Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Balinese Wedding ceremony in October 2012

Balinese Wedding ceremony in October 2012
Procurement Balinese wedding ceremony is always performed concurrently. Almost throughout Bali, wedding ceremonies conducted simultaneously in a given month. Since the ceremony is based on a good day, according to the Balinese calendar.

This year, a good day to do a wedding there in April and October. In April, it was estimated there were hundreds of people getting married on the same day and in the same month. Also in October, the Balinese wedding ceremony performed concurrently and simultaneously nearly all areas of Bali. And the best day is on October 17, 2012. While many who perform wedding ceremonies on different days.

In my village there are dozens of people who perform wedding ceremonies on the same day. I was quite overwhelmed by the invitation of friends who invited me. But fortunately, an invitation to a wedding ceremony is not a long time.

In Bali, while attending a wedding invitation, or attending a wedding reception, a very short and do not need to take a long time. Because we can come to the wedding reception at any time in accordance with a predetermined timeframe. So it will not take much of our time.