Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Balinese masks, very funny

Balinese masks meeting

Balinese masks were collected and placed on a chair, around a table, as if the mask was a meeting. It was very funny. Being a very scary on the Balinese mask it becomes very funny if placed as shown.

Balinese mask type is the type often used for religious rituals in Bali. There is a funny story of the mask in the picture. Balinese mask dance mask is different from the picture. There are also types of Rangda masks a more sinister. Rangda masks would be very funny if it acted differently.

Balinese masks were found in a store that sells various types of masks. The masks have long inhabited the store, but not until now that mask no one would buy it. The shop owner was tired of seeing the masks framed but not yet sold. To relieve the boredom, the store owner took the initiative to put the mask Balinese mask on a chair, as if the masks were meeting.

There's just funny act committed in a work of art, so it looks entertaining and interesting, far from the general context of an object. Like the Balinese mask, it looks funny, even though looks very creepy.

Balinese mask art