Monday, November 5, 2012

Balinese Children

Balinese Children
Balinese children are basically very naive and innocent. But depends also on the environment and the education they receive. Balinese children before birth, since he was in his mother's womb, have got a religious ceremony. There are even some people who are very steeped in Balinese Hindu religious sciences, before resuming intercourse with her partner after marriage, has made Bali Hindu religious ceremonies, in order to obtain the expected offspring. That in the future their child was born healthy, normal, and grow into a virtuous child, as well as respect for parents.

When the child was born, his parents had prepared various religious ceremonies. Until they are adults also still got a Balinese Hindu religious ceremonies. To the end that his soul is always protected by the Lord. So that all activities in life, salvation and grace of God and the ancestors.

Balinese children, since little has been involved in various religious ceremonies. They are included in order for them to understand and know what they will do later as adults. Lots of things to Balinese children know about the tradition and culture of Bali. To maintain the continuity and sustainability of the existing culture of Bali, which has been handed down by their ancestors.

Since childhood, children Balinese people have been taught and trained to always do good. Basic knowledge that should be known a child since childhood is the Kharma Phala philosophy. Which means, if humans do evil, then evil will be obtained, and if people do good, the good of which will be obtained.

They are also obliged to respect people older than them. Respect for parents, brother, grandparents, friends, and others.