good day for a wedding, with reasons, if the bride had been married, they will be ready to carry out activities to fulfill their lives. The month of October is the beginning of the rainy season. Any crop that is planted, it will definitely thrive. It was the capital to meet the needs of Balinese life. Because living in a marriage need food for survival.

While the best day to get married there in March. Because March is the end of the rainy season in Bali. And a berbungan season for plants, especially for fruit plants and any plant that can meet the needs of human life. If the bride has been married, their lives will be filled with segaka kinds of food that can be taken in nature. Bees produce more honey. Plant fruit will be a lot of fruit, so it will be able to sustain life.

This March, in the year 2013, many couples will be married. Seen so many couples who do a photo shoot before the wedding, which is often called a pre-wedding photo shoot. Pre wedding photo shoot is an activity before weddings. In Bali this activity is something very new, especially for Balinese Hindus. But today many couples who do pre-wedding photo shoot activity.

Balinese wedding ceremony
Yesterday, day of week, it's clear, so many couples do pre-wedding photo shoot. As in one of the most popular places in Bali for a pre-wedding photo shoot in Bali Museum. Yesterday was clear, so many couples there. There were about 20 couples getting married do pre-wedding photo shoot in Bali Museum.

However, not all couples getting married in March, perform weddings ceremonies on the same day. They are distinguished by a good day, yan calculated from the calculation of the birthday of both spouses. It was done by people who are experts. There is a formula to calculate the day either. Usually the calculation is done by religious or traditional leaders.

It was all done by the trust and confidence of each partner. With the ultimate goal of obtaining a better life in the future.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Ogoh-Ogoh 2013

Ogong-ogoh parade in Bali

Ogoh-ogoh are made by the people of Bali once a year. Usually created as a celebration of Nyepi sequence, which is a celebration of the turn of the year based on the Balinese calendar. And in the year 2013, the ogoh-ogoh will be staged in March 2013. Ogoh-ogoh 2013, is expected to be a parade filled with shades of tension. Therefore, the parade of ogoh-ogoh 2013 adjacent to the democratic party in Bali. The party was a democratic election of the governor of Bali, which is filled with political overtones.

Ogoh-ogoh in Bali on parade
Bali governor election, will be held in May 2013. From now on political overtones in many areas in Bali has been felt. It will affect the celebration of Nyepi in Bali, especially in performances of ogoh-ogoh parade 2013. Therefore, as in previous years, every celebration of Nyepi adjacent to the gubernatorial days, tensions in the community is very pronounced. So the effect on activity and performance preparation ogoh-ogoh parade.

Previously, every celebration of Nyepi close to the election, hold a parade of ogoh-ogoh forbidden. The government reasoned, ogoh-ogoh parade may lead to conflict between earga and groups that make ogoh-ogoh. Because, often in the making of ogoh-ogoh sponsored by political leaders. With the aim of ogoh-ogoh makers promote political figures. Sometimes within each group ogoh-ogoh makers sponsored by different political figures and competing. By not directly, it will be a competition between the groups ogoh-ogoh makers, which can lead to conflict between residents.

In the ogoh-ogoh parade which will take place in March 2013, there is no appeal from the government not to hold the parade ogoh-ogoh in society. Meanwhile, making ogoh-ogoh are prepared from now. Preparation of the earliest in the making of ogoh-ogoh is fundraising. If the making of ogoh-ogoh ban enacted by the government, there will be a loss maker among the ogoh-ogoh.

Ogoh-ogoh and chlidrens
Each year, the number of groups ogoh-ogoh makers continue to multiply. Along with the number of population increased. Previously, the ogoh-ogoh makers are divided by country. Due to the great interest in youth to make ogoh-ogoh, the making of ogoh-ogoh divided by the hamlet. But the making of ogoh-ogoh now be done by anyone, by any group. As long as they have enough members, as well as adequate capital. Even the children were currently involved make ogoh-ogoh, and join in the parade ogoh-ogoh is often done by teenagers and adults.

Currently parade ogoh-ogoh is the more the merrier. All people participate in the parade. From children to adults and the elderly, all enliven the parade ogoh-ogoh. An estimated 2013 ogoh-ogoh parade will be very crowded and lively. However, concerns arise among the makers of ogoh-ogoh. Because now is the rainy season. Most of the ogoh-ogoh made ​​with paper and sponge. If the ogoh-ogoh are made ​​of wet paper, ogoh-ogoh likely be destroyed during the parade took place. And if the ogoh-ogoh are made ​​of sponge exposed to rain, the ogoh-ogoh parade will be hit as hard.

Hopefully there is no appeal from the government banned the manufacture of ogoh-ogoh, as well as current weather lasts ogoh-ogoh parade 2013 bright future and support.