Thursday, November 22, 2012


Bali and Lombok

Lombok is an island located in the east of the Bali island, which are separated by an ocean. Lombok island has an area of 5.435 km. And is part of the archipelago Sunda Kecil. Lombok included into the province of Nusa Tenggara Barat. There are five regency in Lombok. Regency in the Loombok island is Mataram, West Lombok, Central Lombok Regency, East Lombok Regency, North Lombok Regency.

Lombok island belongs to the cluster of volcanic mountains in Indonesia, as Bali. The island of Bali has volcanoes, namely Mount Agung and Mount Batur, as well as Lombok island, which has a volcano that is still active today. Lombok volcano on the island is Mount Rinjani.

Rinjani volcano has a height of about 3,726 meters, is the third highest mountain in Indonesia. The mountain last erupted in June-July 1994. With these conditions, Lombok and Bali almost the same, frequent earthquakes. If in Bali earthquake, it will be felt also in the island Lombok. If on the Lombok island an earthquake, it will be felt on the Bali island. Because of the island of Bali and Lombok have similar geographical conditions and intertwined.

Indigenous tribes that inhabit the Lombok island is Sasak tribe. Sasak tribe very closely related with the Bali tribe. It's just in Bali Hindu influence is stronger, whereas in Lombok stronger Islamic influence. The majority of people on the Lombok island, is monosyllabic Sasak, about 80% Sasak tribe.

Besides Sasak tribe on the Lombok island, there are also tribes who inhabited the island of Bali. Some 15% of Balinese descent who live there. Most Balinese are descendants of West Lombok, and still use the language of Bali as their everyday language. Culture is used there as well Balinese culture and Hindu religion.

Currently, Lombok has started to develop the tourism industry as a source of local revenue. It relates to the location of the nearby island of Lombok to Bali. Since Bali is a region with the world's top tourist destination, so the Lombok island, indirectly, have a positive impact of the condition. The development of the tourism industry in Lombok started seen since 2007. It was also done because the natural conditions in Lombok very supportive.

Tourist places in Lombok the same name as in Bali is Kuta beach. In Bali are Kuta Beach, on the Lombok island, there are also Kuta beach. It's just the condition of accommodation on the Loombok island still not adequate to support tourism activities.