Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weather in Bali is now the rainy season

Weather in Bali in advance how the summertime. Season causes dryness in various areas of Bali. Water crisis in the north Bali. Rice fields drought, so farmers lose money.

But in October, the dry season has been replaced by the rainy season. Since a few days the rain has started to fall in nearly all areas of Bali. The river has started to fill with water.

Farmers have prepared farm. Most likely this season, farmers will plant rice. Since the past few months in the dry season, there is no farmer who grows rice, because there is no water due to drought.

Possibly it will be the rainy season floods. Flooding will occur in nearly all areas of Bali, especially in urban areas. Since the forests in the mountains of Bali much bald. That rainwater is not absorbed into the soil, but flows directly into the river which can lead to flooding in low-lying areas in the urban area.