Thursday, December 13, 2012

Barong Dance Bali

Barong Dance and Rangda

Barong Dance is one of the ancient Balinese culture is still preserved to this day, and is a relic of pre-Hindu culture in Bali. Barong Dance is a performing art that is the most popular and attractive to tourists who come to Bali, in addition to the Kecak Dance.

Barong word comes from the word "bahruang", which means an animal, a bear. This beast is a beast Balinese mythology, who has supernatural powers, considered a protector of animals to the Balinese.

Barong Dance, danced by two male dancers, dressed in robes an animal, a person wearing the head, the front legs on the barong dance, and one man wore the buttocks, the back of the legs danced in barong.

Today there are many types of barong developed and staged by a certain function in religious rituals in Bali. Barong-shaped head of a lion, a tiger, a male boar, elephants, oxen, and others.

a. Barong Ket (Ketet), barong is most widely available in Bali, and the most frequently staged, and has a kind of dance motion complete. Ketet Barong is a mix between a lion, tiger, cow. Agency on barong is decorated with carvings made of leather, decorated with glass beads, and feathers made of plant fibers.
Barong Ket
Barong Ket
b. Barong Bangkal, mean old big pig. Barong resembles a pig, called Barong Celeng (Pig Barong) or Barong Bangkung. Musical accompaniment is gambelan of batel, in the play is very rarely accompanied by a story. Barong Bangkal staging is usually danced by village surrounded by children at a certain feast days in Bali.
Barong Bangkal
Barong Bangkal
c. Barong Asu, barong it resembles a dog, especially mask is very similar to a dog. This barong is very sacred by the Balinese, and there are at Puncak Dawa Baturiti Temple, Tabanan, Bali.

d. Barong Gajah, barong which resembles an elephant, is very sacred by the Balinese, and one of them is on the Singapadu Village.

e. Barong Macan, barong it resembles a tiger, in the play performed by two dancers. The accompanying music is gambelan batel.

f. Barong Landung, barong is different from the others. Barong Landung is the embodiment of an ancient human has two legs. In general, Barong Landung is made in pairs, consisting of men and women.

g. Barong Blasblasan, also called barong kedingkling. Barong Blasblasan is a form of staging that danced with the surrounding villages. This barong dancers wearing only a mask. Barong is a lot of tension in the Galungan and Kuuningan, dancers were children.

A barong mask is made using wood. The wood used is not a haphazard wood. Wood from trees is considered to have great magical powers. Therefore, the barong is a sacred thing, a very sacred by Hindus in Bali. Barong dance show always starts with the demonstration accompanied by a gamelan performances are different.

Barong dance is staged not alone, not only show a barong dance, but also accompanied by other types of dance. Because this is a colossal dance, or dance with a particular story.

Sometimes the barong dance performances, there was a terrible scene, which has to stab himself with a dagger
Sometimes the barong dance performances, there was a terrible scene, which has to stab himself with a dagger (Keris), keris is the weapon of the Balinese.

Scenes stabbing themselves with kris is one of the most popular performances by the Balinese. Because this scene shows a dancer immunity that can not be pierced with a sharp object. When on skewer with a dagger, that person will not be injured, or killed, a dagger made ​​of steel will bend without hurting the dancers. There is a kind of magical power that protects from punctures kris dancers. So the dancers do not get hurt or die.