Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bali Tourism

Bali tourismBali is a world tourist destination. Famous everywhere, to foreign countries. Bali has been known long ago. Foreigners have long known Bali, even among people who come to Bali, Bali is considered a country. Because it is so famous Bali, thus defeating the name of Indonesia. People are more familiar with Bali than Indonesia. The real Bali is a province and part of the Indonesian nation.

Many things become advocates progress at Bali's tourism industry. Tourism in Bali is influenced by many aspects of supporters. Man, nature, culture, traditions, arts, religion, the environment, all of that into a composition that makes its own attraction in Bali. Makes Bali so unique, and different.

The Balinese are known to be hospitable, kind, considerate, polite. It's a part that supports the development of the tourism industry in Bali. Anyone would not like a place, especially as a tourist destination, if the people that are in it are not well behaved, friendly, and polite with others, especially with strangers who intend to travel. Capable of enchanting Balinese hospitality tourists, make them smile and feel at home.

Nature in Bali is very beautiful. Bali is a small island surrounded by the sea with beautiful beaches. In the middle of the island filled with beautiful mountains. If tourists want to find a mountain to climb, there is a very suitable place for it, namely Mount Agung and Mount Batur.

Ngaben ceremony, tradition in Bali
In coastal areas, there are many white sandy beaches, with various types of ombat. Beach for surfing, swimming, sunbathing, or just enjoying the natural beauty of the beach, all in Bali.

Bali also has sea with lots of beautiful coral reefs, which are suitable for use as a dive. With different kinds of coral, fish and variegated colors. The most favored region for diving by tourists is in the Nusa Lembongan.

Unique culture, and different from any place in the world, the main attraction and is second to none. Cultures were maintained and has always been the basis of Balinese life, making Balinese life with full of beauty, full of color, full of togetherness.

The tradition is maintained for generations, can not be separated from the culture intact. Tradition makes Bali remains on condition that had not been changed in terms of culture. All traditions in Bali lived with full awareness by the Balinese. Not infrequently foreigners and tourists who had come to Bali to study Balinese tradition.

Well developed arts in Bali. Very well known by everyone, that the Balinese are very clever in creating a work of art. It was not separated from the life of the Balinese always incorporate art into the lives of the Balinese. That's what makes Bali is filled with art. That any art. Balinese dance, music, buildings, clothing, all contain elements of art that is very unique and definitely different from the others.

Hinduism is growing in Bali. Culture and beliefs are influenced by Balinese Hindus, making the new religion in Bali, the Balinese Hindu. Balinese Hinduism is very highlight aspects of ritual and ceremony. These activities were the main attraction for tourists who come to Bali.

May all things which the life of the Balinese who make well-developed tourism industry in Bali, still awake and always be an attraction for tourists who are not boring.