Thursday, November 22, 2012

Balinese Culture: Ngayah

Balinese Culture, NgayahNgayah is a social activity performed by the Bali peoples to someone or someplace with nature help, cooperation, and help someone, which is usually carried out jointly by some people, even to involve many people, without hope of reward, for survival better. Culture a ngayah been done by the Balinese long ago. Since the life of the material has not been prioritized as it is today. Because once the Balinese are not familiar with money, therefore, to complete a job done together that involves lots of people, helping each other and helping.

Ngayah is a Balinese culture, which is very unique, and structured spontaneously and sometimes done without a plan. Performed by a person in instinct, not forced, and not tied. Ngayah properties arise from a person for life and do not need other people to live in individualism. With the hope that one day will get similar feedback from others to be able to do the same thing to us.

Ngayah is a Balinese culture
Ngayah usually performed in temples, houses, villages, offices, and any place that requires human labor. Ngayah in temple to help smooth a Hindu religious ritual. Ngayah on a house nature to help complete a ritual to be performed on a family.

Ngayah is a Balinese culture, which is very appropriate guarded continuance. Due to the ngayah culture, the Balinese have been more friendly, more family, more united, and more powerful. Better fraternity. So as to ward off various bad influences come, which can break the unity and harmony of Bali.

But in some places and regions in Bali, ngayah culture have started to fade and disappear. Especially in the big cities in Bali. In the more developed cities precisely the nature of materialism. City people assume, all things can bought with money. They think the culture can be purchased and set up with the money.