Thursday, January 3, 2013

APEC Summit 2013, Bali Indonesia

APEC Summit 2013 Logo
APEC Summit 2013, Indonesia hosted, and was selected as the venue for the island of Bali. Bali was chosen as the venue for the APEC Summit 2013, because Bali has successfully held many international-class performances. With the support of the security on the island, and the people of Bali are always maintaining the security area of ​​the various conflicts, led to a successful Bali has always held a variety of events.

Implementation of the APEC Summit 2013 aims to promote investment in infrastructure, empowering groups that have significant growth potential for economic development, such as small and medium enterprises, women and farmers, and ensure that the international market is always open to Indonesia.

Bali is a small island with the tourism industry as the main economic income. Bali is an Indonesian provinces of the country. Most Balinese Hindus, Hindu Bali. The Balinese live with grasping the concept of unity, the concept that we are all brothers. With that concept, so that Bali can avoid conflicts and provocation that could threaten the security of Bali.

Each held a variety of international activities, security is an absolute that must be met. Security in Bali are very favorable in Indonesia, so Bali was chosen as the place was held APEC Summit 2013, with Indonesia as the host. And support of the people of Bali who have an open attitude towards every single show, for better survival.

As the host, the Indonesian government did a lot of preparation, to smooth the APEC Summit 2013 which will be held in Bali on 5-7 October 2013. Bali as a world-famous tourist destination, and the population was increasing, resulting in Bali is becoming increasingly crowded. Seen on various roads in Bali, frequent traffic jams. Therefore, the Indonesian government to build a flyover and underpass, to unravel congestion, so that the implementation of the APEC Summit 2013 runs smoothly.

In addition to building the overpass and underpass, the Indonesian government also make improvements and expansion at Ngurah Rai airport. Settling airport infrastructure, expansion of the parking area, as well as increased security. Because the airport is the main gateway of the delegates attending the APEC Summit 2013 in Bali.

Development of Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali, completed in June 2013. Before the implementation of the APEC Summit 2013 on 5-7 October. There are three packages in the airport Ngurah Rai development, namely, the first work package is the construction of temporary parking areas, permanent access roads, temporary toll booths, shelter and corridors, and building international cargo. The second work package, including integrated building, the parking, the school, promenade, and aero food catering service. Then, the third work package, the construction of the international terminal.

Indonesian Foreign Minister, Marty Natalegawa, has officially introduced the APEC logo Indonesia 2013 in Jakarta, Friday, December 7, 2012. APEC 2013 logo symbolizes the dynamism and increasing economic development in the Asia Pacific region. Inspired from bamboo, a symbol of resistance, strength, and flexibility, with a curved trunk when strong winds blew, but with soaring gracefully back upright when the wind died down. The straight line represents the accumulated 21 APEC member countries, who are committed to working closely together in determining the direction of regional economic integration, while straightening curves symbolize the need to promote global economic growth.