Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kuta Karnival 2012 themed 'Prosperity World'

Kuta Karnival held at Kuta beach area. This activity was his 10th since 2003. Kuta Karnival year begins today, October 10, to October 14, 2012. This big event theme is "Prosperity World". Indicating that the world's economy and tourism industry in Bali has led to prosperity after the Bali bomb attacks that could make the Balinese economy slumped.

Parade opening event of artistic creativity Kuta Karnival X, followed about 1,200 participants. Kuta Karnival festival time is almost the same as in previous years, it's just different this time is very much the participants who took part in this activity. So activity this time looks great and grand.

There are various events that are very entertaining visitors Kuta, such as the music festival by local bands, festival food from hotels and restaurants in the Kuta area, kite festival on Kuta beach, surfing contest by surfers from different countries, "Paddle for Peace "by local surfers, releasing hatchlings that can be followed by all people and tourists, as an expression of love for the sea turtle preservation and conservation, and a unique competition for the servants who worked in the area of ​​Kuta.

Each course of Kuta Karnival activities, the number of tourist arrivals to Bali each year is increasing. It marked the event was very interesting and loved by tourists, especially by foreign tourists.