Monday, November 12, 2012

Ketut Liyer in Ubud Bali

Ketut Liyer in Ubud Bali
Ketut Liyer is a medicine man or traditional healer, who lived in Ubud Bali, Indonesia. Ketut Liyer home address is in Banjar Kaja Pengosekan, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali. Located at Jalan Mongkey Forest area, in the crowded center of Ubud. This man is almost 100 years old. Work as tellers and traditional medicine practitioners. This profession was handed down from generation to generation by parents since time immemorial. He is a descendant of the ninth. Aside from being a traditional healer, he is also an artist. Ketut Liyer is an artist of painter and sculptor. Most of the paintings seen in his house, if you want to buy paintings.

Ketut Liyer has a son named I Nyoman Lantra. I Nyoman Lantra than as a child, as well as an assistant, who always accompanied his father at his profession as an astrologer and healer in her home. I Nyoman Lantra will be the heir to his father's skill as a traditional healer. And it will be the tenth descendant who inherits the traditional medicine. Mr. Lantra is a painter and teacher of painting. Blood fell from his art Ketut Liyer.

Ketut Liyer became known to various countries, since his character to be a character in a Hollywood movie, "Eat, Pray, Love" starring Julia Roberts. The movie is lifted by the book with the same title, the story is real, soul-searching journey of Elizabeth Gilbert to three countries, one in Bali Indonesia. One famous scene is the encounter with Elizabeth Gilbert. He also studied meditation with Ketut Liyer. The scene is a lot to inspire women from various countries, who come to Bali, to meet with Ketut Liyer, to fortune.

If you want to visit and in divination by Ketut Liyer, come early, because a lot of people who come to Ketut Liyer for predictive and traditional treatment. When you arrive at home, you should take a queue number first. And will be accompanied by his son, I Nyoman Lantra, pending Ketut Liyer wake up.

Ketut Liyer on Eat Pray Love movie

The technique used to predict Ketut Liyer to predict is to read palms and look someone skin. The divination sessions tariff of Rp 250,000. If you also feel the other complaints against health problems, do not hesitate to ask questions and ask for traditional medicine to treat your health concerns. Ketut Liyer perform traditional medicine plants. The techniques he learned from his parents and from the book of medicine, which he obtained from the previous generation.

Ketut Liyer is now more prosperous life. No news at this time he was able to buy a car. The car was bought on credit. From day-to-day income, the average Ketut Liyer able to obtain as much money as Rp. 6250000, of the maximum number of tourists who visit him as much as twenty-five people every day.

Before Ketut Liyer Hospital, and before he was famous since his name is in the movie Eat Pray Love, in addition to being a physician, he also painted. He often sold his paintings to tourists who visit him. But this time Mr. Liyer have many guests who came to his house, so he had to limit maximum guest only twenty-five people per day. To keep the condition from getting too tired and sick.

When the filming of Eat Pray Love, starring roles Ketut Liyer others. Since the making of the movie, Ketut Liyer was in the hospital, sick. Understandably, the condition is very old, did not allow him to play a role as a predictor in the film.

Very large impact given by the movie Eat Pray Love for Bali and the Balinese. So as to raise economy someone, and the development of tourism in Bali.