Friday, November 9, 2012

Arak Bali considered safe by some people in Bali

Arak Bali + Methanol
Arak Bali is Balinese alcoholic beverage. First made by the Balinese. Made from fermentation of various fruits. Much is made in Karangasem regency. Karangasem regency located in the north Bali. Many people like to drink Arak Bali.

Distillation of fruit to get Arak Bali, through the combustion process by using fire wood is burned. Combustion usually takes a very long time, for hours. And use a lot of firewood, as well as patience manufacturer.

Production of Arak Bali is not prohibited by the local government. However, selling and distributing Arak Bali which is unauthorized distribution of alcoholic beverages, is a crime by police. Because Arak Bali has a high alcohol content.

Drinking Arak Bali, for some people in Bali, especially fans of Arak, for they are the very delicious. Sometimes, fans make this drink Arak independently. According to them, drink Arak is very safe, as long as not excessive. Arak did not cause adverse health effects. Some people argue, Arak unsafe and toxic Arak is made ​​from the burning of hazardous materials. The distillation process by warming from the burning of tires and scrap plastic. With the goal of energy saving and the production process. Because tires are burned can burn for hours. In contrast to using wood.

That is because they say they have not felt the impact of bad drinking Arak. According to people who think Arak Bali is safe, people are poisoning drinking Arak, Arak because the liquid is mixed with hazardous chemicals, such as methanol, gasoline, kerosene, and so on. Mixing Arak with hazardous chemicals intended to obtain the intoxicating effects quickly, regardless of the effects are very harmful to the body.