Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Full Moon in October, is the best day to Melaspas

Melaspas in 29 Oktober 2012

Melaspas is a religious ritual that is often performed by Hindus in Bali, as a way to express gratitude to God and the universe and its contents, which contains the cleansing ritual or a new building, of all negative energy, which can disturb the peace of people living in around the building.

This October is the best day for Balinese Hindus to perform the ritual Melaspas. Especially when the full moon at the end of October yesterday. Many Balinese have a new home do the ritual. With the aim that they dwell in the house gets comfort.

Yesterday I was with the whole extended family, attending ritual Melaspas, Batubulan village, at my uncle's new house.

Ritual that we did for a long time, because since the morning, we continue to provide all means of ritual. Constrained the weather was very hot, we had to finish the ritual before midnight.