Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jineng Bali

Traditional Jineng Bali
Jineng in balinese house
Jineng is typical Balinese buildings. At first the rice storage, crop farmers, food stored for backup. As a symbol of prosperity, and other functions as a place to relax, as a shelter, a place to rest. Because of its shape like a home.

Jineng shape is very simple, but has a very complicated construction. As well as thinking about security terhadapt very heavy burden. Designed to be able to handle the weight of the rice storage space above it.

Apart from being a place to store the morning, Jineng also Sebai complementary functions where conducting religious ceremonies, eg tooth filing ceremony, Balinese wedding ceremony. Jineng can also function as a dish when creating a party.

Jineng is small and unique buildings, the dominant use of wood materials. So if people want to buy a Jineng, the price can be very expensive. For the price is different, because there are some models Jineng. Some are wearing carvings, some are plain.

Jineng, old
The Balinese are very fond Jineng. Many Balinese people put Jineng in his house, as a garnish that has an equivalent function. In addition to the Balinese, many foreigners who enjoyed Jineng, so this building is the most promising commodities to be produced in abundance.

Many entrepreneurs Jineng in Bali to export his work to various countries. One of the most Jineng export destination country is the United States.

Use Jineng yore
Jineng yore

Jineng today
Jineng today