Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kuta Beach is very beautiful in the afternoon

Kuta Beach is very beautiful in the afternoon

If you want to visit Kuta beach, came in the afternoon, around 3 pm. When up in the Kuta area, park your vehicle in the center of Kuta parking. Then walk through the streets of Legian Kuta. Should you pass ground zero Kuta, Bali bombing memorial place.

In the area of Jalan Legian Kuta, it was very crowded at all. Many foreign tourists passing through this road. And this place is the center of entertainment and trade in Kuta. Jalan Legian is very narrow, if using a car through it, would be stuck in traffic. So the walk was the right decision to enjoy Kuta.

Walking toward the south, toward the beach of Kuta. Along the way you will find many restaurants and shops, kiosks clothing, surf gear, swim gear, beach clothes, and so on. Buy a bathing suit or beach dress, which you can use when arriving at Kuta beach.

To reach the beach of Kuta, Kuta parking lot of the center area, it takes about 30 minutes if you walk away. But if you walk along the streets enjoying the atmosphere, it takes about an hour. So, if we walk from the center of the parking lot, heading to Kuta beach, from 3 pm, is expected to arrive in Kuta beach, about 4 pm.

On arriving at Kuta beach, you should enjoy the beach  atmosphere with walking, bathing, water play, learn to surf, or just sit and drink, while waiting for the sunset.

If you want to try surfing, surfing frontier can hire numerous in Kuta beach. There are also various water equipment rental and swimming.

When the afternoon, before sunset, you should sit down with a drink that can be purchased beach area. Or you along the coast from the east end to west, looking at the sun.

When the sun began to set, take advantage of this atmosphere to take pictures with family or friends. Since the sunset on Kuta beach is very beautiful so this moment not to be missed.