Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas in Bali

Christmas Celebration at the Church
Christmas in Bali, celebrated by the Balinese who are Christians. For the Balinese religion other than Christianity, Christmas day is not considered special. For the Balinese religion other than Christianity, Christmas is a holiday regular, which is not so special. That is why in Bali on Christmas Day did not seem festive. Only in places certain excitement going. As in the church, and a housing complex with the people in Christian domination.

If you are planning to spend the Christmas holiday in Bali, should be considered more carefully. Therefore, the atmosphere of Christmas is synonymous with Christmas trees, snow, snowman, bell sounds. But these things can not be found in Bali. Precise calculation will give you satisfaction in celebrating the feast of Christmas.

Bali is an island located in the tropics, in Indonesia. Having air with warm temperatures to heat, and do not have winter, and only in certain places it could find pine trees. Most of the population in Bali are Hindus. Of the condition, you certainly will not find a very suitable place to celebrate Christmas. Except in the hotel, or in the mall, which is offering a special Christmas package. And it was to be allowed, to ask that you spend at the place.

Rain during Christmas in Bali
Currently in Bali in the rainy season the situation. Almost every day in Bali was raining. Torrential rain intensity is very often the case in December. This condition is certainly very different from the situation in the West, most experienced snow season. Tradition is often performed at Christmas in the western countries.

However, if you still choose Bali as a holiday, while Christmas and New Year, you should prepare better, and have you consider the best, especially your financial problems. Because, lodging or other accommodations in Bali, at the time of Christmas and New Year holidays, rental rates at star hotels and small inns, prices rose very high. Usually the rate increase occurred from December 24 to January 5. You do not be surprised if in the holiday season of Christmas and New Year, all providers of accommodation in Bali to be expensive.

Think also if you are in Bali at Christmas and New Year holidays. Do not you regret while in Bali. Typically, when Christmas and New Year holidays, tourist areas in Bali will be a favorite destination of tourists. Whether it's local tourists, as well as foreign tourists. So the tourist places in Bali to be very crowded, full of people who enjoy the natural beauty of Bali.

The problem that often occurs when Christmas and New Year is a traffic jam. Traffic jams on the way to the tourist area in Bali is very common. So that you can take time to be able to immediately enjoy the natural beauty of Bali.

My experience, during the holidays, most of the roads in Bali, especially roads to the area, there will be a traffic jam for hours, maybe more, if you use a car with a large size, such as buses. Surely it would take a lot of your time on the road. I suggest that you rent a motorcycle, in order to more easily through traffic. But it is a risk you will be rain road. Because now is the rainy season in Bali.

Talking about safety at Christmas in Bali, it is very difficult to determine. Considering Bali was targeted crime by terrorists. Although police often conduct surveillance and tight security in Bali at Christmas, but we must remain vigilant, and preferably away from the crowds. We all know, the crowd is a very good place to commit a crime.

Typically, during the celebration of Christmas, Christmas Eve, security officers often patrol to safeguard the environment. To avoid the bad things that can disturb the serenity of Bali.

Interestingly, traditional Balinese security guards, who called Pecalang, normally a safety in the Hindu religious activities in Bali, come stand by securing the Christmas Eve church. Involvement Pecalang a voluntary initiative. Which aims to maintain the security of the region. Involvement pecalang is a form of high tolerance among Christians by Hindus in Bali. Usually security focused around the outside of the church, especially the point and out of people who will attend the celebration or worship in the church. While security at the entrance made ​​by police.

Tight vigil at major churches in Bali, to ensure safety for the people when celebrating Christmas. Since Bali is not only the Balinese are celebrating Christmas, foreign tourists in Bali and also celebrate Christmas.

Usually the festive atmosphere of Christmas celebration in Bali are felt in churches. Christians decorate their churches with the typical Christmas decorations.