Monday, January 7, 2013

Fragile bridge made ​​of bamboo in Beratan lake

Fragile bridge made ​​of bamboo in Beratan lake Bali

Beratan Lake is located in Bedugul, Tabanan regency, Bali. Beratan is the most beautiful lake in Bali. It is very easy to reach, so the lake is heavily frequented by tourists. Beratan Lake is often used as a haven by people crossing the street in Bedugul.

Fragile bridge made ​​of bamboo in Beratan lake Bedugul BaliMost of the area is managed by a private Beratan  lake. A beautiful view is managed by the private sector to contribute to the government. However, management is only concerned with profits only, ignoring all the facilities and the environment. Means of supporting tourism Bedugul area is adequate, but the condition is already very old, all the parties concerned. Especially in the safety of the tourists.

One means of tourism in the area is Beratan Lake bridge where the boat rests. Boats are often hired by travelers to circumnavigate the lake. The bridge was made ​​of wood and bamboo. The bridge is very old bersusia. So kondisnya very weathered, and very fragile. Not fit for use as a bridge, even a dock.

The management has to know the condition of the bridge is not worth it. But they do not care about the safety of travelers who use it jembratan. They just put up a warning message. Warning messages on the bridge reads, "A maximum of five people." Message and even then not deliver something that can happen if exceeds capacity.

Beratan Lake Bedugul Bali
Safety is very important for everyone. Especially tourists visiting Bedugul. To maintain a good image of Bali tourism. But the condition of the bridge is very fragile in Beratan, have tarnished the image of tourism in Bali.

Yesterday, two teenagers who come bari Tuban regency, East Java, were drowned while on vacation at Lake Beratan, Bedugul, Bali. They sank on Saturday, January 6, 2012.

The incident began when the victim along with ten colleagues, photographed on the bridge at the dock II lake, located in Bedugul area, Candikuning village, Baturiti district, Tabanan regency, at around 6.30 pm.

Due to the weight of 12 people, the bridge is made of wood and bamboo collapsed, so they are plunged into a lake depth of 22 meters.

Ten teenagers managed to save themselves heading to the shore, while the two teenagers drowned and lost in the vortex of the lake.

This incident greatly tarnished the good image of Bali tourism.