Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Wayang Balinese puppets

Wayang is a two-dimensional puppets made ​​of cowhide leather or other materials, which draw upon resemble humans or other display. Wayang performances in Bali is inseparable from the life of the Hindu tradition and religion, on which the life of the Balinese. And current developments in Bali, wayang increasingly leads to material life and business.

Wayang staged and played by one person. Accompanied by an assistant in charge of preparing the dolls. Also accompanied by musical instruments of the Balinese. To be staging a wayang atmosphere becomes more exciting and alive.

There are many types of staging wayang in Bali. Depending on the nature of the play, and why the play. However wayang more often staged as hindu religious rituals. Sometimes also wayang staged moments that are entertainment events.

Wayang for the people of Bali is art that not everyone can play it, because it is sacred. It is very difficult stage wayang otherwise have the expertise and talent. For a story in staging plays wayang emotions and thoughts can affect the audience.

One group of artists a waayang the most famous and loved by the people of Bali are wayang artist named Wayang Cengblong. These artists are very good at staging a wayang. Theme of the story is delivered is very interesting and entertaining, and adapted to environmental conditions such as wayang staged.