Monday, January 7, 2013

Mesangih in Bali

Balinese gilrs mesangih in Bali
Mesangih by two Balinese girls. Balinese girl with a happy smile and charming. In the photo seen two girls with a charming smile happily. Them in religious ceremonies, Mesangih. In the photo they look happy, after successfully undergoing a religious ritual.

There are other words that have the same meaning as the word of Mesangih. Words that have the same meaning is Mepandes and Metatah. Both words have the same meaning as the Mesangih. And often pronounced differently by the Balinese.

Mesangih is a ritual that must be undergone by every teenager in Bali. Mesangih is a procession of cutting teeth, which aims to eliminate the evil qualities in a person. Properties of evil is symbolized by the long fangs in one's teeth. Canines were to be eliminated. Eliminating fangs cut manner, accompanied by a procession of religious ceremonies.

Mesangih procession is a one-time activity for life. Before the man dies, a man who has grown up to undergo mesangih procession. If a person dies before mesangih, the mesangih procession done before the bodies were burned.

I too have undergone mesangih procession. Responsibility for implementation of Mesangih, there are the parents. Parents are required to perform this ceremony for his son. Because it is their responsibility. If not, parents still have a debt to be paid to his son.

Mesangih in Bali

Currently, conducting mesangih, requires a very large cost. Unlike the past, when unity remains a priority in the lives of the Balinese. But this time together has faded. The nature of the higher materialism among the Balinese. Thus, in conducting any activity in Bali, requires a very large cost. Since all be purchased with money.

Procession of mesangih often done better by the day based on Balinese calendar. If you obtained a good calendar, the procession mesangih usually conducted simultaneously throughout Bali. Just a good day for a wedding in Bali. A good day is determined by the Balinese calendar.

Metatah/Mesangih in Bali

Before making a mesangih procession, each person who will undergo this procession must prepare mentally, spiritual strength, physical. To avoid bad things in the implementation of mesangih. Since going through a lot of bad things when people will do the procession of mesangih.

Disorders often than diatribe, invective, hearing bad words, even the devils are common disorders. Jam against evil spirits in the procession mesangih, no interference from other people who had knowledge of black betel. The wicked will always disrupt the procession of mesangih. There are even events that resulted in the death of the teenager who menjani procession a mesangih.

Mesangih procession in Bali