Friday, November 30, 2012

New Year in Bali

New Year in Bali
The new year is a day that marks the New Year, the beginning of a different year, and the year is becoming increasingly more. For most people, the new year is felt with increasing age. Man feels will get older.

However, the moment of the year, of the new year, has always been a very pleasant thing to some people. Because, as we grow older, indicating the person's longevity. So in every celebration of the new year, not infrequently there are various party. Party who can forget all the bad things a person in years they've lived before.

In Bali, the celebration of the new year is only done by people who exist in urban areas only. For people in rural areas, the new year is not that special. Because according to the countryside, the new year is common and there are things that are different from the previous day.

In urban areas, a celebration welcoming the year is often done in the centers of the city. In welcoming the new year party held by a group of people. Sometimes New Year's party, created by the government to provide entertainment to the public.

In every celebration of the new year in Bali, often many people intentionally set off fireworks. Fireworks is a typical game at the New Year celebrations. In Bali, fireworks are the most sought after items by the Balinese, especially for those who have lots of money. In urban areas of Bali, the atmosphere is very beautiful at night. People set off fireworks together. The darkness of night to be very beautiful by the eruption of fireworks that lit up the night new year.

Unlike in the city, the people in rural areas who celebrate New Year's Eve, do the cooking. Making food specials jointly by a group of people in a village. The food was most often made is roasted pig. Because pigs are roasted faforit food for everyone in Bali.

In Bali, there are bad things that people often do some people during the celebration of New Year's Eve. Bad things that are often found in some areas in Bali, is binge drinking. Binge drinking is often done by some groups of people. Not infrequently, these activities often result brawl between groups. The New Year is often the scene of a fight by a minority of people in Bali, which often act anarchist.

New Year in Bali as a whole is not something special for the people of Bali. New year most liked by people of Bali is the turn of the year according to the Balinese calendar. Balinese calendar is very different from the prevailing international calendar. Because the Balinese calendar month is calculated based on the velocity of the earth.

If you want to enjoy New Year's Eve in Bali to enjoy the atmosphere of the new year in Bali, I suggest to take the tour packages that are offered by the hotel or travel agent. If you want to celebrate New Year's Eve in Bali, you better visit the city and hospitality. Because usually region-area hotels often make new year festivities.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rambut Siwi Temple, religious ceremony on 28 November 2012

Rambut Siwi Temple, religious ceremony on 28 November 2012
Rambut Siwi Temple, religious ceremony on 28 November 2012
Rambut Siwi temple on Wednesday, November 28, 2012, when the full moon coincide, the religious ceremony took place at the temple. Rambut Siwi ceremony at the temple regularly held every six months, according to the Balinese calendar calculations.

Rambut Siwi temple is a complex of several temples, which has many temples, with different functions. But all the temple in Rambut Siwi, celebrations were held simultaneously.
Rambut Siwi Temple, religious ceremony on 28 November 2012

 Rambut Siwi temple is located on the edge of the cliff, and being on the beach with black sand. This temple is believed by the Balinese as a bastion for the island of Bali. One of the spiritual fortress made ​​by clergy since time immemorial. To protect the island from various natural disturbances.

Every celebration which carried on in the Rambut Siwi temple, always crowded visited by people who want to worship God, and protective deities. When the worship performed by the Balinese, they always hope for the island of Bali is always protected and kept safe, protected from all kinds of natural disasters.

Rambut Siwi Temple, religious ceremony on 28 November 2012Balinese people who come to the Rambut Siwi temple, coming from different regions of Bali. Thus, any celebration took place in this temple, is always crowded and filled with people. Moreover, if the celebration takes place on weekends, pretending Rambut Siwi would like an evening of amusement rides, very crowded, crowded, visited by people who want to worship in this temple.

If you want to pray in the Rambut Siwi temple, we have to go through the gate to the west. Entering the western gate, leading to the parking area, go through as far as 600 meters. To go to the temple area, we have to go through the steps were quite high, because the location of the temple is around cliffs. There are many temples in the area Rambut Siwi. However, none of the main temple complex is located in the middle area.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Boracay is more beautiful than Bali

Boracay Island is a tropical island has white sand on every beach. White Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Boracay. Has white sand beaches as fine as talcum powder on the area. This place was a favorite place for the traveler. However, the beach is kept clean, maintained, and certainly tempting. Not only that enjoy the beach, this beach you can diving and snorkeling around its shores. At night, many tourists who partied with witnessing various exciting performances at this beach.

That review some of those who have visited Boracay island. Maybe it's true what is said by some people who have visited Boracay.

However, the condition of the beautiful Boracay beach, not in spite of the small island state with a population that is very little. So the beauty of nature is very well preserved, with no environmental pollution made by unscrupulous employers.

Bali is a beautiful island by tourists. There are many things that can be found in Bali, but can not be found in Boracay. Bali has a unique culture, different kinds of attractions, natural scenery, the friendliness of the Balinese, cheap hotels, and so on. That certainly can not be found in Boracay. Travelers will get all you want in the island of Bali with a very attractive package.

But it can not be compared with the appeal Boracay island, located in the country of the Philippines. Every tourist destination, has its own advantages and disadvantages. Travelers have a right to choose, a place where they want to go.

For some people who has been to Boracay, probably where it is a very comfortable place to visit. But Bali also has many places that are very comfortable, with a quiet atmosphere. Beaches, mountains, forests, villages, all can be found in Bali.

People who have come to the island of Boracay said, if you want to get peace, come to Bulabog Beach. Here the sand is whiter, quieter, and away from the crowds. One of the things that will make you more comfortable relaxing on the beach Bulabog beach is a breeze. That's what people are saying about the island of Boracay.

But the choice for travel, it is not to be overlooked, to gain the experience unforgettable yan, for tourists who come to Bali, as well as those wanting to visit the island Boracai in the Philippines.

Traffic jams on the Denpasar-Gilimanuk Road, Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Traffic jams on the Denpasar-Gilimanuk Road, Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Traffic jams on the Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway, it always happens. Caused by a big truck with a load exceeding carrying capacity. Big truck was not able to climb through. So the truck broke down in the middle of the road. Resulting in long traffic jams occur.

Recreation to Bali Butterfly Park

Bali Butterfly Park is a park where breeding of butterflies with different types and species. Being in Bali Tabanan regency.

Butterfly sculpture in Bali Butterfly Park
Butterfly sculpture

Some time ago I was with my girl friend, an excursion to Bali Butterfly Park. Looking for a fresh atmosphere, and quiet. At least for a moment to relieve the stress of the work burden me every time.

Not difficult to reach Bali Butterfly Park. I was there on a motorcycle. With the aim to avoid congestion on Tabanan town and can be quickly up there.

Butterfly breeding room in Bali Butterfly Park
Butterfly breeding room

Garden with different types of plants in Bali Butterfly Park
Garden with different types of plants in Bali Butterfly Park

Monday, November 26, 2012

Accidents during the rainy season in Bali

Accidents during the rainy season in Bali

Yesterday, Sunday, November 25, 2012, when rainfall occurs, on the Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway, a car accident. Two people were killed in the incident. Traffic accidents occurred in Banjar Tembles, Penyaringaan village, Jembrana regency, Bali, Indonesia.

The accident occurred when the rain soaked roads. A big truck from the west, heading east, crashed into a small truck drove very fast. Initially a small truck coming from the east, drove very fast, overtake a car in front of him. When trying to overtake, there was a big truck from the west. Small truck that braked suddenly. As a result, the vehicle spur uncontrolled sway over the road very slippery. Big truck from the west right into a small truck, and dragged up to 20 meters.

Small Truck wedged under the head of big truck. Wheel small truck bounced away, and fell to the field. Big truck front wheel broke.

Small truck driven by a man with a child passenger. It is estimated that person is the father with his son. They lang killed on the spot. After police arrived, the victim immediately remove it from the truck that was stuck, and taken to the hospital.

Accidents in Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bali Tourism

Bali tourismBali is a world tourist destination. Famous everywhere, to foreign countries. Bali has been known long ago. Foreigners have long known Bali, even among people who come to Bali, Bali is considered a country. Because it is so famous Bali, thus defeating the name of Indonesia. People are more familiar with Bali than Indonesia. The real Bali is a province and part of the Indonesian nation.

Many things become advocates progress at Bali's tourism industry. Tourism in Bali is influenced by many aspects of supporters. Man, nature, culture, traditions, arts, religion, the environment, all of that into a composition that makes its own attraction in Bali. Makes Bali so unique, and different.

The Balinese are known to be hospitable, kind, considerate, polite. It's a part that supports the development of the tourism industry in Bali. Anyone would not like a place, especially as a tourist destination, if the people that are in it are not well behaved, friendly, and polite with others, especially with strangers who intend to travel. Capable of enchanting Balinese hospitality tourists, make them smile and feel at home.

Nature in Bali is very beautiful. Bali is a small island surrounded by the sea with beautiful beaches. In the middle of the island filled with beautiful mountains. If tourists want to find a mountain to climb, there is a very suitable place for it, namely Mount Agung and Mount Batur.

Ngaben ceremony, tradition in Bali
In coastal areas, there are many white sandy beaches, with various types of ombat. Beach for surfing, swimming, sunbathing, or just enjoying the natural beauty of the beach, all in Bali.

Bali also has sea with lots of beautiful coral reefs, which are suitable for use as a dive. With different kinds of coral, fish and variegated colors. The most favored region for diving by tourists is in the Nusa Lembongan.

Unique culture, and different from any place in the world, the main attraction and is second to none. Cultures were maintained and has always been the basis of Balinese life, making Balinese life with full of beauty, full of color, full of togetherness.

The tradition is maintained for generations, can not be separated from the culture intact. Tradition makes Bali remains on condition that had not been changed in terms of culture. All traditions in Bali lived with full awareness by the Balinese. Not infrequently foreigners and tourists who had come to Bali to study Balinese tradition.

Well developed arts in Bali. Very well known by everyone, that the Balinese are very clever in creating a work of art. It was not separated from the life of the Balinese always incorporate art into the lives of the Balinese. That's what makes Bali is filled with art. That any art. Balinese dance, music, buildings, clothing, all contain elements of art that is very unique and definitely different from the others.

Hinduism is growing in Bali. Culture and beliefs are influenced by Balinese Hindus, making the new religion in Bali, the Balinese Hindu. Balinese Hinduism is very highlight aspects of ritual and ceremony. These activities were the main attraction for tourists who come to Bali.

May all things which the life of the Balinese who make well-developed tourism industry in Bali, still awake and always be an attraction for tourists who are not boring.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Subak, rice harvest in November

Subak, rice harvest in November, Bali

Subak in Bali has become a culture, and the presence of subak strongly supports the preservation of natural and harmonious life between man and nature.

Subak most dominant activity is agriculture. Planting rice is very important in the preservation of the Balinese food. Since rice is the staple food of the people of Bali. Rice is a daily diet, and the requirement is greatly obliged by all Balinese.

In November, some farming areas in Bali, is hold the harvest. Rice harvest has been long-awaited by farmers. And being a huge gift from God, if they harvest rice results are good and plentiful.

Subak, rice harvest in November

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bali to Lombok

Bali to Lombok

When traveling in the island of Bali, and stayed some time in Bali, enjoying the natural beauty of Bali and its culture, there may be a desire in our mind to visit other places in Indonesia, especially those close to Bali. One of the goals closest to Bali, and has a very attractive natural beauty, the island of Lombok.

The natural beauty of Lombok island is not less interesting to the one in Bali. Especially in coastal areas. Currently enchanting beauty of Lombok has been developed, allowing the tourism industry to support the economy in Lombok.

To get to the island of Lombok, the island of Bali, we can achieve it with 2 lines. Air and sea routes. When reached by air line, from the Ngurah Rai airport, Bali, leading to the Lombok International Airport. Can be reached with a time of about 45 minutes.

If heading to Lombok by sea, from the port of Padang Bai to boarding the ship, by sea, the Lombok Strait, heading to the port of Lembar harbour, in Lombok. This sea route can be taken about 6 hours. The cost of the Port of Padang Bai to Lombok harbor Rp. 36,000.

Bali quake Thursday November 22, 2012

An earthquake measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale, shook the island of Bali, on Thursday, December 22, 2012, at 5:09 pm. What earthquake was at 9:38 south latitude, 114.97 east longitude, at a depth of 38 Km. The epicenter was located at 65 KM south of Kuta.

The quake for 10 seconds could cause panic Kuta, and surrounding areas. The earthquake only lasted 10 seconds, so that panic does not continue. In addition to around the tourist areas of Kuta, the quake was also felt in Denpasar.

Balinese Culture: Ngayah

Balinese Culture, NgayahNgayah is a social activity performed by the Bali peoples to someone or someplace with nature help, cooperation, and help someone, which is usually carried out jointly by some people, even to involve many people, without hope of reward, for survival better. Culture a ngayah been done by the Balinese long ago. Since the life of the material has not been prioritized as it is today. Because once the Balinese are not familiar with money, therefore, to complete a job done together that involves lots of people, helping each other and helping.

Ngayah is a Balinese culture, which is very unique, and structured spontaneously and sometimes done without a plan. Performed by a person in instinct, not forced, and not tied. Ngayah properties arise from a person for life and do not need other people to live in individualism. With the hope that one day will get similar feedback from others to be able to do the same thing to us.

Ngayah is a Balinese culture
Ngayah usually performed in temples, houses, villages, offices, and any place that requires human labor. Ngayah in temple to help smooth a Hindu religious ritual. Ngayah on a house nature to help complete a ritual to be performed on a family.

Ngayah is a Balinese culture, which is very appropriate guarded continuance. Due to the ngayah culture, the Balinese have been more friendly, more family, more united, and more powerful. Better fraternity. So as to ward off various bad influences come, which can break the unity and harmony of Bali.

But in some places and regions in Bali, ngayah culture have started to fade and disappear. Especially in the big cities in Bali. In the more developed cities precisely the nature of materialism. City people assume, all things can bought with money. They think the culture can be purchased and set up with the money.


Bali and Lombok

Lombok is an island located in the east of the Bali island, which are separated by an ocean. Lombok island has an area of 5.435 km. And is part of the archipelago Sunda Kecil. Lombok included into the province of Nusa Tenggara Barat. There are five regency in Lombok. Regency in the Loombok island is Mataram, West Lombok, Central Lombok Regency, East Lombok Regency, North Lombok Regency.

Lombok island belongs to the cluster of volcanic mountains in Indonesia, as Bali. The island of Bali has volcanoes, namely Mount Agung and Mount Batur, as well as Lombok island, which has a volcano that is still active today. Lombok volcano on the island is Mount Rinjani.

Rinjani volcano has a height of about 3,726 meters, is the third highest mountain in Indonesia. The mountain last erupted in June-July 1994. With these conditions, Lombok and Bali almost the same, frequent earthquakes. If in Bali earthquake, it will be felt also in the island Lombok. If on the Lombok island an earthquake, it will be felt on the Bali island. Because of the island of Bali and Lombok have similar geographical conditions and intertwined.

Indigenous tribes that inhabit the Lombok island is Sasak tribe. Sasak tribe very closely related with the Bali tribe. It's just in Bali Hindu influence is stronger, whereas in Lombok stronger Islamic influence. The majority of people on the Lombok island, is monosyllabic Sasak, about 80% Sasak tribe.

Besides Sasak tribe on the Lombok island, there are also tribes who inhabited the island of Bali. Some 15% of Balinese descent who live there. Most Balinese are descendants of West Lombok, and still use the language of Bali as their everyday language. Culture is used there as well Balinese culture and Hindu religion.

Currently, Lombok has started to develop the tourism industry as a source of local revenue. It relates to the location of the nearby island of Lombok to Bali. Since Bali is a region with the world's top tourist destination, so the Lombok island, indirectly, have a positive impact of the condition. The development of the tourism industry in Lombok started seen since 2007. It was also done because the natural conditions in Lombok very supportive.

Tourist places in Lombok the same name as in Bali is Kuta beach. In Bali are Kuta Beach, on the Lombok island, there are also Kuta beach. It's just the condition of accommodation on the Loombok island still not adequate to support tourism activities.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Weather in Bali today, is now the rainy season

Weather in Bali today, is now the rainy season

Weather in Bali now is the rainy season, marked by frequent rain in various areas of Bali. Mostly common in almost all regions of Bali. But the rain did not happen all day long. Haja few minutes, with a low intensity. No hiss, but it can make us wet.

Weather such as rain is very disturbing tourists to visit tourist attractions in Bali. But this is the rainy season, can not be prevented, it can not be stopped if it appears suddenly.

There was little singing during the rainy season in Bali.

It was raining again ..
we sat looking at the rain ..
wait until the rain stopped ..
so that we can go out again.

Why is this weather
weather interfere with tourists
God, stop this bad weather
so we can besenang fun again

Balinese masks, very funny

Balinese masks meeting

Balinese masks were collected and placed on a chair, around a table, as if the mask was a meeting. It was very funny. Being a very scary on the Balinese mask it becomes very funny if placed as shown.

Balinese mask type is the type often used for religious rituals in Bali. There is a funny story of the mask in the picture. Balinese mask dance mask is different from the picture. There are also types of Rangda masks a more sinister. Rangda masks would be very funny if it acted differently.

Balinese masks were found in a store that sells various types of masks. The masks have long inhabited the store, but not until now that mask no one would buy it. The shop owner was tired of seeing the masks framed but not yet sold. To relieve the boredom, the store owner took the initiative to put the mask Balinese mask on a chair, as if the masks were meeting.

There's just funny act committed in a work of art, so it looks entertaining and interesting, far from the general context of an object. Like the Balinese mask, it looks funny, even though looks very creepy.

Balinese mask art

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bali Process, 10th anniversary

Countries in the Asia Pacific region was again present in Nusa Dua, Bali, to commemorate the tenth anniversary, the Forum Bali Process on people smuggling and trafficking and transnational organized crime.

10th anniversary of Bali Process Forum on people smuggling and trafficking and transnational organized crime attended by 98 delegates from 26 countries and ten international organizations present. Including ASEAN, UNDP, UNODC, IMO, and much more.

According to the Ambassador Hasan, warning a decade Bali Process should be used to reflect on the achievements and challenges facing the Bali Process.

Particularly related to the handling of human smuggling and human trafficking in the Asia and Pacific region. Currently, the biggest challenge for the Bali Process is handling the increasing flow of irregular migration in a comprehensive manner.

Bali Process was formed with increasing current issue of irregular migration and people smuggling and trafficking in persons in the Asia-Pacific region.

To overcome these problems, in 2002 and 2003, Indonesia and Australia initiated the implementation of Bali Regional Ministerial Meeting on People Smuggling, Trafficking in Persons and Related Transnational Crime (BRMC BRMC I and II).

Both meetings produced a Regional Consultative Process (RCP), known as the Bali Process on People Smuggling, Trafficking in Persons and Related Transnational Crime (Bali Process). RI-Australia later act as co-chairs.

Bali Island, ranked second in TripAdvisor

The island of Bali is a very beautiful island
The island of Bali is a very beautiful island. Many tourists admit. In Bali there are various types of vehicles, as well as a very beautiful place to visit. If tourists want the ocean, mountains, forests, animals, culture, art, tradition, all in Bali. Bali is very unique and different from any island in the world.

Not long ago, the island of Bali which has a nickname as the island of the gods, in the top 10 best island in the world, TripAdvisor version. With stunning landscapes, exotic beaches, and friendly people, and unique culture, making Bali ranked second as the best island in the world, TripAdvisor version.

10 best island in the world version TripAdvisor
1. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
2. Bali, Indonesia
3. Madagascar
4. Anguilla, Caribbean
5. Easter Island, Chile
6. Ischia, Italy
7. Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand
8. Sri Lanka
9. Santorini, Greece
10. Maui, Hawaii

According to the tourists, Bali is a paradise on earth. Here you can get the comfort of a vacation the most fitting. The island is world renowned for its superb beaches, friendly people and interesting culture.

First rated as the best island in the world, occupying the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. This island beat Bali as the best island in the world version TripAdvisor. This island is a tourist place suitable for eco tourist. The islands are endowed with a diversity of wildlife.

Ubud Traditional Market

Ubud Tradisional Market Bali

Ubud Market, is a traditional market in Ubud, Gianyar regency, Bali. Located in Monkey Forest street. Ubud market is very strategic location, being in the center of Ubud. It is located just a few meters from Puri Ubud, and not far from Monkey Forest. Located next Puri Agung Saren. And is part of a tourist destination for tourists who come to Ubud. The market is also the location of the shooting of the film Eat Pray Love, starring Julia Roberts.

Ubud Market is open every day. In the morning, Ubud market opens at 8 am, to cap the evening at 6 pm. Ubud market is divided into two blocks, a block west and a block east. Blocks west is the traditional art market, and a block east is the market that provide the daily necessities.

In the art market block, we can buy various souvenirs suitable as souvenirs typical of Bali. Balinese jewelry, it is worth paying. There are a variety of woven bags, cloth bags, miscellaneous jewelry, clothing bearing the Bali, woven hats, and pants Balinese coast. There are different types and kinds of paintings that are sold Ubud market. There are also eating utensils made of wood, a miniature bicycle, and various types of crafts that are sold there that deserves to be bought.

But if you want to buy something in the Ubud market, you must be smart bargain price. The price offered by the traders there are quite expensive, you can offer up to half price or more, in order to get a cheaper price and deserve.

Entering the Ubud market, try passing Melanting temple. Melanting Temple is a temple located in the market that is always worshiped by traders. We can see the daily activities of the merchants in the temple. The merchants always pray in temples of Melanting Ubud. The ritual was always they do for granted fortune by God.

In the movie Eat Pray Love, Julia Roberts at the Ubud market, entered the temple area and see which perform ritual activities of traders in the temple of Melanting Ubud. The tourists are accustomed Melanting when walking past the temple from the parking area to the shop in Ubud market. In some scenes in the movie of Eat Pray Love, Julia Roberts visited an astrologer in Ubud named Ketut Liyer.

Ubud Market which is located in the center of Ubud, is the center of life for the people of Ubud. All the necessities of life and are sold in the market economy Ubud, a unique attraction for tourists who have never felt the atmosphere of traditional markets in the country.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Ketut Liyer in Ubud Bali

Ketut Liyer in Ubud Bali
Ketut Liyer is a medicine man or traditional healer, who lived in Ubud Bali, Indonesia. Ketut Liyer home address is in Banjar Kaja Pengosekan, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali. Located at Jalan Mongkey Forest area, in the crowded center of Ubud. This man is almost 100 years old. Work as tellers and traditional medicine practitioners. This profession was handed down from generation to generation by parents since time immemorial. He is a descendant of the ninth. Aside from being a traditional healer, he is also an artist. Ketut Liyer is an artist of painter and sculptor. Most of the paintings seen in his house, if you want to buy paintings.

Ketut Liyer has a son named I Nyoman Lantra. I Nyoman Lantra than as a child, as well as an assistant, who always accompanied his father at his profession as an astrologer and healer in her home. I Nyoman Lantra will be the heir to his father's skill as a traditional healer. And it will be the tenth descendant who inherits the traditional medicine. Mr. Lantra is a painter and teacher of painting. Blood fell from his art Ketut Liyer.

Ketut Liyer became known to various countries, since his character to be a character in a Hollywood movie, "Eat, Pray, Love" starring Julia Roberts. The movie is lifted by the book with the same title, the story is real, soul-searching journey of Elizabeth Gilbert to three countries, one in Bali Indonesia. One famous scene is the encounter with Elizabeth Gilbert. He also studied meditation with Ketut Liyer. The scene is a lot to inspire women from various countries, who come to Bali, to meet with Ketut Liyer, to fortune.

If you want to visit and in divination by Ketut Liyer, come early, because a lot of people who come to Ketut Liyer for predictive and traditional treatment. When you arrive at home, you should take a queue number first. And will be accompanied by his son, I Nyoman Lantra, pending Ketut Liyer wake up.

Ketut Liyer on Eat Pray Love movie

The technique used to predict Ketut Liyer to predict is to read palms and look someone skin. The divination sessions tariff of Rp 250,000. If you also feel the other complaints against health problems, do not hesitate to ask questions and ask for traditional medicine to treat your health concerns. Ketut Liyer perform traditional medicine plants. The techniques he learned from his parents and from the book of medicine, which he obtained from the previous generation.

Ketut Liyer is now more prosperous life. No news at this time he was able to buy a car. The car was bought on credit. From day-to-day income, the average Ketut Liyer able to obtain as much money as Rp. 6250000, of the maximum number of tourists who visit him as much as twenty-five people every day.

Before Ketut Liyer Hospital, and before he was famous since his name is in the movie Eat Pray Love, in addition to being a physician, he also painted. He often sold his paintings to tourists who visit him. But this time Mr. Liyer have many guests who came to his house, so he had to limit maximum guest only twenty-five people per day. To keep the condition from getting too tired and sick.

When the filming of Eat Pray Love, starring roles Ketut Liyer others. Since the making of the movie, Ketut Liyer was in the hospital, sick. Understandably, the condition is very old, did not allow him to play a role as a predictor in the film.

Very large impact given by the movie Eat Pray Love for Bali and the Balinese. So as to raise economy someone, and the development of tourism in Bali.

Ubud Bali

In Ubud Bali

Ubud is a district located in Gianyar regency, Bali, Indonesia, which has an area of 42.38 km ². Ubud districts, divided into 8 villages. The villages in the district Ubud, is Ubud village, Kedewatan village, Sayan village, Petulu village, Peliatan village, Singekerta village, Mas village, and Lodtunduh village. The most famous villages in the district of Ubud is the village of Ubud.

Ubud can be reached in around 30 minutes from the city of Denpasar, if road conditions are not bad. If this is your first time coming to Bali, Ngurah Rai Airport is there are many counter that provides car, complete with driver, who will drive you to the Ubud. Car rental cost is about Rp. 250,000. Or if you want more easily and avoid congestion, you can rent a motorbike. Motorcycles can be rented starting from Rp 45,000 per day. You can bring your own bike to Ubud.

Most people Ubud, worked as a farmer. Many also work as an artist. And working in the tourism industry. People Ubud, is very popular with a very friendly attitude with anyone. Attitude is what makes Ubud is very famous in the world, so many tourists are happy to be in Ubud.

Ubud is located amongst fields and forests, has a lot of cliff with a river which was very clean. Natural conditions in Ubud which is a mountainous region, making very beautiful nature in Ubud. Ubud is known for its artistic community and culture that is growing very rapidly and developed. Ubud community life can not be separated from art. Here too there are many art galleries, as well as the arena of traditional music and dance performances.

There are many art museums in Ubud. Many museums founded by prominent artists in Bali and foreign artists. Storing many world famous works of art. One of the most famous museums in Ubud is Museum Puri Lukisan. Museum Puri Lukisan is the first art museum, managed by the private sector, in Bali. Initiated by Cokorda Gede Agung Sukawati, I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, as well as foreign artists who settled in Ubud, Rudolf Bonnet. Founded on January 31, 1956, under the auspices of the Ratna Warta Foundation.

Because the beauty of Ubud, a film starring Julia Roberts, Eat Pray Love, shot in Ubud. In the film showing the situation Ubud and the traditional life of people in Ubud. In some scenes in the film, Julia Roberts visited an astrologer in Ubud named Ketut Liyer. The film is very great impact on the development of tourism in Ubud. Especially for those who like a quiet and natural, because Ubud provides everything. Love, peace, art, fun, tradition, and all the things that would make anyone feel at home who come to Ubud Bali. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Arak Bali considered safe by some people in Bali

Arak Bali + Methanol
Arak Bali is Balinese alcoholic beverage. First made by the Balinese. Made from fermentation of various fruits. Much is made in Karangasem regency. Karangasem regency located in the north Bali. Many people like to drink Arak Bali.

Distillation of fruit to get Arak Bali, through the combustion process by using fire wood is burned. Combustion usually takes a very long time, for hours. And use a lot of firewood, as well as patience manufacturer.

Production of Arak Bali is not prohibited by the local government. However, selling and distributing Arak Bali which is unauthorized distribution of alcoholic beverages, is a crime by police. Because Arak Bali has a high alcohol content.

Drinking Arak Bali, for some people in Bali, especially fans of Arak, for they are the very delicious. Sometimes, fans make this drink Arak independently. According to them, drink Arak is very safe, as long as not excessive. Arak did not cause adverse health effects. Some people argue, Arak unsafe and toxic Arak is made ​​from the burning of hazardous materials. The distillation process by warming from the burning of tires and scrap plastic. With the goal of energy saving and the production process. Because tires are burned can burn for hours. In contrast to using wood.

That is because they say they have not felt the impact of bad drinking Arak. According to people who think Arak Bali is safe, people are poisoning drinking Arak, Arak because the liquid is mixed with hazardous chemicals, such as methanol, gasoline, kerosene, and so on. Mixing Arak with hazardous chemicals intended to obtain the intoxicating effects quickly, regardless of the effects are very harmful to the body.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Jalak Bali released into the wild

Jalak Bali is a rare bird that is now endangered. In the wild, Jalak Bali birds population is now very small, caused by uncontrolled illegal arrest.

Monday, 5 November 2012, eight Jalak Bali birds released into the wild in an effort to increase the population is now declining. Jalak Bali is released from captive breeding and breeding is done in Sibang.

Birds were off an average of 5 months of age. Amounts off eight birds. All the birds have been able to breed and feed themselves. The release of this bird in asilitasi by the Begawan Foundation.

Bali Democracy Forum (BDF) will be held

Bali Democracy Forum (BDF) will be held
Bali Democracy Forum (BDF) is a cooperation forum held every year and is followed by democracies in Asia. BDF held in Bali routine every year. This forum aims to strengthen the capacity of democracy and democratic isntituri through discussions between countries. For while there are 54 countries participating in this forum, including heads of state, ministers and officials dirjennya.

BDF first time held on the steps 10 to 11 December 2008, with the theme of Building and Consolidating Democracy: A Strategic Agenda for Asia. For this year, is the 5th meeting. Precisely on 8-9 November 2012. BDF will be in the title in Nusa Dua, which will be attended by 12 heads of state and heads of government attended the forum to discuss about this diplomacy. BDF in 2012 the theme is to integrate the principles of democracy in a global challenge.

President of Afghanistan, Prime Minister of Turkey, as well as the Prime Minister is expected to attend the forum. In addition, the South Korean president will also attend. Nepal's Prime Minister and the Prime Minister of Yemen will be present in this forum.

Indonesian National Army (TNI), tightened security in Bali ahead of the implementation of political cooperation and democracy. Deployed thousands of military personnel to secure the annual meeting which was attended by 12 heads of state and head of government. Security will be focused on Nusadua.

Balinese Children

Balinese Children
Balinese children are basically very naive and innocent. But depends also on the environment and the education they receive. Balinese children before birth, since he was in his mother's womb, have got a religious ceremony. There are even some people who are very steeped in Balinese Hindu religious sciences, before resuming intercourse with her partner after marriage, has made Bali Hindu religious ceremonies, in order to obtain the expected offspring. That in the future their child was born healthy, normal, and grow into a virtuous child, as well as respect for parents.

When the child was born, his parents had prepared various religious ceremonies. Until they are adults also still got a Balinese Hindu religious ceremonies. To the end that his soul is always protected by the Lord. So that all activities in life, salvation and grace of God and the ancestors.

Balinese children, since little has been involved in various religious ceremonies. They are included in order for them to understand and know what they will do later as adults. Lots of things to Balinese children know about the tradition and culture of Bali. To maintain the continuity and sustainability of the existing culture of Bali, which has been handed down by their ancestors.

Since childhood, children Balinese people have been taught and trained to always do good. Basic knowledge that should be known a child since childhood is the Kharma Phala philosophy. Which means, if humans do evil, then evil will be obtained, and if people do good, the good of which will be obtained.

They are also obliged to respect people older than them. Respect for parents, brother, grandparents, friends, and others.

I Nyoman Meja - Balinese painter

Tumpek Landep, Balinese Mask, by I Nyoman Meja, Bali

I Nyoman Meja is Balinese painter, who has made a lot of paintings, and paintings are exhibited in various countries, such as in the Netherlands and Japan. He paints a variety of themes, mostly paintings featuring themes related to the life of the Balinese.

I Nyoman Meja born in Ubud, Gianyar, Bali. He was born in 1952. His life since childhood has been in the arts, because Ubud is the arts district in Bali. He became an active member in Wartha Ratna Foundation in Ubud, since 1980.

He studied painting by self-taught from a young age, and never learned to paint with artists in Bali, but only temporarily. Balinese artists who've taught painting is Mr. Sinom, Wayan Lantur, and Serati.

Many works of his paintings have been exhibited in many countries, and regularly exhibited in Indonesia.

Friday, November 2, 2012

W Retreat & Spa Bali, trendy hotels in Seminyak

W Retreat & Spa Bali, trendy hotels in Seminyak

W Retreat & Spa Bali is a stylish hotel with the feel of being in the area of Seminyak, Kuta, Badung. It is located on Jl. Petitenget, Seminyak, Bali, zip code 80361, Indonesia. Many visitors stay at this hotel to feel pleasure and comfort, and the visitors rate this hotel is a very trendy.

W Retreat & Spa Bali has resorts, land, food, service, facilities and a bar. And the most impressive part of this hotel is to have a very extensive villa. Which is very popular with the tourists who stay at this hotel.

The hotel is equipped with a swimming pool that can be used to soak while lazing. You can lie on the edge of the pool while enjoy fresh juices served directly by the hotel maid. Hotel maids are always ready and waiting for you at the edge of the pool until you have finished soaking in the pool.

W Retreat & Spa Bali has a great service and delicious food. Its location is very good, as close to many good restaurants and bars. Lunch and drink cocktail is very tasty, and the food is the best in this hotel, and the service at dinner was very satisfying. also had our breakfast here every morning, there are many options to choose from and the food was served promptly

Villa at this hotel has everything you need. Large beds, bathrooms, showers, audio system, air conditioning, outdoor beds, sofas, outdoor stereo system. Room service was quick and efficient after using the service at any time, whatever.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ubud, the 6th best city in Asia

Ubud vacation in Bali

Island of Bali is the best island in Asia, world travel magazine, Conde Nast Traveler (CN Traveler). Now, the town of Ubud is also a concern of tourists. ​​Ubud town become the best city of the 6th, as the best city in the world, the magazine version. Ubud, located in Gianyar regency, Bali.

10 best cities in Asia in 2012 version of Conde Nast Traveler:
1. Bangkok, Thailand
2. Hong Kong
3. Kyoto, Japan
4. Singapore
5. Chiang Mai, Tailand
6. Ubud, Indonesia
7. Tokyo, Japan
8. Hoi An, Vietnam
9. Shanghai, China
10. Luang Prabang, Laos

World travel magazines, Conde Nast Traveler (CN Traveler), often hold a variety of polls related to the world of tourism. After a poll conducted 10 best island in Asia, CN Traveller now re-create the poll, 10 best cities in Asia.

Ubud is a town that offers different beauty of Bali. Ubud is very friendly community. Travelers can frolic with the Ubud. There is no music in the bar, not the bikini girl, no drunken tourists on the streets. Therefore, Ubud is known as a destination with Balinese culture is still very strong.

In this city, tourists can see many Balinese arts, such as painting, dancing, and carving. Moreover, Ubud plus a peaceful atmosphere among the fields, forests, and mountains.

With all the advantages of the town of Ubud, Ubud is inappropriate when the city was ranked 6 out of 10 major cities in Asia in 2012, version of CN Traveler.

5 Star Hotels in Bali

5 Star Hotels in Bali
5 star hotels in Bali, there are very many five-star hotels. Sometimes tourists get confused to choose the hotel which should be chosen. All the five-star hotel, and offers an attractive offer. Of course, also the price is not cheap, and certainly very expensive for tourists who do not have much money. Most of the 5 star hotels in Bali are owned by foreign businessmen. And managed by local entrepreneurs.

Since Bali is a famous tourist destination with all its beauty and unique culture and traditions, so that many foreign tourists who want to vacation in Bali. Surely the desire of tourists who want to come to Bali, should also be balanced with adequate accommodation. As the availability of a convenient hotel to stay.

The hotel is a basic need in travel, in addition to places to eat. Because tourists who come to Bali, certainly did not have a house for shelter. And there must be many choices of hotels in Bali, so that tourists from all walks of life, can easily choose according to their needs.

Five Star hotels typically sought by travelers who have a lot of money. Travelers in need of comfort and facilities are very nice. With all the convenience, which would make tourists spoiled and will not be able to forget that moment to stay at the hotel.

But it all depends on the needs of tourists. And also very dependent on the location and availability of adequate accommodation in the tourist destination by tourists.

Babi guling, roasted pig

Babi guling, roasted pig, Bali

Babi guling, roasted pig, is a typical Balinese food, a well-liked. It feels good and tasty for most people who love it. Restaurants a babi guling very much found in Bali, at a cheap price.

Roasted pig is usually created when a Hindu religious ceremony in Bali. Created as a destination gratitude and thanks to God for all the blessings and grace of God. God does not eat roasted pig, but that's how the Balinese express his gratitude to God.

Pigs used is aged young pigs. In order for the meat tender and juicy when eaten. Coupled with Balinese food seasonings. However, if these ingredients eaten by a person not accustomed to eating, it would suffer an upset stomach. Because the flavor is very spicy.

Bali, the tourism industry is advancing, but agricultural worse off

Subak Bali
The number of foreign tourists visiting Bali during the period January-September 2012, have increased. And every year since the tragedy of the Bali bombings have continued to rise very large. And after the Bali bombings, the tourism industry had collapsed. Downturn resulted in many layoffs that occurred. But the downturn has ended today.

The progress and development of the tourism industry in Bali is getting better, does not affect either the condition of agriculture in Bali. The agricultural industry in Bali worse off, in the absence of government support to the agricultural conditions in this country. Farmers increasingly tired and lazy to work on the farm, because they think the work was worth it. The results also can not improve the living conditions of farmers.

We all know, tourism in Bali is not only limited to the natural conditions are beautiful and interesting, but also about all aspects in Bali. Religion, customs, traditions, farming, and life habits of the people of Bali, is very influential in the progress and development of the tourism industry in Bali. But the government seemed to turn a blind eye to it. So the lack of action to sustain and support the sustainability of the tourism industry in Bali.

Also with agricultural conditions very serious attention from the government. Many farmers increasingly shifted its existence, as a result of the development is not clear direction and purpose. Refinement of agricultural land, irrigation canals that irrigate the termination of the paddy fields, which are caused by the actions of development that is destroying agricultural activity in Bali.

We all know, food is a basic necessity for our survival. If there is no food, then our survival will not be assured. Meanwhile, only good food is derived from a good farm. If agricultural collapse, food security we will also be destroyed. So what's a more advanced if the tourism industry with all its advantages, but the food is a basic requirement we are ruined, then it will not mean anything. And we will all be destroyed.