Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jalak Bali icon of Jembrana

Jalak Bali icon of Jembrana
Jalak Bali bird, a mascot Jembrana regency. Besides Makepung, which is the indigenous culture Jembrana, and Jembrana mascot. Both are often a mascot in any event that is held in Jembrana.

Jalak Bali frequently and always used as a mascot Jembrana regency, because the bird lives in western Bali, whose territory was in Jembrana regency, which is in the western forests of Bali. Which is konserfasi region.

However, the preservation of critically endangered Jalak Bali birds. Wild population decreases. As a result of poaching. However, there is little attention from those who strive to maintain its sustainability.

Very little support from the government, not as support for cultural preservation Makepung, support from the government to preserve Jalak Bali was minimal. So it is very likely that, sometime Jalak Bali birds will become extinct, like the Bali tiger.