Friday, November 30, 2012

New Year in Bali

New Year in Bali
The new year is a day that marks the New Year, the beginning of a different year, and the year is becoming increasingly more. For most people, the new year is felt with increasing age. Man feels will get older.

However, the moment of the year, of the new year, has always been a very pleasant thing to some people. Because, as we grow older, indicating the person's longevity. So in every celebration of the new year, not infrequently there are various party. Party who can forget all the bad things a person in years they've lived before.

In Bali, the celebration of the new year is only done by people who exist in urban areas only. For people in rural areas, the new year is not that special. Because according to the countryside, the new year is common and there are things that are different from the previous day.

In urban areas, a celebration welcoming the year is often done in the centers of the city. In welcoming the new year party held by a group of people. Sometimes New Year's party, created by the government to provide entertainment to the public.

In every celebration of the new year in Bali, often many people intentionally set off fireworks. Fireworks is a typical game at the New Year celebrations. In Bali, fireworks are the most sought after items by the Balinese, especially for those who have lots of money. In urban areas of Bali, the atmosphere is very beautiful at night. People set off fireworks together. The darkness of night to be very beautiful by the eruption of fireworks that lit up the night new year.

Unlike in the city, the people in rural areas who celebrate New Year's Eve, do the cooking. Making food specials jointly by a group of people in a village. The food was most often made is roasted pig. Because pigs are roasted faforit food for everyone in Bali.

In Bali, there are bad things that people often do some people during the celebration of New Year's Eve. Bad things that are often found in some areas in Bali, is binge drinking. Binge drinking is often done by some groups of people. Not infrequently, these activities often result brawl between groups. The New Year is often the scene of a fight by a minority of people in Bali, which often act anarchist.

New Year in Bali as a whole is not something special for the people of Bali. New year most liked by people of Bali is the turn of the year according to the Balinese calendar. Balinese calendar is very different from the prevailing international calendar. Because the Balinese calendar month is calculated based on the velocity of the earth.

If you want to enjoy New Year's Eve in Bali to enjoy the atmosphere of the new year in Bali, I suggest to take the tour packages that are offered by the hotel or travel agent. If you want to celebrate New Year's Eve in Bali, you better visit the city and hospitality. Because usually region-area hotels often make new year festivities.