Friday, January 4, 2013

Robbers stab a man from Australia in a villa

Bali is increasingly insecure. In the morning, around 2am, a tourist from Australia, was stabbed by a robber, in his villa, Villa Chloe, Jalan Pantai Brawa, Gang Bisma, North Kuta district, while trying to protect his family from robbery attacks. Residents of Australia was severely wounded, he was a man named Paul Gill (42), was stabbed several times and suffered serious injuries, while trying to protect his wife and two children of the two robbers.

The robber allegedly totaled more than two people. They went to the villa at around 2 am, about to loot valuables. However, their action was caught by the victim, when there was a commotion at the villa, when robbers tried to take things in the villa, resulting in resistance, and the victim was hit by a puncture.

Mr. Paul Gill hit a puncture in the neck, shoulders and back, and the nose. The victim was taken to the Bali International Medical Center. Known to the victim in critical condition and had emergency surgery. But other reports said he was in stable condition.

Victims rent a villa for a vacation in Bali with his wife and two children. Police are still pursuing the perpetrators and investigate crimes.