Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jorge Lorenzo wanted to marry a Balinese girl

Stateless nationality Spanish rider Jorge Lorenzo, said very much interested to be a tourism ambassador for the island of Bali. In addition, he also dreamed of marrying a local girl Bali. It was delivered yesterday on Wednesday, January 30, 2013, when he was Lorenzo's Land flag on Kuta.

Lorenzo said he would promote if believed by the government of Bali in Indonesia. It was going to do because he believed that the island of Bali is a beautiful and fascinating. It was uttered during a news reporter in Kuta Bali, on Wednesday.

Lorenzo also said that soon after his retirement from motor racing, want to stay in Bali, which is the island he loves. His love for the island looks when he came to Indonesia always took time to stop in Bali.

According to him, the island of Bali is a very enchanting. In fact, Lorenzo termed as the paradise of Bali. In fact, he also suggested that anyone should come to Bali.

Lorenzo also had expressed a desire to have a villa in Bali. Only, he is not currently the right time for him to think to purchase a villa or property. Lorenso said he was happy to stay in Bali.

Lorenzo in Bali for a holiday

Jorge Lorenzo came to Bali on Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Jorge Lorenzo came to Bali on Wednesday, January 30, 2013. Riders in MotoGP who has seven time world champion, chose Bali as a holiday. Jorge Lorenzo put Bali on the map Lorenzo's Land, in his visit to the island of Bali. He marked the island as Lorenzo's Land raising of the flag by Lorenzo's Land, on the main stage were prepared by Yamaha, at Beach Walk  Kuta.

Lorenzo chose Bali as Lorenzo's Land, because he liked very much like the island of Bali.

Lorenzo was very happy to come back to Bali. According to him, Bali is a place that is similar to the Mallorca (the birthplace of Lorenzo). Bali is a paradise for him, and always fun in Bali. Lorenzo proud to be invited again by Yamaha to Bali. For Lorenzo, Indonesia is the second country for him. He said that he had retired, he would spend a lot of time in Indonesia, and of course in Bali.

Many of the activities performed by Lorenzo in Bali. Primarily related to a motorcycle that invited him to Bali. Very clearly visible, when their activities come to Bali not only for a vacation alone. But it is also a promotional event conducted by pihat from Yamaha.

Yamaha is a motorcycle company from Japan. Yamaha is a sponsor that provides mounts to Jorge Lorenzo in motorcycle racing, MotoGP. Yamaha motorcycle products ranked second, as a product-selling motorcycle in Indonesia. And Indonesia is a country with a population that uses the world's largest motorcycle.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Arak Bali get a lot of casualties

Arak Bali mixed with methanol
Arak Bali is a very high alcohol content drinks. Made from fruit distillery. Which is very much an alcoholic beverage made ​​traditionally in the Karangasem regency, Bali. And many drunk by the Balinese, as a drink to celebrate and relax.

But this time Arak Bali lot can be sold in pristine condition. Arak Bali on the market, many of which have been mixed with certain fluids, to gain a huge advantage. Ordinary Arak Bali mixed with water and liquid hazardous to add thermal effects at Arak. Dangerous fluids are often used to mix Arak Bali is methanol.

Since it is very popular and is in demand in the market, especially in Bali, Bali Arak currently very poor quality. Most likely Arak Bali before it reaches the buyer, have been mixed before. Arak mixing with hazardous liquids, such as methanol, is very detrimental to consumers. It is very dangerous to the human body. It can even lead to physical disability, and death.

Last year to this year, Arak Bali has been awarded many victims. Tourists teenagers from Australia, Liam Davies (19), died on Sunday, January 6, 2013, after poisoned by Arak. Liam Davies drink Arak when celebrating the New Year in a bar, on the island of Lombok. After drinking Arak, Mr. Davies became ill. Then he brought Australia, but died while being treated in hospital.

Last year, a 18-year-old tourist, suddenly blind after drinking Arak Bali. So also in September 2011, when a native Perth rugby player, died after drinking Arak Bali mixed with methanol.

Of the many cases, the Australian Health Authority warns of the risk of poisoning when drinking Arak Bali to the tourists. Australian Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, said it would make "serious representations" in Indonesia regarding beverage distribution arrangements in tourist areas.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Mesangih in Bali

Balinese gilrs mesangih in Bali
Mesangih by two Balinese girls. Balinese girl with a happy smile and charming. In the photo seen two girls with a charming smile happily. Them in religious ceremonies, Mesangih. In the photo they look happy, after successfully undergoing a religious ritual.

There are other words that have the same meaning as the word of Mesangih. Words that have the same meaning is Mepandes and Metatah. Both words have the same meaning as the Mesangih. And often pronounced differently by the Balinese.

Mesangih is a ritual that must be undergone by every teenager in Bali. Mesangih is a procession of cutting teeth, which aims to eliminate the evil qualities in a person. Properties of evil is symbolized by the long fangs in one's teeth. Canines were to be eliminated. Eliminating fangs cut manner, accompanied by a procession of religious ceremonies.

Mesangih procession is a one-time activity for life. Before the man dies, a man who has grown up to undergo mesangih procession. If a person dies before mesangih, the mesangih procession done before the bodies were burned.

I too have undergone mesangih procession. Responsibility for implementation of Mesangih, there are the parents. Parents are required to perform this ceremony for his son. Because it is their responsibility. If not, parents still have a debt to be paid to his son.

Mesangih in Bali

Currently, conducting mesangih, requires a very large cost. Unlike the past, when unity remains a priority in the lives of the Balinese. But this time together has faded. The nature of the higher materialism among the Balinese. Thus, in conducting any activity in Bali, requires a very large cost. Since all be purchased with money.

Procession of mesangih often done better by the day based on Balinese calendar. If you obtained a good calendar, the procession mesangih usually conducted simultaneously throughout Bali. Just a good day for a wedding in Bali. A good day is determined by the Balinese calendar.

Metatah/Mesangih in Bali

Before making a mesangih procession, each person who will undergo this procession must prepare mentally, spiritual strength, physical. To avoid bad things in the implementation of mesangih. Since going through a lot of bad things when people will do the procession of mesangih.

Disorders often than diatribe, invective, hearing bad words, even the devils are common disorders. Jam against evil spirits in the procession mesangih, no interference from other people who had knowledge of black betel. The wicked will always disrupt the procession of mesangih. There are even events that resulted in the death of the teenager who menjani procession a mesangih.

Mesangih procession in Bali

Fragile bridge made ​​of bamboo in Beratan lake

Fragile bridge made ​​of bamboo in Beratan lake Bali

Beratan Lake is located in Bedugul, Tabanan regency, Bali. Beratan is the most beautiful lake in Bali. It is very easy to reach, so the lake is heavily frequented by tourists. Beratan Lake is often used as a haven by people crossing the street in Bedugul.

Fragile bridge made ​​of bamboo in Beratan lake Bedugul BaliMost of the area is managed by a private Beratan  lake. A beautiful view is managed by the private sector to contribute to the government. However, management is only concerned with profits only, ignoring all the facilities and the environment. Means of supporting tourism Bedugul area is adequate, but the condition is already very old, all the parties concerned. Especially in the safety of the tourists.

One means of tourism in the area is Beratan Lake bridge where the boat rests. Boats are often hired by travelers to circumnavigate the lake. The bridge was made ​​of wood and bamboo. The bridge is very old bersusia. So kondisnya very weathered, and very fragile. Not fit for use as a bridge, even a dock.

The management has to know the condition of the bridge is not worth it. But they do not care about the safety of travelers who use it jembratan. They just put up a warning message. Warning messages on the bridge reads, "A maximum of five people." Message and even then not deliver something that can happen if exceeds capacity.

Beratan Lake Bedugul Bali
Safety is very important for everyone. Especially tourists visiting Bedugul. To maintain a good image of Bali tourism. But the condition of the bridge is very fragile in Beratan, have tarnished the image of tourism in Bali.

Yesterday, two teenagers who come bari Tuban regency, East Java, were drowned while on vacation at Lake Beratan, Bedugul, Bali. They sank on Saturday, January 6, 2012.

The incident began when the victim along with ten colleagues, photographed on the bridge at the dock II lake, located in Bedugul area, Candikuning village, Baturiti district, Tabanan regency, at around 6.30 pm.

Due to the weight of 12 people, the bridge is made of wood and bamboo collapsed, so they are plunged into a lake depth of 22 meters.

Ten teenagers managed to save themselves heading to the shore, while the two teenagers drowned and lost in the vortex of the lake.

This incident greatly tarnished the good image of Bali tourism.

Friday, January 4, 2013

According to police, Mrs. Denni North drowned

Bali there are today many journalists from Australia, who came to cover the death of North Denni (33) on the last Sunday.

Until this Friday, because surely the death of Mrs. Denni North is not yet known. Police have said that no drugs or violence element. Police said Mrs. Denni likely died from drowning in the pool area.

The family of Mrs. Denni North refused if the body was autopsied. The body of Mrs. Denni North is expected to be brought back to Australia on Saturday.

Robbers stab a man from Australia in a villa

Bali is increasingly insecure. In the morning, around 2am, a tourist from Australia, was stabbed by a robber, in his villa, Villa Chloe, Jalan Pantai Brawa, Gang Bisma, North Kuta district, while trying to protect his family from robbery attacks. Residents of Australia was severely wounded, he was a man named Paul Gill (42), was stabbed several times and suffered serious injuries, while trying to protect his wife and two children of the two robbers.

The robber allegedly totaled more than two people. They went to the villa at around 2 am, about to loot valuables. However, their action was caught by the victim, when there was a commotion at the villa, when robbers tried to take things in the villa, resulting in resistance, and the victim was hit by a puncture.

Mr. Paul Gill hit a puncture in the neck, shoulders and back, and the nose. The victim was taken to the Bali International Medical Center. Known to the victim in critical condition and had emergency surgery. But other reports said he was in stable condition.

Victims rent a villa for a vacation in Bali with his wife and two children. Police are still pursuing the perpetrators and investigate crimes.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bali in 2013 this all day rain

Bali in 2013 this all day rain

Bali in 2013 this all day rain. Chance has always covered the sky. Have not seen since the beginning of the brightness of the new year 2013. There is only wet all day. So that people become lazy to travel out of the house, except to work.

Since the beginning of the new year 2013, Bali has never experienced weather. Sunny weather to warm people in Bali. Everywhere there is rain in Bali. Lucky unprecedented floods. Usually in the rainy season like now, some areas in Bali floods. Lucky this time there are no floods soak.

Today, in 2013, the most festive are farmers. The farmers started the new year by planting rice. The rainy season is a blessing for farmers in Bali. But sometimes it can be a disaster, if the rain is too heavy, and caused flooding in rice fields.

Most people do not like these conditions is the tourism industry, as well as the tourists who were vacationing in Bali. They will be severely disrupted and hampered its activities to enjoy the beautiful nature of Bali, as well as a unique culture.

APEC Summit 2013, Bali Indonesia

APEC Summit 2013 Logo
APEC Summit 2013, Indonesia hosted, and was selected as the venue for the island of Bali. Bali was chosen as the venue for the APEC Summit 2013, because Bali has successfully held many international-class performances. With the support of the security on the island, and the people of Bali are always maintaining the security area of ​​the various conflicts, led to a successful Bali has always held a variety of events.

Implementation of the APEC Summit 2013 aims to promote investment in infrastructure, empowering groups that have significant growth potential for economic development, such as small and medium enterprises, women and farmers, and ensure that the international market is always open to Indonesia.

Bali is a small island with the tourism industry as the main economic income. Bali is an Indonesian provinces of the country. Most Balinese Hindus, Hindu Bali. The Balinese live with grasping the concept of unity, the concept that we are all brothers. With that concept, so that Bali can avoid conflicts and provocation that could threaten the security of Bali.

Each held a variety of international activities, security is an absolute that must be met. Security in Bali are very favorable in Indonesia, so Bali was chosen as the place was held APEC Summit 2013, with Indonesia as the host. And support of the people of Bali who have an open attitude towards every single show, for better survival.

As the host, the Indonesian government did a lot of preparation, to smooth the APEC Summit 2013 which will be held in Bali on 5-7 October 2013. Bali as a world-famous tourist destination, and the population was increasing, resulting in Bali is becoming increasingly crowded. Seen on various roads in Bali, frequent traffic jams. Therefore, the Indonesian government to build a flyover and underpass, to unravel congestion, so that the implementation of the APEC Summit 2013 runs smoothly.

In addition to building the overpass and underpass, the Indonesian government also make improvements and expansion at Ngurah Rai airport. Settling airport infrastructure, expansion of the parking area, as well as increased security. Because the airport is the main gateway of the delegates attending the APEC Summit 2013 in Bali.

Development of Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali, completed in June 2013. Before the implementation of the APEC Summit 2013 on 5-7 October. There are three packages in the airport Ngurah Rai development, namely, the first work package is the construction of temporary parking areas, permanent access roads, temporary toll booths, shelter and corridors, and building international cargo. The second work package, including integrated building, the parking, the school, promenade, and aero food catering service. Then, the third work package, the construction of the international terminal.

Indonesian Foreign Minister, Marty Natalegawa, has officially introduced the APEC logo Indonesia 2013 in Jakarta, Friday, December 7, 2012. APEC 2013 logo symbolizes the dynamism and increasing economic development in the Asia Pacific region. Inspired from bamboo, a symbol of resistance, strength, and flexibility, with a curved trunk when strong winds blew, but with soaring gracefully back upright when the wind died down. The straight line represents the accumulated 21 APEC member countries, who are committed to working closely together in determining the direction of regional economic integration, while straightening curves symbolize the need to promote global economic growth.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Denni North, a woman from Australia die in the pool

Denni North, 33-year-old female resident of Australia, a public relations at the Cocoon Beach Club, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia, was found dead floating in the pool place.

Denni death caused many people who work in that place shocked. Therefore, the day before she looked fine.

The police two countries, namely Indonesia and Australia are working together to investigate the cause of death Denni North. Denni North had contacted the family and they are very sad, because she was known as a fun-loving and always helping others.

Through their official website, Cocoon Beach Club expressed deep condolences to the families left behind.

While this pool area is prohibited for public use. Until the investigation is complete.

Sangeh Bali, deserted

Sangeh Bali Indoneseia

Sangeh Bali when a few days ago, while I was on vacation visiting Sangeh, it was very quiet. Sangeh deserted by visitors, as well Sangeh deserted by monkeys. Monkey is a permanent resident of this park. Currently it is Monday, December 24th, when I vacation, visiting Sangeh, it was very quiet.

Sangeh is a protected forest in Bali. Forests in Sangeh has many trees centuries old. Trees are very high with a very large trunk. This forest is home to the region's existing monkey. There are thousands of monkeys inhabit the forest in Sangeh.

I at the time was in Sangeh Gianyar Bali Indonesia
When the holiday season, usually Sangeh very frequently visited by tourists. Sangeh that is located in Gianyar regency of Bali, it worth a visit for those who want to know the monkeys more closely. This year's holiday vacation in Bali is very long. Many local tourists who took time to stop in Sangeh, before heading to the location that they are headed in the Gianyar regency.

When I visited Sangeh few days ago, it was very quiet. According to the guide that is in the Sangeh, tourists have come to Sangeh the morning. While I arrived at Sangeh during the day. Sangeh very crowded in the morning, because the monkeys in the morning is very much out of the woods. Monkey looking for food in the morning. But during the day, the monkeys are resting. They will come back in the afternoon. And the tourists will return crowded during the afternoon. It seems tourists are supposed to know when they visit Sangeh.

Large statue in the middle of the Sangeh still standing upright. The statue became an icon of the region. It is suitable to be a place to take pictures. The statue is about a giant man was attacked by a number of evil against the giant monkey.

When I was in Sangeh Bali, there are only a few monkeys foraging. Very little, in fact I'm very difficult to him. According to the guide there, the monkey that appears in the daytime are wild monkeys that come from the forest in the mountains. The monkeys were very wild. Wizard warned me not to approach wild monkeys that appear during the day.

The Balinese are very purify the forests in the region Sangeh, also monkeys that inhabit the forest. There is a temple in the forest. Tourists are not allowed to enter the temple, except to pray, and even then only when there are ceremonies in the temple.

Temple in Sangeh Bali Indonesia
Currently Sangeh Bali very different. Different since I first visited Sangeh, when I was a kid. Now the area has been laid out so neatly. Stalls were put in a decent and orderly, so it feels very spacious parking area. There is a hall that can be used to shade and relax.

Sangeh Bali belongs to all of us who must keep it sustainable. Do not let Sangeh Bali destroyed so that is in the same monkey species.

Trees are Sangeh Bali Indonesia
Trees are Sangeh Bali Indonesia

Trees are Sangeh Bali Indonesia
Trees are Sangeh Bali Indonesia

Monkey's in Sangeh Bali Indonesia
Monkey's in Sangeh Bali Indonesia
Sangeh Bali - Monkey while eating
Sangeh Bali

Sangeh Bali - Stall food vendors
Sangeh Bali - Stall food vendors

Sangeh parking areas
Sangeh parking areas