Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tipat war

Tipat war (perang tipat), Balinese people often call with Siat Tipat Bantal
Tipat war (perang tipat), Balinese people often call with Siat Tipat Bantal, is a tradition which is always done by people in Kapal village, Badung regency. To the end that human welfare is always given by God.

Tipat is rice wrapped in coconut leaves. Thousands tipat used in this tradition. Tipat made ​​by each family. Tipat is then used to perang tipat.

This activity is very unique, exciting, and fun for local residents who do. Because there is only joy. There is no hate and revenge.

There are two groups that will fight. Groups of eastern and western groups. They are throwing tipat. Tipat thrown until exhausted.

After tipat thrown out, which has tipat used up is then taken and fed to livestock.

Perang tipat usually takes place every September and October. Because of the month, based on the Balinese calendar, coinciding with the month Kapat.