Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bali, the tourism industry is advancing, but agricultural worse off

Subak Bali
The number of foreign tourists visiting Bali during the period January-September 2012, have increased. And every year since the tragedy of the Bali bombings have continued to rise very large. And after the Bali bombings, the tourism industry had collapsed. Downturn resulted in many layoffs that occurred. But the downturn has ended today.

The progress and development of the tourism industry in Bali is getting better, does not affect either the condition of agriculture in Bali. The agricultural industry in Bali worse off, in the absence of government support to the agricultural conditions in this country. Farmers increasingly tired and lazy to work on the farm, because they think the work was worth it. The results also can not improve the living conditions of farmers.

We all know, tourism in Bali is not only limited to the natural conditions are beautiful and interesting, but also about all aspects in Bali. Religion, customs, traditions, farming, and life habits of the people of Bali, is very influential in the progress and development of the tourism industry in Bali. But the government seemed to turn a blind eye to it. So the lack of action to sustain and support the sustainability of the tourism industry in Bali.

Also with agricultural conditions very serious attention from the government. Many farmers increasingly shifted its existence, as a result of the development is not clear direction and purpose. Refinement of agricultural land, irrigation canals that irrigate the termination of the paddy fields, which are caused by the actions of development that is destroying agricultural activity in Bali.

We all know, food is a basic necessity for our survival. If there is no food, then our survival will not be assured. Meanwhile, only good food is derived from a good farm. If agricultural collapse, food security we will also be destroyed. So what's a more advanced if the tourism industry with all its advantages, but the food is a basic requirement we are ruined, then it will not mean anything. And we will all be destroyed.